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𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓷 𝓞𝓷𝓮
🧙Divine Mana – An Epic Fantasy LitRPG⚔️
🧙The boy who killed a god – An Epic Fantasy LitRPG⚔️
"A" List Selection: Battle of the Elite
"Being the 'Villainess' wasn't always the only Option"
"Hello World!"
"Idol" Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Idol Reincarnation – Reincarnated as a Idol
"Idol" Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Idol Reincarnation – Reincarnated as an Idol
"Idol" Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Reincarnated as an Idol
"Idol" Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Reincarnated as an Idol (Revision in progress)
"If We Go Down, We Go Down Together"
"Let's forget it"
"My best friend turned into a girl and now I can't control myself around her" story, but I tried my best to make it actually good
"My Summoned Familiar Can't Be This Bard!?"
"My Tarrasque Can't Be This Cute!"
"Reincarnated?" Only to…
"Taking Pictures" in another world
'Pay to Win' Cannot Help Me!
(BL) Crowfeather (The Marwaithyr Rift Part One)
(BL) Gray Hart
(BL) I just wanted to take a break, so why the script changed?!
(BL) I teleported again and now all demons want me!
(BL) Lines
(BL) Reflect
(BL) Shining Hearts
(BL) The Marwaithyr Rift
(BL) What If I Love You?
(Dropped – Rework in progress) Demon Days
(DROPPED) In Cultivation World with Level System
(Former) Boy Problems
(Half) Vampire to Another World
(Hiatus) Erotic Tower — 100 Floors of Lust
(Hiatus) Reincarnation — Kingdom of Lust
(NaNoWriMo) Solstice
(Not) Your average cultivation Isekai
(One Piece fan fiction) Blood Dragon
(Oneshot) The Snack Famine of 2015-ish
(ORV Fanfiction) 3 Ways to Survive in a Ruined World
(Recreation of) Formerly Human, Currently Wolf.
(SAMPLE) Arcane Engineer: The Awakened Dungeon
(Scrapped and Redo)Looks like I transmigrated into the body of a 'Saint'. What? I can do more!?
(Sea lion)
(Un)lucky Reincarnation
(Un)necessary Evil
-Title/Story in development.-
-To Be Myself- Born as who I was meant to be in another world!
001's Omniversal Adventure
01011001 01110101 01110010 01100001 01101001
1 Man 1 Egg
1 Paragraph Adventures
10 Years I Loved You the Most! (Yaoi)
100 One
100% crack NTR story — Netori, or be netorare'd
101 Ways To Become The Ultimate Scum
106 Species:A Story A Limitless Breakthrough
10th Year Anniversary
11 Gates Offline
11 Gates Offline (On Hiatus)
11 Gates Virtual
11 Worlds of Wonders(not) For our Mc!
15P 7H 6Sm
18 Revolutions Of The Dragon God
2 Families Sweet Fate
2 Family's Sweet Fate
2 Stones in 1
2018-2019 Gender Bending Stories Anthology
2042 – World's War
21st Century Charlotte: And Other Stories
23 Pangbourne Place
2450 – Age of Corporations
25 Letters to Home
27 True Rune
2AM Karaoke Stream
2nd Chance
2nd choice reincarnation – into the Onepieceverse
3 Beats per Second
3 Bodies 1 Soul
3 Girls
3-shot: Biggest Regret (3 chapter story)
3/4 Rabbit
31 Days of December
4 Arm Snake Power
47 Years
49 Days as my Alternate Self
496 Life Sentences
50 Shades Deeper
5Cm Per Second Fanfiction
5e Misadventures
7 Days
7 Envoys of the ends
7th Chronicle: Utopian Road
7Th Corps
8 Deadly Sins
83920 Identified Galaxies.
9 Nights in the Garden of Lilies: A Yuri Garden Anthology
<Infinite Dendrogram>
[𝐆𝐋] 𝐆𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐟𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥
[ Level-up ] World's Only F Class !!!
[ The Administrator ]
[18+] A Little Sister'S All I Need | 我只需要我的妹妹
[AGSA] Eochaidh O'Byrnei
[AGSA] Skyward, and The Adventure of Gargan Kiri
[ASGA] Eochaidh O'Byrnei
[BL / Ace] The Seat of My Heart
[BL | Aro] Like a Feather Tickling My Heart
[BL] 1 Liter of Milk
[BL] 3 Beats per Second
[BL] 7 Days
[BL] A Drink Before The War
[BL] A Pirate's Creed
[BL] Academy of the Dead
[BL] An Angel's Guilt
[BL] Between an Alpha and Omega
[BL] Choosing You: Gay Romance Short Story Collection
[BL] Dysaster
[BL] Escape
[BL] Fool of a Prince
[BL] Harem Denial: I Want To Be A Harem God, But There Is Only Me Left On Earth. Until…?
[BL] Helping the cannon fodder find "peace"
[BL] Husband, Let's Meet IRL
[BL] I Picked up a Husband While Trying To Be An Author
[BL] I'm sorry I'm gay
[BL] Jungle Test
[BL] Leaving Plum Blossom Mountain
[BL] Like a Ray in My Night
[BL] Modern/Ancient me, what should I do?
[BL] Monarch's Mayhem
[BL] Moving On
[BL] My Dead Amnesiac Love Life
[BL] My Little Happiness
[BL] My Psychotic Diary To You
[BL] NEET life in the Apocalypse
[BL] Oh. My. Fate?!
[BL] On the Run (Second book in series)
[BL] Purpose
[BL] QT into the Villain to Rescue the Second Male Lead
[BL] QT: Rehabilitation of the slag Male Lead!
[BL] Reincarnated as a Male Lead in a Novel meant for a Female Lead!
[BL] Remant Dream
[BL] Restarting Our Love
[BL] Rin the Rat: Tale of a Beloved Monster
[BL] Romancing the Son of Heaven
[BL] Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 Stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling
[BL] Salvation of the Scum Fifth Prince
[BL] Second Male Lead to One, Male Lead to Another
[BL] Sons of Nature
[BL] Spring Is in the Air!
[BL] System 6969: The Archon And His Naive System
[BL] Tears Of Blood
[BL] Ten Faced Boyfriend
[BL] The Actor Didn't Want To Live Anymore
[BL] The CEO is Normal… I think.
[BL] The Emperor and the Tree
[BL] the midnight sky
[BL] Transmigration Bureau 'W' at Your Service!
[BL] Transmigration: Assist the Villain!
[BL] Trick or Treat!
[BL] Waking up with you
[BL] World Symphony Mediator
[BL] You Cannot Outlaw Love
[BL]My Idol Was Unsatisfactory, So I Fell For His CEO Instead.
[Cursed Sword]*Life is not always easy*
[E͞͞s͞͞c͞͞a͞͞p͞͞e͞͞] [BL]
[FANFIC] The People Supposed to Kill Me Fell For Me Instead
[FANFICTION: Apex Legends] Somethign Wicked This Way Comes
[FANFICTION: The Matrix] Compelled to Disobey
[Fanfiction] [Ar Tonelico] 5tastebuds_AutoFinnel [Livejournal Prompts] [5tastebuds Challenge]
[Fanfiction] [League Of Legends] Shadows In The Wasteland [Novel-Length Work]
[Fanfiction] [Naruto] 10ordersObiRin [Livejournal Prompts] [10orders Challenge]
[Fanfiction] [Naruto] 11reasonsShinoHina [Livejournal Prompts] [11reasons Challenge]
[Fanfiction] [Naruto] Clairvoyant Dreams [Long-Running Fiction]
[FANFICTION] [Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint] Everything makes me want to die
[FANFICTION] [Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint] She wanted a bagel
[Fanfiction] [Star Ocean] 10ordersFaizeLymle [Livejournal Prompts] [10orders Challenge]
[Frontier Online]
[Gimlé Online]
[GL] Goldfish Girl
[GL] Goldfish Girls
[GL] Goldfish Girls (Hiatus)
[GL] My Strange Love Interest
[GL] Princess Amelia and Lady Yuria
[GL] Reincarnated as a Side Character: Who the *Beep* is an Extra?
[GL] The Magic of Love
[Het] Light of the Underworld
[Hiatus] Me and my Wife adopted a mysterious girl
[Hiatus] Powerless in Salem
[Hiatus]Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa
[I] War Against the Immortals
[In The Palace Of Gods]
[ISEKAI] EPOCH -a guardian's Tale
[Maid] to Kill
[Monster Camp] Dragon
[NEW]Doted by the Alpha
[Old Version] Modern Magician In Another World
[Ongoing] Book 1 | Hibryds
[QT] You Are My Fairytale
[Rebirth] Come Back Honey
[Rebirth] The Unruly Heiress
[Rebirth] The Unruly Heiress (Under Revision)
[Reboot] The Strongest Skill: Getting Rich While Becoming Stronger
[Regalis: in search of Peace and Quiet!]
[Sad News] When I Reincarnated In Hero Academia World, The Reincarnated (Rider Only) Forum Call Me Sh*Tter And Get Me Banned Forever
[Snippet] Imagination -Future Project-
[Superior Adaptability]
[THTG] The Hand That Guides
[TR] Xenomorph in a Fantasy World
[V] Infected
[V] Vampire System
[Wondering Soul]
[Wonders of MNLTMLW]
A "Completely Generic" Isekai Story
A "Typical" Dungeon Capture
A & Ω Online
A (Not So) Simple Fetch Quest
A Baby Dragon in a Dangerous World
A Bard Is Not A Real Lv100
A Bard's Poetics
A bear cub can survive ?
A beginning
A Belial's Adventure in DXD
A Bewitching Halloween
A Bird of Passage
A Black Hole with no memories
A Black Lotus Blooms in Winter
A Blackhole
A Blade's Tale
A blessing or a curse?
A Blooming Soul
A Body For Someone Else
A Bond Beyond Blood
A Book of Stories
A Bountiful Galaxy
A Boy's Simple Ambition
A Bride for Seven Brothers
A Bright Adventure! – One Piece
A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World
A Case of the Mondays
A castle guard's duty is unknown
A Cat Is Fine Too
A Cat's Love Story
A Celestial Odyssey
A Cemetery of Idea
A Certain Dungeon's Growth Log
A Chance To Become a Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis (Revised)
A Chaotic-Neutral Gamer: "Nobody's pawn."
A Chase For Crows
A Cheap, OP Brawler
A Chief in a Fantasy World
A Child for a Crown
A Child of Noble Birth
A cliche multiverse story
A cliche second chance story
A Cliché Magical School Webnovel
A Cliché Multiverse Story
A Clueless Stoner In A Fantasy World
A Coin's Value
A Cold Winter Afternoon
A Collapsing World
A Conflict of Interests and Magic (A short story)
A Cosmic Weight
A Cosmic Weight (Lovecraftian Progression Fantasy)
A Couple Who Started Living Together due to a "near-death" Situation
A Couple Who Started Living Together due to a "near-death" Situation Web Novel
A Courtesan's Tale (18+)
A Cultist dealing with Cliche Isekai Tropes and other things
A Cultivation Journey
A Cultivator's Freedom
A Cultivator's Magic
A Curse of Beauty
A Curse of White and Red
A curse or a blessing?
A cursed Girl
A Cursed Priest
A Cut Above
A Dance Of Poison And Curses
A Danger To Oneself and Others
A Date With Faet
A Day ( In Escape )
A Day In the Life of an Undead
A Day, Hillpath
A Deal with a Vampire
A Deal With The Devil
A Deal with the Devil?!
A Deal with the Devil?! – A superhero Light Novel
A Deceptive Love (CPN)
A Demon Contractor Unknowingly Becomea Less Of A Jerk
A Demon Lord's Obsession
A Demon's Friend
A Demon's Journey
A Demon's Ordinary Survival Story
A Demon's Pet
A demons Promise
A Descent Into Madness
A Dessert of Dreams
A determined megalomaniac in DxD
A Devil In An Angel's Clothing
A devil? Sure, you can call me one
A diary of a certain thief.
A Different Path
A Different Path To Follow
A Different World
A Different World Where The Demons Are Good
A dragon god's quest
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale
A Dragon's Curiosity
A dragon's goals
A Dragon's Grimm Cultivation
A Dragon's summoning to another world
A Dragon's Wonderful World
A Drastic Step
A Dream Foretold.
A Dream of a Thousand Summers
A Dream of Ten Thousand Summers
A Drink Before The War [BL]
a Dungeon form Earth vs Adventurers/Kingdoms with Magic and Gods
A Face of Lies
A Failed [Interactive] Story
A Failed Duke's Daughter
A Failed Revival
A Failed Wuxia
A Fair Trade
A Familiar Tale of Cat and Mouse
A Familiar Tale of Sheep and Magic
A Family Arangement
A Family of Witches
A Fantastical Radioactive World
A Fantasy Girl's Secret: I'm A Dragon!
A Fap Story
A Farmer's Soul
A Fathers Wrath
A Filipino Reincarnates as a Filipino and Hates It
A Final Message in these Apocalyptic Times
A Flower underneath a Willow
A Flower's Fantasy
A forbidden relationship? But isn't that too cute?
A Forced Engagement
A Foreigner's Chat Group
A forest spirit
A Forgotten Memory
A Forgotten Promise
A Former Hero's Journey : I just want to live peacefully!
A Former Hero's Journey : I just want to live peacefully!!
A Fowl Story
A Fractured Song
A Free Man
A Free Tomorrow
A Frog's Life – A Heavenly Soul fanfic
A Frogtastic Rewrite
A Fungal Dream
A Fungi's Work is Never Over
A Gacha Idiot's Apotheosis, "Why should I do anything when I can Draw?"
A Gaijin In Another World
A Galactic Admiral in a medieval planet
A Galactic HRT
A Galaxy, Alive
A Gamer and the Cursed Goddess of Karma
A Gamer and the Cursed Goddess of Karma and Balance
A Gamer and the Goddess of Karma and Balance
A Gamer's Guide To Crusading
A Gangster with Doogle
A garden of violets
A genderbent story of an【Admin】
A Generic Isekai.
A Ghost In Summer
A Gigolo's End Of The World Journey
A Girl and Her Food
A girl I picked up that day, didn't had a name, want me to marry her
A girl I picked up that day, didn't had a name. That's why I'm getting married
A girl that I picked up that day, didn't had a name, want me to marry her
A Girl's Adventure In A Different World Starts Now!
A Goblin's Evolution
A Goblin's Kindness
A God's Quest
A Golden Touch of Death
A Golem And Puppets Adventure
A Good Day to be a Darer
A Good Girl
A Gram of Knowledge
A Grand Beginning: Summoned for a Second Chance – The Sacred Hearted Lotus
A Grand Beginning: The Sacred Hearted Lotus
A Hairy Situation
A Hairy Situation [BL]
A Halloween To change everything
A Hentai System in the World of Dungeon Ni Deai
A Herald for Spirits
A Hero Among Monsters
A Hero by the Name of Silk
A Hero don't need luck, They need skills
A Hero Past the 25th
A Hero turned Succubus Tale
A Hero's Adventure and The Black Alchemist
A Hero's Fate
A Hero's Respite
A Hero, No Doubt
A Heroes don't need luck, They need skills
A Highest Rank in Another World!
A Hodgepodge of a World: Knowledge with Chaos
A Holy Knight to Serve a Vampire
A Home With You | BL Web Novel
A Honey-Stung Hived Heart
A House Divided
A Human Monster
A Hunt For Crows
A Hymn of Blood and Curses
A Journey Away
A journey for Life
A Journey of a Lifetime
A Journey of Blood and Tears
A Journey of Immortality
A Journey Of The Fated Conqueror Part 1: Mortal Realm
A Journey through Pandora
A journey through the depths
A Journey to the Past
A Journey: My adventures in another world
A Kaguya clan survivor. (Naruto fanfiction)
A kid summon to another world?
A King in the Clouds
A king life
A king life (R-18)
A king's reincarnation
A Kismet's Tale
A Kiss for Your Eyelid [Historical BL]
A Kiss for Your Eyelids [Historical BL]
A Knight and his Lord
A Knight in Tokyo
A Knight's Journey
A Knight's Second Chance
A Knight's Tale
A laid back Pokemon Master
A Lazy Yet Cocky Girls Life
A Leap of Faith
A Legacy Revisited
A Lewd Story
A Life Of Lies
A Life Of Lies (Yandere)
A Life With a Robot Cat from the Future!
A Liliful World: Yuri Reincarnation
A Little Bunny Looking at the Moon
A Little Bunny Looking at the Moon [BL]
A little girl and an Unknown Spirit
A Little Sister'S All I Need | 我只需要一個小妹妹
A Little Wicked
A Living God Seeking Luxury, Knowledge, Power & Adventure
A lone girl in starry night
A Lone Prayer
A Lone Vampire
A Lonely Dungeon
A Lonely Exploration of Tao
A Lonely Soul
A long way home
A Lord of Death
A Loser is Summoned to Another World
A lost Doll | A Girls' Frontline Story
A Lost Necromancer's Saga
A lost soul's experience
A Love Enough To Die For ~Dating A Grim Reaper
A Love Enough To Die For ~Dating A Grim Reaper (Bl)
A Love In Time Save Nine Lives
A Love So Beautiful
A Madlad in a Magical Apocalypse
A magical fox Stole my body and gave me it's
A magical fox Stole my body and gave me its
A Magical Life: Ink Swan
A Magician in the Multiverse
A Maids Loyalty
A man and his jeep (Short Story)
A Manual to Isekai
A Martial Odyssey
A Match Made in Heaven (Huang Yan Ting)
A Mediocre Mage's Ascension
A Memory of Dust and Ashes
A Merc in A Fantasy World
A Mermaid's Tail
A Meta-Human In Another World
A Metaverse Dungeon – Foodie's Enigma
A Metaverse Dungeoncore – Foodie's Enigma
A Mighty Conqueror
A Mob
A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 of the New York Mafia Series)
A Modern Cultivator's Dilemma
A Moment in November
A Moment in Time – Desire Eternal Bat's Best Plans – Descending in The Darkness
A Moment in Time – Eternal Bat's Best Plans And Bets – Descending in Desire of Darkness
A Moment in Time – Eternal Desire Bat's Best Plans And Bets – Descending in The Darkness
A Moment in Time – Eternal Desire – Descending in The Darkness
A Monarch's Quest
A Monk's Journey
A Monster's Parade
A Monsters Adventure in the Dark
A Most Devious Rival
A Motherf*ing Magical Girl in MHA
A Mouse in the Circuitry – A Kammi Kettu Story
A Murder Most Fowl
A Mutant's Ascension
A mystics life
A Nation of Distances
A Neutral Gamer
A Never-Ending Cycle
A New Adventure in a Different but NOT Normal World
A New Adventure There
A New Beginning.
A New Hero God
A New Hero in MHA
A New Journey
A New Life In Another World
A new life. A new sin
A New Perspective (a Kammi Kettu Fan Story)
A new world
A new World as a Child of God (OC)
A new world is a new opportunity
A New World Unfolds because of a Reincarnation
A Night Absent Of Fireflies
A Night in The Woods
A Night with a Cute Zombie Girl
A night with the Playboy Billionaire
A Noble's Curious Companion
A Normal Grocery Run During Which No Domestication Occurs
A Normal Human
A Novel Match
A novel villain
A once mighty dragon is reincarnated as a blade of grass!?
A Ordem
A painfully mediocre tale of super heroes, villains, and yanderes. Oh my.
A Peaceful Town
A Peacock's Lament
A Peerless Phoenix Eating the Dragons
A Perfect Cell Fan Reincarnates as a Cell Jr
A Pervert at an Adult Game
A Pervert in Adult Play
A Pervert's Dream (Spiderman x Dragonball x MCU)
A Pervert's World
A pink cat in the MCU
A Pirate's Creed
A Pirate's Life for Mei
A Place for a Cat Nap
A Placet for disunion
A Plague Doctor's Tale On The Otherworld
A Poem for Springtime
A precog's game
A Price In Memory
A Princes Retribution
A Princess of Alfheim
A Probability Experiment Turned Me Into A Clockwork Girl And I Really Don't Know What To Make Of It All
A Process of Cultivation in Large Towns With Proportional Populations
A Protagonist's Claim to Villainy
A Protracted Game
A Psychic's Scarlet Dream
A Psycho in a Ruined World
A Psycho in the Ruined World
A Queen to Match The King
A Quest In Egypt ( A Story Of Jinns And Witches Book 1)
A Quick Transmigration Story: From the System with Love
A rabbit's guide to a fantasy world
A rabbit's guide to a fatasy world
A Raid and a Rescue
A Rat Named Jorge
A Ray of light
A Reader's Wish!
A Reason to Breath
A Reborn Nightmare
A Record of Ash &amp; Ruin: The Grieving Lands
A Regressor's Contract
A Reincarnated Demon's Life of Wonder
A Reincarnated Demon's Tales of Wonder
A Reincarnated Demon's Tales of Wonder (Prototype)
A Reincarnated General Manager
A Reincarnated Tale of Raka
A Reincarnated Tale of Reincarnator
A Reincarnation without Cheats
A Remnant of the Past
A Requiem For The End
A Resurrected Wish
A Rise Through Darkness
A Roll of the Dice
A romantic comedy with a ghost girl.
A Rose Among The Mavericks
A Rose By Any Other Name [Quick Transmigration]
A Rose For You, Milady
A Rose made of Fire
A Ruined World: Fantasy Novel
A S.F. Operator In the Other World
A Scale of Sapphire
A Scaley Preformers Travel
A School Life
A Scientific ReQuest
A Scientist And His Hi-Tech Laboratory Suddenly Transported In Another World
A Scientist in a Fantasy World
A scientist in a magical world
A Screwed Up Tale of Time Travel
A second chance as a dungeon
A Second Chance For A Miner
A second life
A second life as a fox
A secret
A Secret Goddess
A seraphs key
A Series of Unfortunately Short Isekai Adventures
A Shadow in the BNHA
A Sheep Among Demons
A Short Magician is Cursed to Teach
A Side character create his story in Martial World
A side character's dilemma (BL)
A Side Villain's Ballad.
A Side Villain…
A Silly promise
A Silvertongue's Tale
A Simple Bar In The Multiverse
A Simple Record
A Single Card
A Sinner's Chance
A Sinner's Trial
A Sip
A skill every day keeps the demon lord away!
A Slimy Modern Fantasy Life
A Slut's life can also become sore (BL)
A Slut's life can also become sore (BL) – HIATUS
A small favor
A Snail's Anecdote
A Soft Spot For You
A Sojourn of a Transmigrated Housewife
A Sojourn of a Transmigrated Housewife (ASTHW)
A Soldier Got Lost In Another World
A soldier in another world
A Soldier's Harmony
A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse
A Sorcerer's Tale
A Soul Along for the Ride
A Soul For A Puppet
A Soul'S Mutiny
A spice of Cultivation, and stuff.
A Spiral of Fate
A splendid day to spend in fantasy. Look, sister! A Slime!
A Star is Born
A Story about the German-French War
A story i came up with at 1 am
A Story in Black and White
A Story in which Asta is Trans: femme Spectrum
A Story of Tests
A Story Somewhere in the Other Universe or Infinity
A straightforward adventure but the audience keeps killing the least interesting hero
A Strange Soul
A strangers story
A survivor's journal
A system in a Fantasy world!
A system in a Fantasy world! *Paused*
A Tail's Misfortune
A Tale From Azaad
A Tale From Azad
A Tale From Azad [OLD]
A Tale of Adventure, Romance, and all around badassery
A tale of Blood, Wars and Tears
A Tale of Error
A Tale of Gods and Swords
A Tale of the Elements
A Tale of the Sojourner and Diviner
A Tale of Thorns – Screw being a Succubus . . . I'm gonna be a Mercenary!
A Tale of Thorns – Screw being a Succubus . . . I'm gonna be a Mercenary! (hiatus)
A Tale of Two Lives
A Tale of Two Star-Crossed Lovers
A Taste of Serendipity
A teapot of nothing
A Technomaniac in Another World
A Technomaniac in Another World (Prototype)
A Teen Mom's Guide to Crime, Villainy, and Babysitting
A Thicc Apocalypse
A Thicc isekai – with a Thiccer protagonist
A Thiefs Tale
A Thousand Cranes
A Thousand Faces
A Thousand Faces: The Villain's Journey
A thousand lives before godhood
A Thousand Reincarnations : Overcome My Destiny
A Thread Across The Universe
A Titan Tale
A Title for a Gay Werewolf Story
A total drama experience
A Tour of the World Between Worlds
A Transformative Spark
A Transformative Trek
a Transgender Daydream
A Transmigrator's Journey in the Multiverse
A Trashy Cultivation Story
A Traveler's Legend: Leisurely Living My Life In A Normal World
A Travelling Mage's Almanac
A Trial of Time- India/US Transference.
A Tribute Becomes A Jumper
A Trickster's Tale
A Trillion Trillion Years
A Troubled Voice
A Troublesome Attachment
A True Paradise
A Tumor in a fantasy world (choose your own adventure)
A Tumor in a fantasy world (interactive novel)
A Universe of Bloody Evolution
A Vampire in MHA
A Vampire's System
A Vampyre Story 2: A Twisted Bats Tales
A Van Polan Story: The Creature Of Darkness
A Vengeful Duke's Daughter
A Villain of Virtue
A Villain's Afterstory
A Villain's Fantasy
A Villain's Secret
A Villainess After-Story
A Villainess Redemption System
A Villainess' verdict
A Virgin's Guide To Quick Transmigration
A War of Gods
A Warlock's Lament
A Warmachine's Cruel Rhapsody Of Love
A Warmachine's Cruel Rhapsody Of Love (Yandere Story)
A Warmachine's Rhapsody Of Love
A Warrior Begins Life In Another World
A Warrior's Journey
A Way to be Remembered
A Way to Return Home
A Weebs Tale
A Well Dressed Wolf
A Welsh Prince
A wicked soul's second chance.
A Wife's Odyssey
A wild pursuit of meaning
A Wild West Story
A Willing Bounty
A Wishfulfillment Cultivation Story
A Witch Cursed Me to Turn Into A Cute Wolf Girl (And I'm Having Trouble Convincing My Village That I Like It)
A Witch in the Woods
A Witcher's Journey to Immortality
A Wolf among Dogs
A Wonderful World of Woe
A World Beyond: Multi-World Fanfic
A world full of Yanderes
A World in Chaos
A World of Monsters
A World Where Dreams Come True
A World With My Fusion System
A Worm fic
A Woven Tale
A Yandere Situation
A Yandere's Quest to Get Her Man
A young girl journey through the land of Jokes and Relaxation
A Young Summer: a story about a stupid little asshole at summer camp (CampNaNoWriMo July 2021)
A Yuri Omniscient God's Journey
A Zombie's heart (BL)
A Zombie's heart (BL) – HIATUS
A'void dark
A.I. Lov3-U
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.
Ab intra
Abaddon: Genesis
ABC – Ancient Beast Core
Abducted and Transformed
Abducted… To another world
Abnormal hunters
Abnormans (world of paranormals)
Abomination Contract Taming the Beast Loving the Enemy BL/Yaoi
Abomination First Contract BL/YAOI
About 70.000 Years Ago: An Epic Neanderthal Life
About Treasures and Glory
Absolute Monarch
Absolute on the Mound
Absolute Shopping Addict
Absolute Strengthening Technique
Absolute Supremacy
Absorber: Son Of Japan
Abysmal fleet
Abyss Riser
Abyssal Darkness
Abyssal Knight in the Modern World
Acacia Chronicle
Academic Hero
Academy Showdown – Book 0 – An Urban Fantasy
Accelerator in the Multiverse
Acceptance of the Self
Access To Another World
Accidental Demon King
Accidental God
Accidental Imp – A dark and lewd evolution adventure
Accidental Multiverse Planeswalker
Accidentally Became The Heroes' Lover
Accidentally Part of It || BNHA Fanfiction – League of Villains ||
Accumulate Experience by Reading Books
Ace Attorney Investigations 3
Ace of the Golden Night
ACE: A Card Based Fantasy LitRPG!
Acedia – The Seven Summoned Sins (The bane of sloth)
Acolyte of Ahya
Across Different Lifetimes and Different Realms to Find You
Across the anime multiverse.
Across the Stars
Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Act & Will
Act Naturally
Acting, Acting… I End Up Finding Myself A Husband…
Actions Speak Louder [BL]
Ad astra per aspera
Ada and the Box
Adagio of the Enlightened
Adam Swayer
Adam: The Emperor of Blood
Adam: The Vagabond's Revenge
Adam:Rising to Godhood
Adamantine Bunnies
Adaptive Learner
Adaptive Morphosis : Dawn Break
Adored By The Alpha
Adrift: Raven's Wail
Advance New Gear
Advent Apotheosis
Advent of Azrail
Advent of the Apocalypse
Advent of the Rabbit
Adventure Academy
Adventure And Reincarnated to a Aristocracy: and become Apostle!!
Adventure King
Adventure King (R-18)
Adventure of the Wicked Dao
Adventures of a Cicada
Adventures of a Genderbent Demoness
Adventures of a Reluctant Pacifistic Monster
Adventures of an Ancient Space Battleship
Adventures of the Bearmon Trainer
Adventures of the Bureau of Investigation and Rese
Adventures of the false God Cupcake
Adventures of the Goldthirst Company
Adventures of Vilkaraa
Adventures of Winter Schnee
Adventures Start at a Brothel
Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Adventuring with my Unorthodox Talent
Adventuring with the Strawhats.
Adversary of Plot Armor
Aegis Online
Aeki Chronicles
Aella; Star Fated
Aens Chronicles: Summer Moon
Aether Knight
Aether Online
Aether Online (2nd Revision)
Aether Online Archive
Aether O̴̥͝n̶̫͋l̴̥̂ï̶̡n̵̬̊e̴̬͐
Aether's Wanted Conjurer
Affairs of Death
Affairs of State
Afro Harem
After 100 Years
After a Tiresome and Long Adventure In Another World, I Wanted To Finally Take A Peaceful Rest, However, My Wife Doesn't Think the Same…
After all you are still dead
After Apocalypse: Silver Wind
After Being Dumped By Senpai, I Met A High School Girl
After Being Reborn In An Ecchi Novel, I Refuse To Have Fanservice Scenes
After Dark Comes Darkness (An Apocalyptic Game-Lit)
After dying four times, I've reincarnated as an OP character
After Earth Online: The Iron Warlock
After Era – Restitutor Orbis
After getting reincarnated, I pretend to have an amnesia
After reincarnating as the weakest demon lord, I decided to stand out.
After the Cataclysm
After the End
After the End: Serenity
After the god fall
After the Legend
After the Sweet Ending
After Then End
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
After Z
Afterlife: A Gamelit Tower Story
Afterlife: A Tower Story
Afterlife: Awakening
Again from Scratch Saga: Izmittor Unchained
Against Demons And Gods
Against Isekai
Against My Will
Against the heavens.
Against The New World
Against the system
Against The World, All Alone? (Harry Potter SI)
Against The World, All Alone? (HP fan-fic)
Age is Just a Number
Age of Adept Fan Edit
Age of Charon
Age of Daylight
Age of Exploration (Working Title)
Age of Gods Online
Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System
Age of Harvest: Hope &amp; Despair
Age of Legends
Age of Metal
Age of Serial Synot
age of The Undying Soldier(sucky name for now)
Agents Of Change
Agents of MAGE
Agents Of Venom
Agnes Sensei just wants to live peacefully
Agraria – New beginnings
Ahead of the Curve
Ahya Online
Ahya Online (Arc 1: Forging your place in a new world)
AI Immortal God Soul
Ai o ataeru kemono-tachi
AI Overlord
Ai Senju In Fairy Tail
Ai Senju's Journey Around the Worlds
Ai Senu's Journey Around the Worlds
AI Stories that are insane
Aiden of Felern
Aim Down Sights : A VRMMO FPS Novel
Aim for Hegemony
Aiming a fulfilling second life while be the strongest
Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World –Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World–
Aiming To Be The Strongest Adventurer, But Where Did I Go Wrong?!
Ain't Dead, Chamber of rounds.
Ain't no Rest for the Wicked
Airi in a Thousand Worlds
Ajia Universalis
AK – The Alchemy Kingdom
aka Amy
Akame Ga Kill: Sanjiva
Akashici Records
Akatsuki no Yona
Akhand : The Demon Emperor
Akm:Automated Killing Machines
Akudou – a Naruto fanfiction story
Al – Magi
Al-Mos… Qui-t-o Live A Second Life
Alane, and the last mage of Elveira
Alaric: The Failed Project
Alex Brim, Hero for Hire
Alex of North
Alex of North [Litrpg]
Alex Roberts' Monstrous Daily Life
Alex – Heart Of The Vanguard
Alexander Tennyson
Alice Angel of Mercy
Alice's Story: Fairy Tail
Alice, Goddess of Mercy?
Alicia's Tale, as told by the World Tree
Alicization Degrading
Alien Super Weapon Girlfriend
Alien X
Alisha, the brave
Alive by The Writer
All Around the Fantasy World
All Bark, No Bite
All Conqueror
All Except Good
All From His Seat
All From His Seat (Hiatus Until 5th of February)
All Hail The Vampire King
All I Can Do Is Level Up
All I have is a Game Menu
All I wanted was to live my life Peacefully, How the heck did it end up like this!?
All I wanted was to live my life Peacefully, How the heck did it end up like this!? (Completed)
All is Ridiculously Confusing (ARC)
All my toys
All of Earth
All of My Custom Quirks
All Out
All Over with a Turn Over
All Stat Slayer
All Systems Critical
All The Dead Sinners
All The Skills
All-Out Reincarnation
Alleykat (A Re-Gendering Story)
Allez mortal
Almighty Boltzmann God
Alone at my Destination- a Record of Climbing the Unending Tower
Alone in my darkness
Alpha and Omega
Alpha Cultivation
Alpha In Disguise [Omegaverse BL]
Alpha Physics
Alpha Skunk's Spring
Alpha's Daughter Is His Mate
ALR (Old)
Alter Ego
Alternate earth
Alternate King
Althea, the Grimoire.
Altima: Destined Enemies
Altima: World of Magic
Altura's Defiance
Always bite back
Always By Your Side
Am Ende mit meinem Latein
Am I A Lizard Or What?!
Am I Lewd Enough?
Am I Man or A Girl?
Am I really living
Am I really that worthless?
Am I the Player? Living in Terraria as the only existence
Am i the Player? Living in Terraria as the only existence.
Am I the Player? Surviving in Terraria as the only existence
Am I too OP for the Worlds?
Amalgam System
Amareth Falls
Amauga: Far Away From Modern Civilization
Amauga: Far From Any Semblance of Modern Civilization
Amazing Martial Artist
Amazonian and her captive
Amber Age
Amber Alert
Ambiguous Relationship
Ambitious Uchiha
Ambrosius: My Own Time
Amelia's Adventure
America Back In Time
America In Another World
America Stranded In A Fantasy World
America's Second Ranked Villain in A Wuxia World
American Tycoon Reborn
American's Second Ranked Villain in A Wuxia World
Amnesiac Queen
Amon Maria Silvermoon
Amon, The Legendary Overlord
Among Brighter Stars
Among Us Your Sus.
Amongst the Sky
Amoris Witches
Amusement of goddess
Amusement of The Goddess
An 'Ordinary' Adventure
An (Innocent) Beauty and the (Yin) Beast
An Accidental Goddess
An Account of Steam & Blood
An Admin's Diaries: Becoming The Admin Of A Dimensional Chūnibyō Chat Group Isn't Easy!
An Adventure Beyond Greatness!
An adventure in Hell
An Age of Fire and Blood – Volume 1: Unravel
An AGSA Journey
An Alien's thoughts on RWBY
An angel without wings is not a devil's child
An angels journey in a shattered world
An Anthology of Fluff
An Aquila lost within an Oriental Land of Illusions
An Aria of Fire and Blood – Volume 1 – Kismet
An Aura Master in One Piece
An Author Elderitch adventure and Quest
An Automated Tale
An Avaricious Money Centric gets Superpowers…
An Bl Isekai.
An ecstasy in battle~~!
An Egg's New Job
An Elf's Journey
An Elf's Otherworld Livestreaming Diary ~ Did you guys just send me a red Superchat? ~
An elves journey
An Empire with no Heroes
An Envious Exchange (White Knight Volume One)
An Ero Author's Isekai Life as a F*tanari Goddess
An Eternum's Redemption
An experiment: Excuses
An Explorer's Guide
An explosive Maniac against the Magical Girls
An extra girl lively life with the system
An Hour Thirty Six Minutes: Cheesecake Egg
An Ideal Room
An Identity Beyond Self
An Important Villain
An Incompetent Magician? Like, I will let that happen!
An Inconvenient Flame
An Inconvenient Flame [BL]
An Inconvenient Flame [BL] – ON HIATUS
An irritating protagonist
An Mob
An npc who just wants to live in peace without getting into the plot
An Oaths End
An Odd Rose, Love Critical Failure
An Odd Rose, Rabu Rabu Critical Failure
An Ode to What Remained
An old hero who died after being betrayed by his beloved disciple comes back to life as the strongest demon king in history
An Old Man's Journey Vol 1: Harem-slayer
An Old Tale Retold
An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character
An Ordinary Palm Tree
An Otherworldly Tale: The Apocalypse/A School Saga
An Outcast In Another World
An Overpowered Female Gamer
An Rolling Stone
An S-Rank Adventurer Turns into a Woman!?
An Unbound Soul
An Unexpected Arrival
An Unexpected Find
An Unexpected Find [BL]
An Unexpected Zombie Apocalypse
An unknown world
An Unpredictable Hero in an Unpredictable World
An Unthinkable Life From The Last Eternity
An Unwilling Monster
An Useless Fellow Become A Millionare
Analysis Blogs
Anana's Adventure in Arcadia
Anata no soba ni yokotawaru (LAY BY YOUR SIDE)
Anathum: Quest for the End
Ancient Age Online : Starting a new life in a game
Ancient Array Master
Ancient Blood – book 1 The fall of the Phoenix
Ancient Dragon Sovereign
Ancient Greece [Bl]
Ancient Monarch
Ancient Phoenix Modern Life
Ancient saiyan ape
Ancient Times: Father of Three
Ancient True Dragon Art
And All the Foundation Shudders
And I Awaken
And If Your Heart Stops Beating
And It Slips Through Loose Fingers
And She Was Called God
And That's How My New Life Started……Well Can't Remember The Past Life Though
And The Evil Lord Arises
And They Are Us
And thus the Nexus Dalek'd there (Uncommon Wealth/Gate spinoff)
And You Thought Your World Was Harsh!
And You Thought Your World Was Harsh! Vol. 1
And You Thought Your World Was Harsh! Vol. 2
And You Thought Your World Was Harsh(er)!
Andasva the Sinner
Andasva the Time-Travelling Sinner
Andraste's Chevalier
Android's Fantasy Life
Andromeda Dungeon
Anecdote Of Geyimin
Angel and Demon, Two Generals' Retirement
Angel In Bondage
Angel In The Pandemic
Angel Legacy: Dark North
Angel of Sin: Death's forsaken
Angel of the Red Sun
Angel or Demon – The blood tears
Angel Smile
Angel's Dirge
Angel's Kingdom
Angel's painful life – Going to another world is not so great.
Angel's Purgatory
Angel's Redemption
Angel's Redemption (BL)
Angels of Acid
Anima Aliena
Animal Lord
Animated World
Anime Girls From Another World
Anime of You: Traveling to Other Worlds
Anime Online
Anime Private Investigations
Anime Template
Anime world records
Anime world records story of the godly manipulator
Anime world records story of the godly manipulator ( paused)
AnimeCon Harem
ANLS VIDEO GAME START? V(type N1008i_E Berserker Point of view)
Ann's Diary
Anna's Dungeon
Anna's story
Annie and the Rice Quest
Annihilation AI
Annihilation – End of Oberon
Anno 223
Anno 223: Inception
Anno Monstrum (Year of the Monsters)
Anonym and Switch, Obtaining Power to Retaliate (Complete)
Another Chance
Another Chance in Life: I am Alive Again
Another Chance to Live
Another Cliche Cultivation Story
Another Fanfiction Continuation of "Ajisai no chiru koro ni" story R18
Another Game Over
Another Game!
Another Green World
Another Isekai
Another isekai but this time is a tentacle living armor
Another isekai the hero's summon failed, I was betrayed and killed, but the nanites F*cked up the rest
Another Kind of Genius
Another Life
Another Monotonous World
Another Naruto Fic
Another Realm
Another Way
Another Wind [A Cheat System Novel]
Another World at War
Another world Magician
Another world travel diary
Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess
Another World With My Diary
Another world with the one you love
Another World With You
Another World's Hero
Another world, a time bender adventure
Another World, Different You, A New Me?
Another World. Different You. A New Me?
Another Yandere CYOA. I guess
Ant Lord
Ant Lord Arc I: Monsters in the Fog
Anti-cake Dungeon Delving
Anti-Hero / I Am The Demon King: A LitRPG
Anti-Magic Division
Anti-Martial Academy: PRiSMA Saga (LN)
Anti-Routine Escape Game
Anubis' Wish
Any Other Name
Any Witch Way
Anything For The Villainess
Aoi – Part 1
AOTS: 13E Rhapsody of the Four Feathers
Apallapa–For that Night I-
Apartment Life
Apathy At Gifted Academy
Apex System
Apoapsis' Poetry Anthology
Apocalypse Arcana – The Devil
Apocalypse Calling
Apocalypse Cultivator system
Apocalypse Domain
Apocalypse Enchanter
Apocalypse Eschatology
Apocalypse Fantasy
Apocalypse Girls
Apocalypse Hero
Apocalypse Hero – A Dark Fantasy Gamelit
Apocalypse in the World of Magic
Apocalypse is just the beginning
Apocalypse m.f.a future reincarnation over lap restart
Apocalypse Rebirth System
Apocalypse Survivor in a Fantasy World
Apocalypse Teahouse
Apocalypse Unleashed – A LitRPG Fantasy
Apocalypse War: Kill. Die. Restart & Retry
Apocalypse War: Live. Die. Restart & Try again
Apocalypse war: Live. Die. Resurrect & Try again
Apocalypse War: Survive. Die &amp; Restart
Apocalypse – Time Stipend! The legend about the guy who just didn't care
Apocalypse: Fairy System
Apocalypse: Homestead Class
Apocalypse: The Tales of the Death Knight
Apocalyptic Diary
Apocalyptic Game
Apocalyptic Overlord is forced to become a dual savior.
Apositan Artefacts
Apparition Restitution
Aquatic monster evolution
Aragons: The Cold-Blooded Disciple
Arant Chronicles: Fight for Ibina [Season 1]
Arant Chronicles: Fight for Ibinia [Season 1]
Arawulf, the First Daughter
Arbiter of Darkness: Yet Another Naruto Isekai
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh – Fast-Paced Progression Fantasy
Arc Reaction
Arc Survival Online
Arcade Dungeon
Arcade Warfare in Another World
Arcadia Chronicles: The Story of Lien Hua
Arcadia's Labyrinth
Arcadia's Reach
Arcadia's Story Idea Dump
Arcadia: Book 1 – The Water Spirit King's Beloved
Arcadia: Book 1 – The Water Spirit King's Beloved [BL]
Arcana Codex
Arcane Engineer
Arcane Engineer – The Awakened Dungeon
Arcane Engineer: The Awakened Dungeon
Arcane of Trouvaille
Arcane Summoner
Arcane Universe[AU]
Arcane Wonders
Arcane – A LitRPG Progression
Arcane: Origin
Arcanist Warlord
Arcanists' Arrogance
Arcflame, the strongest tree-growing dragon
Arch-Hero (Wooden Cards)
Archaic Princess
Archive Across Time and Space
Archives of Tales of The Blade
Archmage Regressor becomes Unrivaled
Archmage Slacker
Archon of Danmachi
Archon: Elysia
Archonlight System Genesis
Arclight Fantasia
Arclight Online
Arclight Rhapsody
Arclight Synthesis: Survival Logs of the Reincarnated Starship Pilot
Arden's place
Ardent Bond
Ardent Tears
Are Ghosts This Flirtatious? (BL Comedy Horror)
Are Ghosts This Flirtatious? (BL)
Are you My Daddy?
Are You Okay Being With Me, A Plain-Looking Girl?
Are you still alive?
Are you still kind? Even here?
Arena – Book 1: Soulmates
Aria's First World
Aria, adventures in horix
Ariakanation- A Hollywood Story
Ariakanation- A Hollywood Story (Short Web Novel)
Ariakanation- Comedy Sketch
Ariana will only fight for the beastmen race
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
Aristocrat chronicles
ARKNIGHT (Fanfiction)
Arknights in Isekai RPG world
Armelio: Creator Of The Spirit World
Armoured World
Armut, The Dollmaker
Army Replacement (Title to be determined)
Arnold !!
Arrogant Once Again
Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4
Ars Remnants
Ars Remnants (Book One)
Ars: The World Beyond The Walls
Arsenals of Ephilor: The Rising Fire
Arteria: Her Magic.
Arthur and the Mystery of Reincarnation
Arthur Paladin Chronicles
Arthur Pendragon Bizarre Misadventures
Arthur the Drug Lord
Arthur the Drugh Lord
Artifice: Iysinfyr
Artificial Eve: The First
Artificial Mind
Artificial Steam
Artwork COLLECTION: Fanart and OC Commissions
Artwork COLLECTION: Fanart and Original Characters
Arène De La Vie
As a monk in the Cultivation World
As a scum Noble
As a scum Noble in the Fantasy World
As a supernatural existence in a normal world
As Happy as Pirates or Burglars
As If It's Your Last
As Jiraiya's Twin Brother : Computation
As Kingdoms Fall
As One Rises, Another Appears
As That Obsessed Stalker In The Background
As That Stalker In The Background
As The Brother Of The Heroine
Asago Clan
Ascendance Of A Fox
Ascendance of an Aberration Spirit
Ascendance: Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer
Ascendant Legacy
Ascendant: Blood
Ascended Pawn
Ascended Pawn: Destined as Sacrifice
Ascended Shapeshifter
Ascenders Rift
Ascending The Pit
Ascending the Tower of Possibilities
Ascension &amp; Damnation
Ascension (Tentative title)
Ascension of an Aberration Spirit
Ascension of the Evil God
Ascension of the Great Hero
Ascension of the Outcast (ATO)
Ascension of the Scroll Sage
Ascension of the Storm Herald
Ascension of the Swordmaster
Ascension Of The Ultimate Plant
Ascension Protcol
Ascension Theorem During Pregnancy [ Danmei MTL Version ]
Ascension to freedom
Ascension to Sacrifice
Ascension To The Apex
Ascension: Tales of Twin Tails
Ascension: The Coming Storm
Ash and Bone
Ash Risen
Ash Soul
Ash The Dark Brother
Ash the Dark Brother (remake)
Ash The God of Gods
Ashen Snow Falling from Oresian Winter Sky
Ashes 1.0
Ashes From the Underground
Ashes of Existence
Ashes of Existence – A Souls-like Story
Ashes of Gods
Ashes of Gods: Return of the Blade Emperor
Ashes of Heaven
Ashes of The Unforgettable
Ashes To Ashes
Asian Ragnarok
Aspiring Archmage
Ass Creed: Odyssey
Assassin prodigy goes to the Elite School
Assassin: Hidden Dark Moon
Assassins and Generals
Assemble: Land of Fire
Astellan Saga: Tales of Anton, The Noble Knight
Asteria Anthology
Astral Connections
Astral Connections (Old Version)
Astral Connections (Temporarily Hiatus)
Astral Imperialization
Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember
Astral Odyssey: Kindling Flame
Astral Reckoning
Astral Son
Astral's Oubliette
ASTRAL: Awakening of the Saffron Sky-Tamer
ASTRAL: Rising
Astrid – The Hybrid Princess
Astrogation and Adventuring
Asturian Warbringer
Asturian Warbringer – A LitRPG on Earth
Asura of The Sky
At the command of a mad Princess.
At the End of Fate
At the End of the Evening
At the End of the World
At the End of the World (BL)
At The Precipice
At the top of the food chain
At This Rate, I'll Never Turn into a Girl!
Ataraxia, Volume 1
Atashi Kintsugi
Atelier Reina, Futanari Alchemist of Vessyra
Athena Corp Chronicles
ATLA: A Fire Nation Mob
Atlantis: Origins
Atlas of Fate
ATNÉṂĀRHAḤ: Tales of a Marhah
Attack on Titan Fan-Made Chapter 140: Akatsuki no Requiem
Attack on titan with my pervert system
Attack on Titan: Divergence
Attack on Titan: Heavenly Retribution
Attack on Titan: Reed Ackerman
Attack On Titan: The Peace, I Desire
Attack On Titan: The Tenth Titan
Attack on TitanzZz
Attraction System
Atypical RPG Story
AU: My Augmented Status Effects
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG
Aura Kingdom System
Aura Lord
Aura master
Aura of Chaos
Aura of Magic
Author Adventures [B × B]
Author x Female Readers
Author's Escape
Authors Advent in Another World (AAAW)
Automage Adventures – A LitRPG Story
Autumn August
Autumn Leaves, Spring Blossoms
Autumn Wind
Avalon Online: Sigma Male in the Apocalyptic World
Avalon: Edge of Humanity
Avalon: Hell Mode of the Universe
Avalon: The Hell Mode of the Universe
Avatar of the Prophet of Serenity
Avatar Uncaged: The Fallen King
Avatar, the Legend of the Immortal.
Avatar: Awakened Gamer
Avatar: The first dual-bender
Avenger Of Destruction
Avenger Of Destruction (Continued Under Pyris_Silver)
Avenger of the Villainess
Average Mage wants to reach the Apex
Avian Over Gold
Awakened Cub
Awakening (Desolate Tale)
Awakening (silverchoose)
Awakening Chronicles
Awakening Of Dragon Gamer
Awakening Of Moba Gamer
Awakening – (Void and Flame Series – Volume 1)
Awakening – A Virtual Reality Journey
Awakening: Tales of Rodrath
Axel in Mabiland
Axo Axolotl
Azarinth Healer
Azgana: Rise of a new king
Azoth project
Azur Lane: Savior
Azur Lane: What Comes After War?
Azura the Slayer
B-one: designation: pitch
Babe, You'll Be Mine
Baby Bird gets noticed by Mad Lord!
Back Again
Back in Time
Back Pain (How my dumb self got stuck as an overly-busty girl)
Bad Storm's Secret, Never to be Released, Story Draft
Badass Cultivation Journey
Bag of Old Bones
Bai Geomijeng: The Wicked
Bai Geomjeong: The Wicked
Baker and Jones
Ballad Of An Underseas Soulja
Ballad of the School Hallways
Bandit King
Bang Dream Fanfic: Mystery of Music
Bang Dream! My New Life Story
Banished Disciple's Counterattack
Barbarian Chef
Barbarian Girl!
Barely Contained Madness
Bartleby and James
Base Leader System
Basically Yaoi, But With Ninjas. [BL… Duh]
BASKETBALL DREAM:After watching a basketball anime I started playing
BASKETBALL DREAM:After watching a basketball anime I started playing basketball
Bate-papo dimensional
Batteries not included
Battle Academia: Mediocre Martial Artist
Battle Chess
Battle For Supremacy
Battle for Supremacy: Rise of the Chosen
Battle for Supremacy: The Rise of The Chosen
Battle for the Photon Core [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 1]
Battle for the Photon Core [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 3]
Battle is an Art
Battle of the Strongest Reincarnator
Battle Sandbox
Battle Through The Heavens: Domination of The Ancient God.
Battlefield Restart
Battlefield Restart (Dropped)
Battlefield Restart (Reboot)- An Identity Beyond Self
Battlefield Restart 2- An Adventure Beyond Greatness!
Battlefield Restart 2- An Adventure Beyond Greatness! (On Hold)
Battlefield Restart 3- An Ascendence Beyond Destiny
Battlefield Restart 3: An Adventure Beyond Greatness!
Battlefield Restart- An Identity Beyond Self
Battlefield Restart- An Identity Beyond Self (LN)
Battlefield Restart: Mortal God
Battlefield Scavanger King
BattleField – A Never-Ending Nightmare
Battleforged: Book 1 – THE BILLION CREDIT HEIST – An Earth Apocalypse LitRPG Adventure
Battlemage Arena
Battlemaster's Gambit
Battling Records of the Chosen One
Bayonetta's Abuse
Bdsm Diaries
BDSM sex-story
Be Careful of What You Wish For
Be Mine(BL)
Be The Father Of This Child!
Bear and Little Magics
Bear Station
Bearer of the Red Lotus
Bearly a women
Beast Companion
Beast Core Fusion
Beast Games
Beast God Naruto
Beast Lord in Demon slayer
Beast Mutation
Beast Piercing The Heavens
Beastborne (An Isekai LitRPG)
Beastkin of GRIM
Beastly sex system(R-18)
Beastly – A story of teeth and claws
Beastly – Screw being human . . . they suck anyway!
Beastly – Srew being human . . . they suck anyway!
Beasts Under Your Bed
Beating the mystical world with skill
Beautiful Scars: An Autobiography by Roxxanne Cohen
Beautiful Wife And Genius Son
Beauty and the Bard
Beauty Of Destruction
Beauty Summoning System
Beauty, Sage and the Devil's Sword (Bijo to Kenja to Majin no Ken)
Because i love you
Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I'll Squeeze Out Milk
Become A Monster Father
Become Demon General : The Greed Of Sins
Become Different (変わる)Project
Become Nature Itself
Becoming #1 With Stun-Gun Hero!!
Becoming a Cosmic Entity (Marvel)
Becoming a Dragoness' Prized Possession
Becoming a Dragoness' Prized Possession (AKA Burn Bright and Flicker Out)
Becoming a God
Becoming a Male Lead in another World
Becoming a Male Lead in another World [BL]
Becoming a Merchant in Another World
Becoming a Yandere
Becoming an Incubus
Becoming an Incubus (Hiatus)
Becoming Game Master of Universes!
Becoming Hokage At The Age Of 8
Becoming Human.
Becoming My Ex-Fiance's Step Mother
Becoming The Horror
Becoming the Villain Again
Becoming Vamperion
Becoming what I want
Beegutz and The Mercenary of Sloth
Beer Run
Before BLJP
Before Bljp (Being Rewritten)
Before The End
BEFORE THE END: A Resident Evil Short Story
Befriending The Villain To Live
Beggar King (Tentative title, subject to change)
Behemoths and Leviathans
Behind the Veil
BEHOLD, my Harolded!!!!!!
Being a good villain isn't easy
Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself
Being a Maid Isn't as Easy as You Think!
Being An Isekai MC Is Easy AF
Being bad is so good.
Being Human (Completed)
Being Human: Arthur Mason
Being Invincible
Being mage as a hobby
Being Mage is Boring, so I Created a Class for Myself
Being Mortal
Being summoned 2 times is not for anyone
Being Summoned To Another World By My Cat
Being the Demon Lord's Daughter Is Boring, So I Escape to Become an Adventurer!
Being the Demon Lord's Daughter is Boring, so I Escaped to Become an Adventurer!
Being The Healing Class Hero Is A Curse!
Being villain is great!!!
Beiyuan Immortal Clan
Bella and the harem of Men
Bellamira & The Enchanted Island
Bellwether 1
Bellwether 2
Belmont House: Undercover Artist
Belonging To The Tombs
Beloved at the door
Beloved God
Beloved God [BL]
Beloved God [BL] [Completed]
Beloved Husband of a Billionaire
Beloved Little Treasure
Below Canvas
Below the Heavens: To Find You
Bending the Female Lead (Quick Transmigration)
Beneath a Quiet Bright Moon
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons
Beneath the Embroidered Brocade
Beneath the Fallen City
Beneath The Shattered Heavens
Beneath The Waterline
Benevolent Entity!?
Benevolent Skeleton + Evolution = ?????
Berk Van Polan And The Creatures Of Darkness
Berry Story
Berserkers Grave
Berserker… Crank Wars!
Bertonius and the Legendary Clusterf*ck
Bestiary on the Magical World
Beta God Tester
Beta Test
Beth Tries to Write Wholesome Heterosex
Betrayal! He and the Goddess Will Get Their Revenge by Building a Harem!
Better in Time
Better Than Life
Better than one
Better Think Twice
Between Life & Death
Between Love &amp; Shadows
Between Mountains and Moons
Between The Boxer and The Hunter
Between the Cracks
Between Us Two
Beware of Mechanical Wolfs . . . (Screw . . . Shortstories!)
Beyblade Burst Korea
Beyblade: Augmented Reality Generation
Beyond 2 Beliefs
Beyond a Quiet Bright Moon
Beyond Average [DiceRPG]
Beyond Average [LitRPG + Dice]
Beyond Average Prequel [DiceRPG]
Beyond Blue
Beyond Chaos – A DiceRPG
Beyond Death's Boundary
Beyond Infinity
Beyond Knowledge
Beyond Knowledge [A Fantasy Minimalistic LitRPG]
Beyond The Average Isekai (A Litrpg)
Beyond the Dark
Beyond the Iron Gate
Beyond The Rings
Beyond The Shadow
Beyond the Stars
Beyond the Worlds
Beyond The Worlds[BTW]
Beyond Those Lights
Beyond Those Lights [a LitRPG Harem]
Beyond Waters
BF Training Course
Big BOSS of the Game Industry
Big Brother Wants To Eat Me
Big Damn Heroes
Big Junk
Big mistake
Big Sneaky Barbarian
Bike Hero
Bike Hero: The Beginning
BimboBall Z
Binary Progression
BIOHAZARD: A New Nightmare
BIOHAZARD: A New Nightmare *Updates every TUE/THU*
BIOHAZARD: A New Nightmare *Updates every TUE/THU/SAT*
BIOHAZARD: A New Nightmare *Updates every Tuesday*
Bioshock fan story: Big Daddy's far from Home
Birds Of A Feather – V01
Birds Of Prey and The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
Birth Of A Cultivation World
Birth of a Race King
Birth of the Dragonkin
Birth of The God-Defiant Archer
Birth of the immortal Stormruler Dragon
Birth of the World Tree
Birthright Theft System
Bitter Victory – What if Germany won WW1?
BL fam
BL Short Stories for the Fujoshi Soul
BL Transmigration: Assist the Villian!
Black Ace
Black Angel
Black Apocalypse
Black Bazaar Blues
Black Belly Boss, Don't Run
Black Bloodstains
Black Boar Band
Black cat witch
Black cat witch (kuroneko mahootsukai)
Black Catharsis [R18]
Black Cloak White Art
Black Clover [Fanfic]
Black Core Summoner
Black cube
Black Dog
Black Dragon Code
Black Dragon God Wants to Go to Earth
Black Eagle's Saint~ The Expelled Healer Masters Dark Magic from His Spare Magic Powers
Black Earth
Black Earth – Volume One
Black Fox
Black Fragment
Black hair
Black Heaven
Black Heaven Ascension
Black Hole Menace
Black is the new Romance
Black Liver &amp; Silver Fangs
Black Lotus
Black Mafia
Black Meridian
Black Peach Blossom
Black Prince : Cruel Magic
Black Prince: Cruel Magic
Black Romance
Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls Heart Capturing Journey~!
Black Space
Black Star Heart
Black White Academy
Black Wind, White Lotus
Black Wing
Black Witch from Another World
Black Wolf
Blackcoat: Breathing in the Mist
Blacksmith of the Divine Flame of Life
Blacksmithing in another World?
Blackwind: New World
Blade and Desire
Blade Master Otherworldly Adventures
Blade Quest Vol.1
Blades and Chains
Blank abyss
Blank Paper And Love
Blast Blood Sword
Blazing Epic of a Certain Slothful Captain
Bleach Black Horizon
Bleach fan with the system in another world
Bleach: Brave Guardian
Bleach: Brave New World
Bleach: Darkness is Born
Blending in You
Blessed by the Luck Goddess
Blessed Time
Blessing Of The Demon King
Blessings & Carnations
Blessings of the Jungle
Blind Desire [BL]
Blind Desire: The Way It Should Be, You Together With Me
Blind Desires: The Way It Should Be, You Together With Me
Blinded by the sun
Blinding Blast
Blitzkrieg Darling!
Blizzard Warmth Saga
Blizzerd Alpha ; Amarock and the Moon Caves
Blocked In
Blood and Honor
Blood and Rust
Blood and Sacrifice
Blood and the Ice
Blood Animus
Blood Borne
Blood Canvas
Blood Champion
Blood Contract
Blood Court
Blood Demon's Retirement
Blood Destiny
Blood fruits
Blood in the Wires
Blood Ink
Blood Knight
Blood Lily
Blood Lust
Blood Mage
Blood Money?
Blood Moon
Blood Moon Sect
Blood of The Ancients
Blood Of The Covenant
Blood of the Pure
Blood of the Pure (COMPLETED)
Blood Pact (Chapter 1 out now / Chapter 2 out soon)
Blood Pact (Chapter 1 out soon)
Blood Pact (Chapter 2 out now / Chapter 3 out soon)
Blood Pact (Chapter 3 out now / Chapter 4 out soon)
Blood Pact (Chapter 4 Part 2 out now / Chapter 5 out soon)
Blood Redemption
Blood Rose
Blood Soaked Ophelia [Interactive Yandere Story]
Blood Spawn
Blood To-Go
Blood To-Go [HIATUS]
Blood Wolf
Blood, Wealth and Dungeons.
Blood-Soaked Ophelia [Interactive Yandere Story]
Blood? Suckers!
Bloodline Ascension
Bloodline Wars
Bloodlines: Awakening
Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa
Bloodstained Snow
Bloody Alchemists
Bloody Friendship
Bloody Horizons
Bloody Æther
Bloom Online; A VRMMO story
Blooming Days
Blooming in the dark
Blooming of the Blue Flower
Blue alpha
Blue Citadel
Blue Core
Blue Eden: Iron Children
Blue Fin
Blue Globe Project
Blue March
Blue Orb
Blue Rose
Blue Side
Blue Spring
Blue star
Bluestone Castle
Blunt Weapons User
Boarding School Beginnings
Boarding School Blues
Boarding School Boyfriends
Bob Isekai – Noooo! Not Boob Isekai! You … you pervert!
Bobb builder system
Bocchi Tenseiki
Body Modifier: Energy Required
BOH: No One But You
Bon Appetit! Yandere Hannibal x Reader x Yandere Will
Bond Of Eternity
Bondage and Other Tales
Bondalc! A Tale of Degeneracy
Bonded By Blood
Bonded Goddess
Bonds of Rebirth
Book 1 of Dugu Qiubai: I Am Dugu Qiubai
Book 1 of the Gamer Series: This Is My Life As The Gamer! (Rewrite Version)
Book 2 of the Gamer Series: The Little Sister's Discovery
Book 2 – My Mischievous Mate – Wolfram [BL]
Book of Evolution: Ascension to 'The Highest Ones'
Book of Fate
Book of Reality
Book of TLC
Book of TLC (Poem Book)
Book One: Rise of the Firstborn || A Magical Epic Fantasy
Book One: The Quartz Kingdom
Book Romance: Can the Book Dragon Fall in Love?
Bookstore in the Edge of Town
Bookworld Online: Marsh Man
Bookworld Online: The Rogue Necromancer
BoomFuzzy (Quaraun Vol. 3)
Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world (GL)
Bordello of the Moon
Border Games in Another World.
Bore-dom v2
Boreal Scale
Bored Gamer in Other Worlds
Bored looking lad gets reincarnated and some funny stuff happens.
Bored of My Cheat Skills, Harem, and Empire, I Sought a Godhood in the New World
Borelk [The legacy of a kingdom]
Boring life with a true god
Born as a Stereotype Monster
Born in Blood – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa
Born Insomniacs
Born Into The Apocalypse
Born with a system in Demon slayer
Boruto in Dragon Ball
Boruto In The Multiverse
Boruto: Search For The Chakra Core
Bottom Rung (Dungeon Runner Book 1)
Bountiful Luxuria
Bounty Hunter Blues
Bourne: The Beginning
Bow and Arrow
Box Shaped Heart
Boyfriend Switch
Boys Love Newsletter
Bragadetti, An Autobiography
Brahmin Brick Road
Brand New Day
Branwen's Lil' Chieftain
Branwen's Might
Brave soul system in the universe
Brawling Go!
Breaching the Shroud
Break Free
Break The Limit!
Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)
Breaking the Day
Breaking The Game
Breaking the Masquerade
Breaking the Mold
Breaking the Mold (Rewrite)
Breaking The Ordinary
Breath of life
Breathing Stars
Breathtaking [BL]
Bride Of The Seven Gods
Brigante Ark Volume 1 – New Chaos
Brightest Doom
Brightstar: The Rising Superhero
Bringing My Game To Another World
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World
Bringing to bear : Truth ( Volume 1 )
Broken and Freed
Broken bed: New world worse than everything
Broken Core (A Dark Fantasy LitRPG)
Broken Emperor
Broken Fate
Broken Love and Broken Life
Broken mirror
Broken Promises
Broken Things Online
Broken Сволочь
Broly In Naruto
Brooding Link
Brother Of 5
Brother, I Lied
Brotherhood of Diomedes
Brothers Made By Music
Bubbles Goes Wild
Bug in This Game
BUGS – Attack on Human
Builder of Power
Building a army in another world.
Building a Kingdom from scratch
Building a modern army in isekai. sort of
Building A Village In Naruto World
Building An Army In Another World With My Smartphone
Building an army in another world.
Building Empire with cultivators
Bullets &amp; Spells
Bullied (18+)
Bully Girl
Bully Girl (18+)
Bully Girl!
Bullying everyone
Bullying people in another world
Bunny Under the Moonlight
Buns Strike Back [Quick Wear]
Bureau of Anomalous Biological Countermeasures
Bureau of Otherworldly Affairs
Burn In
Burnarok (Remake)
Burning Alive
Burning Destiny Book 1: The Missing Princess
Burnt Flames
Business King Of Two Worlds
Businessman reincarnated in fantasy novel
Bustline: The story of Ruth Raven
But Moth, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks
Butt For the Grace of God
Butterflies are the Gentlest
Butterfly Dream
Butterfly Windborne (GL)
BuyMort: Rise of the Windowpuncher – How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona. Apocalyptic GameLit
Bwop Wop
By Any Magical Means Necessary
By Myself
By The Power Of Cute Girls, I Will Save This World!
By The Power of Cute, I Turned The Hero Into My Simp
By the riverside
By The Sword
Bye Bye Protags
Cabin in the snow
Cactus Prince
Caesar Augustino
Caeth's Hunter
Café Pride
Caged In
Caged Worlds: Breakout – A LitRPG Progression Fantasy
Caged Worlds: Breakout – A Progression Fantasy
Cake and Necromancy
Caladria Design Story
Caladria Snowflake
Calamity In One Punch Man World
Calamity Mandate
Calamity Star Rising
Calamity Story
Calamity's Demon Prince chooses the white Pearl
Calamus era
Caliburn'S Revenge
Call it a Mission
Call of freedom
Call Of The Dao
Call of The Dragons
Call of the Gods: Rise of Heroes
Call The Manager
Call to Action
Called To Another World
Calling Affection
Calliope's Mori
Camilla's Voyage
Camp Piquaqua
Campus Creatures
Can a Bear become the strongest?
Can a bottom heavy lizard lady who used to be a thief keep total control of herself while in a different magical world?
Can A Former Mob Became a King?
Can a holy hero be born from such a person?
Can I love you once more? aka Love Me Again
Can't a Girl be a Fearsome Demon Lord?
Can't Believe I Transmigrated into a World Without an Adventurer's Guild!
Can't handle this
Can't hurt even an ant
Can't Make an Omelette: a Chick Before the Egg Story
Candii's Quest
Candy Land | Various! Yandere x Fem! Reader
Candy Pop!
Caninstinct (Hiatus until January 2021)
Cannon-Fodder Transmigration : Demoniac Yin
Cannon-Fodder Transmigration : Demonic Ruler
Canonical Nonsense
Capitalism Ho! Peddling Wares in Another World
CAPS: Resurrection of the Greatest Guild
Captivated by You
Capture Target Hidden Route: Unlocked
Captured Hero
Carbon Copy
Card Cultivator
Cardhearts- stories in the cards
Cardiac Gauge
Cardinal of Sin
Carefree tornado.
Caring about Life: An XChangePill Short Story (18+)
Caring mother
Carmilla's Voyage
Carried Over Achievements
Carrion Crow
Carrion Crow – The Rise and Fall of the Black Seraph
Carrion the Cleaner
Carrot on a Stick
Carving My Own Path
Cascading Echo
Case [Gl]
Cassia: Made of Glass
Cassidia Book One: The Warrior Orphan
Cast Under Ellitis
Castaway Isle
Cat Cultivation
Cat Eyes & Cat Tails
Cat Girl Experiment
Cat Haven
Cat Masseuse's Book of Teaser Projects
Cat Tastrophy!
Cata Maestra
Cataclysm System
Catastrophic Forgetting
Catastrophic Transmigration Inside A Novel
Catch A Summer Cold
Categorically Heroic
Catgirl in the modern world?!
Catgirls of GRIM
Catnip in Hogwarts
Cats out of the bag
Catverse: Divine Vs Unholy
Caught in My Own Trap
Cautious Dark Knight
Cautious Of The Intruder
Cave Quid Volunt
Cave Quid Volunt – Route A
Cave Quid Volunt – Route F
Celeste's Diary
Celestial [A Progression Fantasy LitRPG]
Celestial Botany
Celestial Chronicles
Celestial Combatant
Celestial Conquerer
Celestial Dominator
Celestial Dream – Reincarnated in a cultivation game world
Celestial Games
Celestial Knight
Celestial Nymphomaniac
Celestial of dxd
Celestial Sovereign
Celestial Teahouse System
Celestial Teahouse System [Slice Of Life LitRPG]
Celestial Towers
Celestial Vessels
Celestial Wars Saga
Celestina Shoukan
Centifire: Deciphering Magic
Centipede Man
CEO Cinderella – A Modern, Humorous Retelling
CG (old version)
Chained Soul
Chains of Fate: The Prodigal Son
Chains Of Pride (The Ascending)
Chains of the Senju Princess – Uzumaki/Senju Oc
Challenge Series
Champion of Ruin
Champion of the Goddess
Champion of the Orca Princess
Champions of Asteria
Champions of Itaro
Champions of Kerr
Chance Illusion
Change in a New World
Changing my Life
Changing Things for the Better?
Chaos Academy
Chaos and Order.
Chaos Emperor
Chaos Games
Chaos god
Chaos LTD
Chaos Of The New Era
Chaos Paradox
Chaos Realm: Return of the Strongest Player
Chaos Rebellion
Chaos Theory: A Sci-Fi Novella
Chaos: Another World Betrayal
Chaotic Chaos
Chaotic Craftsman Worships The Cube
Chaotic Dreamer
Chaotic Paradise
Chaotic Symphony
Chaotic Territories
Character Effect
Character Effect (revised)
Charcoal eyes
Charge of the Faithless
Charlotte Lamollet
Chasing Autumn: A Mannequin Amidst the Alien Settlement.
Chasing Circe
Chasing Him (Book 1)
Chasing Senior Sister
Chasing Skirts in Reverse Universe
Chasing Song [BG Cultivation]
Chasing the Horizon
Chasing the Omega
Chat Group of Magical Studies
Chat: Another Love Story
Cheat Awakening
Cheated Justice
Cheating In Another World With The Eye of Horus
Cheating queen
Cheeky Magic!
Cheetah and Bunny
Cheetah Bunny
Cherry & Lime
Cherry blossom [AotxNaruto]
Cherry Outrage
Chevalier of the End
Chihaya Furu
Child of Dusk
Child of Fate, Bridge of Heroes
Child of The Sun
Children of Day Zero
Children of Dragons
Children of Lazarus
Children of Light and Darkness
Children of Prihor
Children of the Cursed Star
Children of the Demon King's Castle
Chimæra Fabricatus
Chimæra Fabricatus [Naruto]
Chivalry Of A Evolving Vampire 〚A LitRPG Vampire Evolution〛
Chocolate Day: A Fluff Magical Adventure
Choices To Make
Choosing Magic
Choosing You: Gay Romance Short Story Collection
Chosen by the Sunken Goddess
Chosen Immortal (选择不朽) Xuǎn zhái bu xiǔ
Christmas Eve Will Find Me
Chrona: Authority
Chrona: Lost Guardian
Chronicle of a Bunny Sorceress
Chronicle of Zegrithe
Chronicles : Charade of Lives
Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer
Chronicles of a Fallen Matriarch
Chronicles of a New World
Chronicles of a New World: Eric Breeden
CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG Book One: Duelist
Chronicles of Aonus
Chronicles of Aonus [First Draft]
Chronicles of Darkness
Chronicles Of Luvt
Chronicles of magic
Chronicles of Nirn
Chronicles of Nirn – Dragonborn
Chronicles of Planar wars
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
Chronicles of Shadows – Book 1: The Child of the Eastern Dragon (BL)
Chronicles of the Black faced Joker
Chronicles of the Dark Faced Joker
Chronicles of the dragon slayer
Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child
Chronicles of The Godkin: Raderius, The Undying King – Book 1
Chronicles of the Paranormal
Chronicles of the Prince of Calamity
Chronicles of The Realm Lord
Chronicles of the sect master who's too genre savvy
Chronicles of Titanicus
Chronicles of Titanicus: Pike and Shot
Chronicles of Wahri
Chronicles of Zegrithe
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
Cid Rellah
Cid Rellah (Complete)
Cinder Roots – A Treant's Tale
Cinderella Won't Die in the Dark
Cinderella: Saint Arisen From the Ashes
Cinema's Boy
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun: A Wholesome LitRPG
Cinque Years?
Circe Kazzam
Circle Star Adventure. The Birth of Onyx.
Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.
Circle x Circle
Circumventing Fate
Cirque du Ciel
Cisgender punishment
Cities of Steel and Blood
City Management
City of Lights
City of Roses
City of Strife
City of Strife [dropped]
Civvy Light Novel version
Civvy: Life In Another World
Clademundi: A Post-Apocalyptic DMMORPG
Clair de lune
Clandestine Volume 1: Loyalty
Clandestine Volume 2: Origin
Clara's Handbook of Cliched Romance
Clara's Journey
Clash of Feelings:
Clash Of The Heavens
Clashing Worlds
Clasp my Fingers and Guide my Morals
Class Villainess
Class: Necromancy
Classmancers – A MOBA Esports Story
Clear life
Cliche Story
Cliche Story of a Mob Villain
Cliché Reincarnation
Climb The Tower If You Dare, You Impulsive, Greedy, Unholy, Little Monster
Clinging President: My Girl, I Want You!
Clockwork Extra
Clockwork Kid
Clone 9
Close Combat Refiner
Close Combat: A ninja who can't use ranged techniques (Xianxia)
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes -Reincarnation Gone Wrong-
Close Your Eyes || A Sci-Fi and Mystery Fiction||
Close Your Eyes || A Science and Mystery Fiction||
Clothbound in the Land of Madness
Clouded Skies
Clouds and Spaceships
Club Luna
Clumsy Evil
Cobalt Sialis
Cockroach Girl's Reason For Living (Go Go Gokiburi no Ikigai): Reincarnated As A Bug
Cockroach Legion
Code 6
Code faery
Code Name: Luna
Code Reader Kagami
Code Reader Kagami (LitRPG)
Code Wyvern
Code: Infinity
Codename: Eldritch
Codename: Eldritch + Godslayer
Codename: Eldritch – Screw Sanity . . . I've lost it anyway.
Codex Administratum
Codex Fantasia: The World Is Yours
Codex of creatures: Salvation
Codex of creatures: Salvation -Completed-
Codex of the Impossible Son
Coffee and Scrunchies
Coils of the Serpent
Coin Event
Cold And Warm
Cold Heart
Cold Reign
Collar's Call
Collecting Numbers on Another World to Save my Own
Collection of Gender Swapping Shorts
Collection of Short Stories
Collection of Thoughts
Collection of Unusual Words
Colonization and War: Bruh
Colony: Requiem
Coma (LitRPG)
Come Daybreak
Come Daybreak [BL]
Comic Book Guy
Coming Sooon
Coming Trial
Commander in Another World
Commixture (Summon Life Rewrite)
Common Story
Communicatively Errored, I Am
Communicatively Errored, I Am (discontinued)
Company of Heroes: Power Fantasy
Compelled Substitution (Complete)
Compelled to Disobey
Competing for no. One in grinding
Compilation of Lewd Content
Complaints: Working At A Store That Sells Gender-Swapping Products
Complete The Story [Mini Series]
CompTIA Magic+
Concentration is Key: Verro Family Book #1
Conceptual King
Confessions of a Teenage Celebrity
Confessions of the Magpie Wizard
Conflagration: Tales Of The Last Hero
Connor wants to be a hero but is actually a d*ck 2: another world's strongest gamer
Connor wants to be a hero but is actually a dick 2: another world's strongest gamer
Conquering Dungeon Using the Knowledge as an Otaku
Conquering the Heavens with Firearms
Conqueror From the Islands
Conqueror In The Modern World
Conqueror of Heavens
Conqueror of Storms
Conquerorer of heavens
Conquest of the Future
Conquest Online
Conquest: A space Odyssey
Consequences of Magic
Console Control
Consort to the Demon Emperor [BL]
Constant Sin
Constellation of Starlings
Constellation of Starlings- Reincarnation of the White Seraphim
Constellations of Stars
Contact Through Voided Lenses
Contained on a Submarine
Content Creation
Continental Pacification Journey
Contingent realm – A Naruto Fanfiction
Continued Fanfiction of Boku wa Tsuma ga Netorare Nando mo Ikasareru Sugata o Mitsuzuketa [R18]
Continued: AJISAI NO CHIRU KORO NI (Fanfic) [R18]
Continued: Ajisai No Chiru Koro Ni [Fanfic]
Contract Demon
Contracted Entertainment (Jumpchain SI)
Control Freak
Convergence Cycle: Ranger of the North
Convergence of Fates
Convoy 61: An Unknown World
Cookie Cult
Cooking in another world.
Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two
Core .001
CORE: The Volcanic Dungeon
CORONA Eating System
Corpse Dance under Ashes
Corpse Hunter
Corrupted Dryad
Corrupted Grimoire
Corrupting Our Saviors
Corruption hack
Corsairs &amp; Cataclysms
Cosmic Contingency
Cosmic Creator
Cosmic Dragon
Cosmic Entity in Marvel
Cosmic Sasuke
Cotton Swab Hero
Countless Dreams
Countless skies
Country Love
Couple That Can't Touch
Courage After Suffocation [BL]
Courting Death
Covid 19: An erotic PSA.
Crab God
Crafter in Another World
Crafting Everything in a New World with my Amazing New Skill
Crafting Table on an island
Craftsman System In My Hero Academia
Crash Landing
Crashlanded in an Unforgiving Hellscape
Craving Her Mother's Sweat
Crawl Between Another's Legs
Craziest ancestor ever
Crazy Beast Land
Crazy girls
Crazy Girls: Crossover Yandere Harem
Crazy Girls: Crossover Yandere Harem [Completed]
Crazy Ideas
Crazy Leveling System
Crazy Times in MHA
Creating The Manga Of Naruto On Naruto World Become My Ultimate Goal!
Creating the SCP foundation in another world
Creation of All
Creation of Worlds
Creation, The wolves that are us (Creation series, Book 1)
Creation: The Path of a God
Creator Mage in Anime Universe
Creator of All-Realms
Creator of Aron
Creator: Soul Bone Island
Creatures Of The Mind
Crescent Dawn
Crescent Dawn-Volume One
Crete City
Criado Al Hombre Mas Rico Del Mundo
Crime of Lilith
Criminal son and mother
Crimson Astral Cascade
Crimson Blaze: Redemption
Crimson Call
Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune
Crimson Curses
Crimson Empress
Crimson Gloom
Crimson Ice
Crimson Vanguard
Crocodile Tears
Cross World Project
Crossdressing to win a girl's heart
Crossing the Distance
Crossing The Divide
Crossing the Divine
Crown of Corruption
Crown Tales
Crown Tales(Hiatus)
Crown to Ploughshares
Crowned King
Cruelty Is Thy Name
Crusaded Defender
Crushing Hearts
Cry of the Mer
Crystal Begonia
Crystal Constellations
Crystal Down
Crystal Girl
Crystal Guard
Crystal Tears
Crystalized Carrier
Crystallized Carrier
Crystallized Dream ( An Arknights Semi-Insert Fanfic)
Cthulhu Mythos In Cultivation World
Cuckold Killer and the Slut
Cuddle &amp; Monster
Cultivate? I just want to livestream
Cultivating Change
Cultivating Heaven and Earth
Cultivating in sex
Cultivating Karma
Cultivating Magic
Cultivation and common sense
Cultivation Can Wait; Anime Is My Fate!
Cultivation Chat Group… But Different
Cultivation Done Right
Cultivation Guidance Master
Cultivation Life with Alchemy
Cultivation Mart
Cultivation Master with infinite imagination.
Cultivation Retirement Plan (BL)
Cultivation Start With Being The Creator Of The World
Cultivation Stealing System!
Cultivation Woes of the Last Dragon
Cultivation – Stand above the Heaven
Cultivation? I don't need it
Cultivation? Try creating an internet cafe then!
Cultivator in Re: Zero
Cultivator Stories
Cultivator's Lootbox System
Culture Shock
Cupid's Agenda
Curfew (Daughters of Liberty)
Curious Tales: Assorted Fantastical Fiction
Currant Choir
Current WIP
Curse Eater
Curse Master
Curse of the Day
Curse of the Mad Wolf
Curse Or Gift
Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens
Curse: Birth of The Cursed Magician
Cursed Alter (First Draft)
Cursed by Cuteness
Cursed by Gods
Cursed Eclipse Lovers
Cursed Forge of Destruction
Cursed Genesis
Cursed Heroine
Cursed Reincarnation
Cursed Reincarntion
Cursed World (LitRPG Fantasy Adventure)
Cut Through Me
Cut-Throat of Azmra
Cut-Throat of Azmra: Saer Servitude
Cutest in the Omniverse
Cutest Pet System
Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale)
Cyber Reaper Echoes Of Darkness
Cybernetic AI
Cybernetic Memories
Cybernetic Memories (Formerly Birth of a Goddess)
Cybernetic Memories (rewritten)
Cybernetics in Isekai
Cyberplex; A Troubleverse Fan Fiction
Cyborg In Fantasy
Cyborg Zero
Cycle of Identities: A Gender-Bending Story
D & D
D for Destiny
D Shark Unit
D'Celestial Player
D*cking Around the Household as a F*TANARI
D*cking Around the Household as a F*TANARI (GL) (LGBTQ+)
Dad is That Our Elder Sister?
Daemon Epoch
Daily Dallying of Strange Individuals.
Daily diary of otherworldly survival
Daily life of a cultivation judge
Daily life of reincarnated goblin
Daily Life of Reincarnated Wild Cat
Daily Life Praising Watermelons
Daily Life With A Lilim
Daily Struggles of a Femboy (BL)
Daily Themes of Fiction.
Daisy Potter and the Awesomest Godfather Ever (Harry Potter, Book 3)
Daisy Potter and the Fallen Angel (Harry Potter ff, Book 7)
Daisy Potter and the Heir of Slytherin (Harry Potter, Book 2)
Daisy Potter and the Love Triangle at Hogwarts (Book 1, Harry Potter)
Daisy Potter and the Student Rebellion (Book 5, Harry Potter ff)
Daisy Potter and the Weapon (Book 6, Harry Potter ff)
Daisy Potter and the Wedding (Harry Potter ff, Book 8)
Daisy Potter and You-Know-Poo's Return (Harry Potter, Book 4)
Daiyu and the Trickster
Dale's World
Dalis's Odyssey: The Reincarnated Shadow's Return
DALNO: The Beginning
Damian Stein
Damien Nightshade The Villainous Vampire Professor
Damn, Now that's an adventure
Damned Paradise
Dan Walker : Outbreak
Dance between Mortals and Immortals
Dance With The Devils
Dancing In The Rain
Dandelion Ba
Danganronpa Infinite Strife
Danganronpa V3 Supreme Theory
Dangerous CEO &amp; Me
Dangerous Games
Dangerous Lands
Dangerous Magic (The Daphne Garden Series)
Dangers In My Head
Danmachi Manipulator
Danmachi Side Story: Under The Night Sky
Danmachi: The Blind Swordsman
Danmachi: Turning Tides
Danmachi: Wayward Cloud
Danmachi: Westward Cloud
Danse Macabre and Unlife
Dante's Inferno
Dao God of 3000
Dao Of The Salted Fish (Salted Fish Cultivator)
Dao's Wheel
Daoist (Guys) and Monster (Girls)
DARE DEVILS: the reincarnated supreme god"am i not cute? "
Dare Devils: The Single Entity
Dare: What Will The Author write?
Dargon king
Darius Supreme
Dark Arts
Dark Ashes
DARK BL SYSTEM (Let's get a happy ending!)
Dark Blossom
Dark Cat under Light cover
Dark god, have you really turned over a new leaf?
Dark Heresy
Dark Hero of Music
Dark Jedi in a Fantasy World
Dark Knight Densetsu
Dark Legacy
Dark Lord of Tartarus
Dark Mage
Dark Matter Incarnate
Dark Moon : Fallen Heart
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King
Dark Stars
Dark Warlock
Dark Web Exploration: The Beginning
Dark Wind, Icy Snow [BL]
Dark Wind, Icy Snow – (RyuTar, YinYuan) [BL]
Dark Witch
Dark Wolf
Darkened Dawn
Darklands Book 1: Mysterious Disappearance
Darkness from the Light
Darkness Seeking Light
Darla, Darling, Dearest
Darn, why didn't I even manage to get most of my memories?
Dat Boi Hare
Data Dragon Danika
Data Hoarding System [Sample]
Dating the Spoiled
Dating the Strongest Caster [BL]
Daughter of a Count
Daughter of a Villain
Daughter of Fire and Water: Awakening
Daughter of Lucifer
Daughter of the Beldam
Daughter of the Goddess
Daughter of the Twin Moons
Daughters of Aeidia
Daughters of Demeter
Daughters Of Fire
Daughters of Helsing – Michala
Daughters of Jericho
Daughters of the Void
David The Gray Mage
Dawn Avante
Dawn Avante — The Record of Otherworld's Cosmic War
Dawn of Ashes
Dawn of The Immortals
Dawn of the Nexus (Kingdom building story)
Dawn of The Requiem
Dawn of the Sage-Lord
Dawn Weaver – A tale of Dragon Riders
Day after
Day by Day
Day Start Haste
Daybreak on Hyperion
Days of a Wrathful Demoness
Days of Blood and Roses: A Magical Girl Thriller
Days Of Chill In The Other World
Days Of Chill In The Other World (dropped)
Days of Ruin
Daywalker: Kammiverse Fanfic
Daziki Climax
DB: ボールに願い Taming the Tsundere Shortie
DC : Depraved
DC [el ascenso de Jeron]
DC [the rise of jeron]
Dc Punisher
DC Vengeance Requiem
Dc Warlock
DC – Raising Stats as a Daily Routine
DC's Rider
DC's Rider (HIATUS)
DC: The Kryptonian Emperor
De- Monster
De: Coding
Dead Emotion
Dead End
Dead End Waifus
Dead Enders
Dead Man's Harem. Since I can't kill myself, I'll find other ways to be happy.
Dead Mans Blade
Dead Star Dockyards
Dead Tired
Dead under
Dead World 2: Sea of Fear
Dead world 3: In search of the dark
Dead World: The Dreaded Lady
Deadline: Murder Investigator
Deadly Games (Based off Squid Game)
Deadly Pieces
Deadly Sin mage in magic academy
Deal Breaker
Deal With The Devil
Dean Winchester X Male Reader One Shots
Dear Diary
Dear Eve
Dear Spellbook (Link to rewrite in blurb)
Dear Spellbook [D&amp;D Inspired Time Loop]
Dear Spellbook: A Fantasy Time Loop (Rewrite)
Death & Luck
Death : Mystery Unsolved
Death and Darkness
Death By Crotch
Death By Monster Babes
Death By Tyrannical King Or Sociopathic Queen?
Death Chronicle
Death Drive
Death is the only escape
Death Loop
Death March — Fixed
Death Note L in Danmachi
Death or Glory
Death or Glory {A Litrpg Story}
Death Smith
Death Squad
Death Threat
Death To All Heroes
Death Walking
Death Wish
Death With Benefits
Death Zone
Death's Lily
Death's Metamorphosis
Deathly silence
Debt of War
Debts of Blood
Decided not to Kill even if I die
Decided not to Kill even if I die, cant' hurt even an ant
Dee's Interdimensional Magic and Book Shop Pty Ltd
Deep Blue- The Kale dynasty
Deep End
Deep Ocean
Deepest Dungeon
Deepest Dungeon: Mark and the Lord of Darkness
Deepspace Demon Slayer
Defeating The Hero's Party By Controlling Them!
Defeating The Heroine's Party By Controlling Them!
Defending Mars
Defilement of Cosmic (DOC)
Definitely not a SAD story!
Defying The Goddess Of Light
Degenerate Masochist's Reincarnation as A Goddess
Deities of Ruin
Deity of a new world (LitRPG)
Dekuverse Dekubowl
Delinquents of Aristes Academy
Delusion of Dead
Demi God's Accent
Demigod Battle Royale
Demographic Era of Deities: Hundrefold Raise
Demon Assassin
Demon Blood: Book I The Arrival
Demon Bound
Demon Contract
Demon Days
Demon Driven
Demon Epoch
Demon God Against Heaven
Demon God of Wrath
Demon God's Chatroom
Demon King [R-18]
Demon King App
Demon King from Another World
Demon King of Lust (BL)
Demon King Redux
Demon king who was reincarnated as a human
Demon King's Political Marriage
Demon King's Reincarnation
Demon King's Son
Demon Knight
Demon Logic
Demon lord apa
Demon Lord Astaroth
Demon Lord in Angel's clothing
Demon Lord is worried everyday.
Demon Lord ~ Reincarnated in the Modern World
Demon Lord's Succubus
Demon Lord- Earth'S No:1 Fan!
Demon named Hope
Demon of Frost
Demon Pact
Demon Queen of the Deep Ways
Demon Queen: At Light's End
Demon Queened
Demon Slayer (modern era)
Demon Slayer Douma: The god in the shadow
Demon Slayer in naruto world
Demon Slayer: A Journey To The End
Demon Slayer: A New Age
Demon Slayer: The Light of the Sun
Demon's Contract
Demon's Dominance
Demon's Hunger
Demon's Nook
Demon_Lord Floof – The lack of common sense continuu
Demoness Go See The Emperor
Demoness of Catastrophe [Lord of the Mysteries Fanfiction]
Demoness Reincarnation: Waking up in a dungeon, I shall escape it with the help of an Evil God watching over me!
Demoness Reincarnation: Waking up in this new world, I shall live life without regrets with the Evil God watching over me!
Demonic affinity
Demonic Bunny, Heavenly Fox
Demonic Requiem: The Epitome of Evil
Demonic Resurrection: Pawns of the Evil Systems
Demonic Ruler of Werewolves and Vampires
Demonic Rune Master
Demonic System
DemonLord_Floof – A lack of common sense isekai (COMPLETED)
DemonLord_Floof – The lack of common sense continues!
DemonLord_Floof – The lack of common sense isekai
DemonLord_Floof – The story
Demonlordchens Symphony
Demons Beside You
Demons Nest
Demons of Humanity
Den of Lions
Denial (BL)
Denial is the Way
Densetsu: A Beautiful Day Vol. 1
Department of Otherworldly Crime
Depersonalization (BL)
Der stalker
Derelict Intentions
Descendant Of Nightmare
Descendants of Cosmia
Descendants of the Mist
Descended: Awakening
Desert of the Orcs
Desert of the Orcs (18+)
Desire – A Naruto Fanfic
Desires Unrestrained
Desmend Dylan: How to Build A Kingdom
Desolate Anima
Despair God
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
Despised by everyone at school for being a hideous nerd, but what they don't know is that I'm an Ikeman at night.
Destined for Talent
Destined or Fated?
Destined To Die
Destiny Forged
destiny: True Freedom
Destroyer In Dxd
Destroyer of Time
Destroying Earth to explore the endless universe
Destruction Angel Summoned From Being Dead For 500 Years Finds Love
Destruction Angel Summoned From Being Dead For 500 Years Finds Yuri Love
Detective Collin key
Detective Karma – The Corruption Within
Deteoh – A Glitched World's Isekai Story
Detestable fate
Deus Mortem
Developer's option
Deviant Crown
Devil Cat
Devil Duke's Renegade Wife; Beast Tamer Princess
Devil Exorcist
Devil eyes
Devil Fruit Hero
Devil in Winter
Devil May Cry: Blood, Revenge and Hope
Devil of the uchiha
Devil's Apocalypse
Devil's Claw
Devil's deal (a prison school fanfic)
Devil's Despair
Devil's Magic Book
Devil's Rise
Devil-Burst: Advent Calendar
Devildom Annihilation: The Epitome of Evil
Deviled Egg
Devilish Journey
Devious Lust
Devoid of Com\\Passion
Devour genetic
Devourer and Grimoire
Devourer and Grimoire #2
Devouring – Progenitor of Evolution
Dex is for Swordplay
DEZION. Rise of the Supreme sovereign.
Dheer Tvastr- Divine weapon Craftsman
Diamond in the Rough
Diamond in the Rough (Complete)
Diary In Another World
Diary Of A Lost Soldier In Another World
Diary of a nymphomaniac
Diary of Kraken
Diary of Other Worldly King
Diary of Other-Worldly King
Diary of Other-Worldly King: Revisited
Diary of Other-Worldly King: Revisited (R-18)
Diary of the last scientist
Diary trough the ages
DICE – Maze of Death
Did I just become an assassin to save girls?
Did I want this?
Did she already know what I would ask her for?
Didn't Read The Fine Print [BL]
Died as a human, and woke up as well fodder in the most dangerous place in Im a spider, So what?
Diet Blues (Summoner MC)
Different Dimension Demon
Different Dimension Game
Different DxD Revamped
Different Families for Fantasy Stories
Different Role In A Different World
Different World Development Manual
Digital protagonist's deserve modesty too
Digitize: Rebirth of the Silver Death God
Dimension Sword Goddess
Dimensional Agency
Dimensional Chat
Dimensional Chatroom
Dimensional Demonic Phoenix
Dimensional Descent
Dimensional Paradise
Dimensional Wish: Dreaming For Another World.
Dimensional Wish| Dreaming For Another World.
Dimensional Wish|Dreaming For Another World
Din World
Dirtnap: The Black Death
Dirty Game
Disagreements of a young man reincarnated as a snake
Disappearance of the Inhuman || 非人間の失踪
Disciple of the Dragon
Disciples, Behave!
Discovering Magic
Discovering You
Discovery Brandish
Disgraced 10 Minutes After Arrival
Disnomia Greene
Dispatches from the Inter-Galactic
Displaced: Waking up in another world
Dissonant Thought
Distant Leaps to Circinus
Distant Memories
Distortion: Life as an Ordinary Student
Dive Sasquatch God!
Diverge Summoning
Divine Champion of Lust and Fertility
Divine Doctor's Guide to Matchmaking
Divine Empress of Blood
Divine Master of Level Cultivation
Divine obligation
Divine Phoenix Ascension
Divine Polyethelene
Divine Polyethylene
Divine Reincarnation
Divine Returning
Divine System: From Commonplace to God of the Multiverse
Divine wars
Diving Through The Youth
Divinity Descents
Divinity's End
Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter
Dixon the Dastardly Dogooder (a noncanon oddworld Litrpg isekai)
DIZION: Realm of Mortals
DIZION: Realm of Mortals [Yuri]
Djinn's curse
Djinn_S : Tales Of Rome
Do as I say, not as I do
Do Cannon Fodders Dream Of Better Plots?
Do I look like a hero to you?: A deadman's journey to dropkick a primordial deity
Do No Harm
Do Not Pick Up Girls In The Abyss (Pact/Futadomworld)
Do the laws of science work in another world? the answer is yesss.
Do you know Sameer??
Do You Still Get Butterflies?
Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?
Do Your Best, Wind Mage!
Doctored Chance: The Unpleasant Preceding of "Pajama Boy" and What Drove Him to Murder
Doe in the Middle
Does Master Want a Kiss~♡?
Dog Boy
Dogboy Blues
Doing everything just to escape death a second time.
Doll Dungeon
Doll Master
Domestic Girlfriend Discord Server Isekai Story
Dominance Over Alpha
Dominating Civilization 1
Dominator In DxD
Dominator In Naruto
Dominator – From Naruto to Bleach
Dominion Expansion (a 4X LitRPG)
Don Keyes: Master Cultivator of The Mundane Kingdom [LitRPG]
Don't be a Monster
Don't be a Monster (hiatus)
Don't being as a small start
Don't Call Me a Grim Reaper!
Don't Choose your own adventure
Don't Cross My Vampire Girlfriend
Don't disturb Nasari
Don't Drink The Gene Juice
Don't Fall in Love with me Mr. CEO
Don't Feed The Dark
Don't Go Alone
Don't Hold Your Breath, Roar
Don't let me go dad.
Don't Mind Me (Srsly just don't)
Don't Need A Strategy To Capture Men
Don't Read Me!
Don't Rush
Don't SIMP!
Don't Touch Me, You'll Die!
Don't underestimate me! I, the villainess will fight back!
Dont Wanna Title
Doom Day
Doomsday Lord
Doomsday's God
Doppelganger: The Adventures of Detective Frans
Doro Doro Obake Ouji-sama
Doryoku wa Ore wo Uragirenai
Doted by the Alpha
Doted by the Alpha (NEW)
Double Body Trouble (I'm possessing two bodies)
Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG
Douluo Dalu: Brilliant Emperor
Douluo Dalu: Origins
Douluo Dalu: Tang Clan's Rebellious Son
Douluo Dalu: The Legend of The Grandmaster
Douluo: Starts with rebirth
Douya and the Golden Scroll: Plum Blossom Edition
Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the sewer
Downfall of the nanite hero
Downfall: An Erotic Invasion
Dr Z's Zombie Apocalypse
Dr. Bennett
Draconia Offline
Draconic Transcendence
Draconic Transcendence (Progression Fantasy)
Draconic Transcendence (Progressive Fantasy)
Draft: Bonds for a Broken Soul
Dragon Aura
Dragon back on Earth
Dragon ball beyond
Dragon Ball Reboot
Dragon Ball Z: Gohan Rise of a Warrior
Dragon Ball Z: Gohan Warrior of The Future
Dragon Ball: Alternate
Dragon ball: Fusion of Worlds edition
Dragon Ball: Legendary RPG
Dragon Ball: System bearer
Dragon Ball: ボールに願い reincarnated as Broly's Sister?
Dragon Ball: ボールに願い Taming the Tsundere Shortie
Dragon Blood Warrior
Dragon Crisis
Dragon Dynasty
Dragon Egg Soup
Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances
Dragon Ga Kill
Dragon God Wants to Go to Earth
Dragon God Wants to Go to Earth [HIATUS]
Dragon Heart
Dragon Hunter Online (DHO)
Dragon in My Hero Academia
Dragon king system
Dragon King's Harem
Dragon Knight Lord
Dragon Lord of Time
Dragon NEET – Altair Online
Dragon Of Coelum
Dragon Of Old
Dragon Order of Flame
Dragon Poor
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rising: The Sixth Apostle
Dragon Road: How I Rise in My New Life
Dragon Sage Thesis
Dragon Slaying And Other Delusions
Dragon Space System(DSS)
Dragon Survival!
Dragon Tale
Dragon Travels
Dragon's Bounty
Dragon's Dilemma
Dragon's Heart. Stone Will. Book I. LitRPG wuxia series
Dragon's Legacy
Dragon's Paradise
Dragon's Paradise (HPxMCU)
Dragon's Paradise (HPxMCU/Marvel)
Dragon's Pearl
Dragon's Reverse Scale
Dragon's Sin in the World of Danmachi
Dragon, Knight
Dragon: Myth of the Bermuda Triangle (Novella #1)
Dragoness's Aimless Journey
Dragons Dilemma
Dragons wrath
Drain the Swamp
Dread Lord
Dreadlord Wizard
Dream and Passive's Transcripts
Dream and Reality Became One
Dream Come True
Dream Engine: Beta Tester…. D.C. Comics
Dream Game: Fighting for my Desires
Dream Journey to the Afterlife
Dream mastery
Dream of a writer
Dream of The Beginning
Dream of the Eternal Lovers
Dream of the Guardians I-1: Rising
Dream World
Dream World's Detective
Dreamer's Cove
Dreamer's Fantasy
Dreamer's Ten-Tea-Cle Café
Dreamers of Eternity
Dreams Built by Blood and Blade
Dreams Nightmare
Dreams of Dust
Dreams of Lazuli
Dreamy Journey to the Afterlife
Dregs Game
Drift Hero
Drifted Apart
Drinker of the Yew
Drinker of the Yew: A Necromancer's Tale
Dropped (-Into another world)
Druid King
Drunks &amp; Fanatics
Dry & Dead
DS Staff Studio Daily Activity
DSG – Alt
DTT- New Life
Dual Cultivation
Dual Cultivation in Another World
Dual Soul Vol.1
Dual Sword God
Duality and the Breakdown of such
Duality Merged
Duchess of Shadows
Duckbutt the Wanderer
Duel Monsters System Isekai: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Story
Duet of Smoke and Steel
Dumbledore: I Am "Defence Against Dark Arts" Professor
Dumped in Space
Dumped in Space – A Genetically Enhanced Adventure
Dungeon Boss For Hire!
Dungeon Building For Beginners
Dungeon Chef
Dungeon Conquerors
Dungeon Core Lily
Dungeon Darwinism
Dungeon Delving, Gacha Gaming, and Other Bad Ideas.
Dungeon Dive
Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Explorer RPG
Dungeon form Earth vs Adventurers/Kingdoms with Magic and Gods
Dungeon Immortal
Dungeon In Space
Dungeon Inn
Dungeon Invaders
Dungeon Item Shop
Dungeon Kingdom
Dungeon Mage
Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master of Slime Dungeon
Dungeon Master Sugar Mama
Dungeon of Eternity
Dungeon of Horrors
Dungeon of the Biomancer
Dungeon of the Damned
Dungeon Pearl
Dungeon Survival: I can see the narrator
Dungeon W-1
Dungeon's Path
Dungeon: The Demon Dragon Core
Dungeons and Dekus
Dungeons Deep
Dunkore//God of Grotesque Beings
Duorbis: Colission of the worlds
Duplicate!! (Completed)
Dusk And Dawn
Dusk Force
Dust covered Jewels
Dustformers: Season 1
Duty, empty dreams and trying not to become a monster.
Dwarf Smith From Earth
Dxd :Hero Returned of Isekai
Dxd: Ink and Summoning
DxD: Milking System
DXD: Rical Phenex ( Gamer Gacha )
Dying while living
Dynast of Wind
Dysphoric and Yearning
Dépayser la Fertámbulo
E.S. System: Return to the Enchanted Planet
Early Tales : A Small Vampire's Afternoon Tea
Earth 2.0? No. This is Nova.
Earth Ascension
Earth Culture Meets The Wuxia World
Earth II: Starting From Zero
Earth Shakers
Earth's Administrator
Earth's chosen
Earth's United Front
Earth, Mofa
Earth: The Gods' Playground
Earthlings, please help!
Earths Army In Another World
Easily Infuriated
East Meets West (Cultivation World)
Eastern Palace
Easygoing Sect Leader (Isekai Cultivation)
Eat Me
Eat My Bread
Eccentric brothers in a rpg world
Echelon of The Owls
Echo of Earth
Echo of Isaac
Echoes of Fire and Shadows
Echoes of Infinity
Echoes Of Memory
Echoes of The Lost Age
Echoes Of The Mute Magician-HP fanfic
Eclipse Online: [Spoon] the Dimension Thief
Eclipsed Fates
Ecstas Online
Ecstasy of the Heart
Edelweiss the Sword Empress
Eden Core
Eden is a Cat
Eden of the beginning
Eden of the Eclipse
Edens Bridge
EFTSW Abraham , Escape from the interlaced world ' s legend(EN)
EFTSW2020— Escape from the interlaced world(EN)
Eggstra Terrestrial
Eh! Where Did My Pen… Pen… Go!?!
Eidolon Of Death
Eidolon Rebirth
Eighth Deadly Sin
Eiji's Adventure
Einder Bloodline
Einherjar Becomes Valkyrie
Eira The Last Dhampir
Ekolia Lite ~ Helping my Bullies become Heroes
Elania, Arachne in a different world
Elayeus: Lost Solace Online
Elder-Scroll : Naruto (Myumara-ff)
Eldest Son of the Heavenly Emperor
Eldritch Abomination Reincarnated To The Human World
Eldritch Cultist
Eldritch Cultist In Another World
Eldritch nanny
Eldritch – A Lullabyte Story
Eleanor & Alicia
Element Point
Elemental Champion
Elemental Convergence.
Elemental Supremacy
Elemental Uprising
Elementalist: Mavren Mageblade
Elements of Lunarya
Elementum Island
Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold
Elf or Orc? A VR story
Elfimius Online: I Played The Game That Killed My Brother
Elijah Solace The Magician
Elite and Tawdry
Elite Magicians ~ Book One: Second Coming of The Mad Scientist
Elite warrior in highschool of the dead [HOTD]
Elknid's Behemoth
Ella and The Glassmaker
Ellie Wendigo
Elliot's Diary
Ellori, the Ero Witch of Parthun
Elven Flowers
Elysium Mist
Embers: Path of Fire Book One
Embrace of the Ancients
Embrace the Ether
Embracing Tears
Emergency Exits
Emerging as a Mothgirl
Emilia The Witch
Emissaries – A Kai Side Story
Emperor of a Failed Cultivation State
Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain
Emperor of Kings
Emperor of Poker
Emperor of Solo Play
Emperor of the Cultivation World
Emperor of the North
Emperor of the North (Under Rework)
Emperor Of The North: Rewrite
Emperor Who Rules Over The Swords
Emperor's 7 Harem
Emperor's notes for solving problems
Emperor's Road
Empire of Blood
Empire of Blood – On Hiatus
Empire of Heaven: The Monster Empire
Empire of Madness and Desires
Empire of Scre.
Empire's Curse
Employees Only
Empress of Blue Flower Mountain
Empress' Evolution
Empty Gun
Empty Shell
Empty World
Enchanted Technology
End Game[EG]
End of Civilization
End of Humanity
End of one world grants new beginnings
End of the World to the Beginning
End of The World: The Undead Monster
Ender Quest
Ender's Happenings
Ending the Darkness
Endless Journey: Infinite Realms
Endless Madness: Gods and Ghouls
ENDLESS MYTH :Surpassing the Gods
Endless Online: Oblivion
Endless Path
Endless River (Isekai LitRPG)
Endless Road of Sin [Villain, Non-human MC]
Endless Skies
Endless Stars
Endless Unknown
Endless Unkown
Enemies of Humanity [GL]
Engaged to a Skyfire Hare
Engineered Hope
Enigma's Multiverse
Enjoy Apocalypse~
Enjoying my Flying Fortress in another world
Enjoying my life after reincarnating as the princess' cousin
Enjoying my life as a god
Enlightened Empire
Enlightened Violence
Enslaved By My Ex-Boyfriend In An Isekai Hellscape
Enslaved Pregnant Animalgirl Sister Harem With No NTR
Ensnared! : Trapped In A Monster Girl's Reverse Harem!
Entangled Superposition
Entangled With You
Enter the End
Entering Another World
Entertainment king: The king of showbiz
Eon V
Eoshock's twisted realm
Ephemeral Reverie #1 – The Silence Between
Epic Collection of Unusual Worlds
Epic of a Dragonknight
Epic of Guemwyn -The Bronze Age Warrior-
Epic Of Immortalis
Epic of Lomaris
Epic Story [ONESHOT]
Epic Tales Variation: Aegis Kan
Epic!Sans in Naruto
Epoch of A.K.
Epoch: An NPC's Tale
Era of Lords
Era Of The Kobold
Erased Existence
Erden : Rewrite
Erden : Tale of a Land Forgotten
Erebryss: The Tartarus Trials
Ergon V
Eria of Taint and Discovery
Eris, the First God of Chaos
Erislethe: Valley of the Dragon Queen
Ero Dungeon Evolution
Ero Dungeon Online
Ero Skill Tree
Ero-Game: Power and Sword
Erodimension Neptunia – Candidate Corruption
Eros in Love
Eros: The Olympian God
Erotic Stories Collections Vol.1
Erotic Tower — 100 Floors of Lust
Errant Warrant
Error 34
Erwin's Adventure in the Meme World(Not Much of a Meme World. More like a Fantasy World)
Erwin's Adventure in the Meme World(Not Much of a Meme World.)
Erythro Black
Escape From Olatara
Escape The KNIGHT
Escaping from Servitude.
Escaping My Crazy Ancient Princess
Escaping My Crazy Royal Princess
Escaping the Abyss
Escaping the Fourth Checkpoint
Escaping the System: Avoid Death at all Costs
Escaping Their Grasps
Escapism at its Finest
Eskame's Grand Adventure
Esoteric System
ESP Escapades
Esper and the Witch
Essence of Ash
Essence of Ash: An Alchemist's GameLit Adventure
Eterna's Source
Eternal (BL)
Eternal [BL]
Eternal Dragon
Eternal Dungeon (A LitRPG Story)
Eternal Fantasy
Eternal Fragment
Eternal Gaia: Merge & Grim
Eternal Genesis
Eternal ITQ
Eternal Path
Eternal Pavilion: A Clash of Two Worlds – A Xianxia LITRPG
Eternal Requiem
Eternal Sutra
Eternal Taoist King
Eternal Train
Eternal Worlds : Auto System
Eternal Worlds : Auto System [Hiatus]
EternalGenesis -A Conqueror's Tale.
Eternion Rhapsody
Eternity's Grasp
Eternity's lament
ETERNITY: A Reincarnation Tale
Ethan Edwards & Noah Rogers ~ Family Affairs. By Carter P, Monacur.
Ethan Lane And Wizard Academy (Ethan Lane series, Book 1)
Ethereal Creator of Realms
Ethereal's 13 Worlds
Etheric Knight
Etudie Perpetuity
Etudie Perpetuity: Genius Student in Another World
Euphoria Scented Candle (18+)
Eve of Gods
Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then
Even gods have favourites
Even in Chains
Even in Death We Shall Not Be Parted
Even in Death We Shall Not Be Parted (BL)
Even in Death We Shall Not Be Parted [BL] [Fast-Wear]
Even though he's Older
Even Though Hes Older
Even Though I Have Become A God, I Still Want To Run My Restaurant!
Even Though I Was Reborn as the Future Queen, I Decided to Life Quietly Instead
Even Though I Was Reborn as the Future Queen, I Decided to Live Quietly Instead
Event Horizon
Evergreen Consequences and Theories.
Everlasting Bond
Everlasting Bonds : Innocent Promise
Everlasting Bonds: Innocent Promise
Everlasting Mage
Everlasting Throne of Supremacy
Everlasting Youth: An Eternal Dream
Everlong Journey: Dungeon Dive
Every Thing Necromancy
Everyday Struggle of a man with Yanderes in Isekai
Everyday-ish Vampire
Everyone Is A Monster On The Other Side
Everyone Loves Min-maxing
Everyone's a Catgirl!
Everything is Under Control
Everything is Worth Killing: Isaac's Tale
Everything makes me want to die
Everything That Bothers Me In 10 Pages
Evil devouring slime
Evil God's Disciple
Evil Lady Unrepentant
Evil Spirit Hunter
Evil Tree
Evil Vampire System in a Scientific City
Evolution from a Lingering Spirit
Evolution God
Evolution in the new world
Evolution of a tree
Evolution of the Skeleton who walked alone in a Dungeon
Evolution of The Skeleton Who Walked Alone In A Dungeon{Revamped Version}
Evolution of the Twin Xenomorphs
Evolution Plug-in: I can Evolve Effortlessly
Evolution: The Monstrous Series
Evolution:humanity's path into despair
Evolve and Create
Evolve! Cthulhu! Evolve! 〒 MADNESS UNDER THE SEA
Evolving As Human
Ex Nihilo
Ex-Crown Prince favors the Villainess
Ex-Military Anti-Hero Peoples
EX-Tier Loser
EX-Tier Loser (GameLit Fantasy)
Ex-War Assassin's Second Chance at Life
Exalted Warlock
Excerpts of a Failure
Exclusively Chosen by my Childhood Friend
Excuse Me! Just a Wild Last Boss Passing Through!
Executioner Of Death
Exiled Aristocrat: [A Progression Fantasy]
Exiled on Nexus
Existence of the unknown
Exit Point
Experiment E-205
Exploding Attribute System In Douluo Dalu
Exploits from Another World
Explore another world with just one deck
Exploring the Gateway
Expressions and Understanding
Extra Professor
Extra Wants to See Her Smile
Eye of the Eye (Hypnosis Control)
Eyes of Eunos
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse.
F Rank Dungeon King
F rank skill awakening.
F Ranked: World Domination with the Weakest System
F**K Yeah I'M A System
F*ck the Heroes
F*Ck What Your Father Says (Fred Weasley)
F*tanari Apostle of Prolificities ~Spreading Degeneracy to The World~
F*tanari System
Fables of the Void
Faceless: The Monster Within
Facility 23 ; Mars
Factum Lalia
Fade To Black
Fading Light
Fading Scent of the Red Lilies 渐逝花香
Fae and Tanuki
Faer Knight
Fafner the greedy dragon.
Failed Transmigrator: Paragon of 2 Worlds
Failed Villain Reincarnation
Fairy Godmother
Fairy of Light – A FT FanFic
Fairy Tail: Irene Belserion The Queen of Dragons
Fairy tail: path of the ultimate god slayer
Fairy Tails Half Dragons
Fairy Tail´s Half Dragons
Fairy's Tale
Fairy(-Cat) Empress of War in My Hero Academia!
Fairy-Tale Gone Wrong
Faith | Blurry Lines
Fake Maiden, You Save the World or Build a Harem?
Faker In The Irregular At Magic Highschool
Fall of Sapon duchy
Fall of Terabiyil
Fall of the sword king
Fallen Apostle
Fallen God
Fallen Hero Season 25 Return of a Ruler
Fallen Kingdom
Fallen Lotus: The Legends of Xiao Xue
Fallen Princess: The Duke's Familiar is A Witch
Fallen Princess: The Duke's Familiar is A Witch!
Fallen Stars
Fallen to another world with lucky boxes
Fallen Towers
Falling for The Rose in my Brother
Falling For The Stripper
Falling In Love In a Haunted House
Falling In Love With My Love Rival
Falling in Love with The First King
Falling in Love with The First King – Draft
Falling in Love: I love you, Today and Forever
Falling into condemnation
Falling Over
Falling Petals
Falling Through The Crack – A LitRPG Tale
Falling Together
Falling, Fallen
Falling: How to Survive as a Cannon Fodder
Fallout 4 | Cindy's weird adventure
Fallout: Upperground
Fallout: Vault X
False Dendrite -heaven shouter-
False God Cupcake
False Positives and Other Stories
Family Curse
Family Essence – Deviant
Family guy (quahog in multi-dimensional worlds)
Family Secrets
Family Sex Slave
Fanatic Martial God
Fanatical Like A Demon
Fanfic continuation of "Boku wa Tsuma ga Netorare Nando mo Ikasareru Sugata o Mitsuzuketa / れ何度もイかされる姿を見続けた"
Fang and Flame
Fangs of Ennui
Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars
Fantasy Boomsticks
Fantasy Dreams XX!
Fantasy Dungeon in a Sci-fi Galaxy [WIP Title]
Fantasy Erotica
Fantasy Hunting Dimension
Fantasy of Ash and Blood
Fantasy Slayer
Fantasy System
Far Between It All
Far Between It All (Book 1)
Far Future Survival
Faraway Survivor
Farewell,My Artist
Farmer: The first
Farran's Journey
Farworld Esper
Fashion House
Fatal Attraction
Fatal Chapters
Fatal Chapters: A Guide to Piloting Gods
Fatal Chapters: I've Been Reincarnated Into A Gacha Isekai !?… I Guess It's Time To Capture Cute Girls!
Fatal Chapters: There's Too Many Protagonists In This Isekai Story… Just Let Me Capture More Cute Girls!
Fate and Domination
Fate and Domination – The Last Empire (Porn with Plot))
Fate as a Servant
Fate as an Alchemist
Fate Breaker
Fate Ends With You
Fate Ex Makina
Fate Love Game
Fate of a Thousand Lives | 千世缘
Fate of The Godwin
Fate Of The Revenant
Fate reincarnated me as Princess Dhampear ?!
Fate Ruler Of Death
Fate weaver's convergence
Fate's Blade
Fate's Bough (Book 1 in the Lineage Saga)
Fate's Bough (Historical Fantasy Kingdom Building)
Fate's Bough (Historical Kingdom Building)
Fate's Bough (Kingdom Building Fantasy)
Fate's Child
Fate's Love Game
Fate, Not Destiny
Fate: A Dragon's Journey
Fate: Rising
Fated love
Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator Tale
Fateless The Silver Lining
Fates Parallel
Fates Parallel (A Xianxia/Wuxia Inspired Cultivation Story)
Father I would never Betray you
Father of all monster
Father-in-Law Loves Me Again
Faux Elysias
Fearing Life, Coveting Death
Fearleader (15+)
Feeling myself break, I'll try again, and acknowledge my standing
Feeling myself break, I'll try again, and acknowledge my standing.
Fei Cai's Ascension— Reverend Insanity Fiction
Felice Hybrid
Felicia Brave (LitRPG)
Felicia lorraine
Fell Through Time
Fellis' F*ckin' Stupid Adventure
Female CEO has an Annoying Husband
Female Immortal's Return to Earth
Female Ranker: Drunken Lunar Blade
Femboi Essence Cultivation
Feng Mang
Feniseca Tarquinius
Fertambulo Dépayser
Fertility Clinic Shenanigans
Festival of Degeneracy
Fey's Collection Of Short Stories
FFXIV: I can't escape after all [Yandere/Harem]
Fiasco of Adventures
Fields of Ash
Fighter's Journey In Pokemon World
Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World
Filling lands with lust
Filthy Gamer in Narutoverse
FINAL CORE : [A holy dungeon-core litRPG]
Final Countdown
Final Frontier
Final Horizon
Final Letter
Final Light of Wradulin
Final Mercy
Finally found you(BL)
Financially Inept Commander
Finders Keepers (BL)
Finders Keepers [BL]
Finding Family
Finding Inner Peace In A Cruel World
Finding Roles
Finding Stardust
Finding The True End
Finding Tristan
Fine – I'm the villainess destined to be executed, but where is the saintess? And how do I get rid of my fiancé crown prince's advances???
Finger Gun Chosen Hero
Finn Cambridge: Pokémon Master (Rewrite)
Finn Cambridge…Pokémon Master?
Fire and Water
Fire Breather
Fire Burning
Fire Emblem: A Champion's Journey
Fire Emblem: The Lion's Blade
Fire Heart
Fire Mage
Fire Transforms Us Track 1 : Staying Cool
Fire Transforms Us Track 2: A Mermaid's Advent
Fire Transforms us track 4: Solitary Confinement
Fire Transforms Us Track 5: The Burglar, the Witch, and the Doorknob
Fire Transforms Us – A TG Mix-tape
Fireside Chats With Deadpool
Fireworks Warning!
First &amp; Last
First Contact…my way
First Impressions
First Light
First of his kind
First Sign of Danger [GL]
First Song
First Work, Please go on easy with me
Five Lives Left: A Dreadful Chaos
Fix You
Fixing A Loser's Life
Flag Correction System: A Loner returning to the Past as a Riajuu?!
Flail Lord
Flame a self-sacrificing Wolf
Flame Paladin
Flash Marriage
Flask of Poison
Flawed Enchantress
Fleabag: A Monster Evolution LitRPG
Fleeing Cherry Blossom
Fleshcrafting Technomancer
Flight of a Villainess
Flight of the Caged Bird
Flight of The Draykes
Flip of a coin
Flip The Script
Flirting Sex Train
Flock of Doves
Flock of green butterflies
Flow Into Me
Flow Like the River // A Jujutsu Kaisen OC Fanfic Story
Flow Like the River // A Jujutsu Kaisen OC Story
Flower Master in the City
Flower of Treachery
Flower Wall
Flowers for a Grave
Fluctus Empire slave
Fluff-san in the Human World?
Fluffy Cultivation
Fluffy Life
Flying Whale's Wonderful Life – I Who Has Fused With an Invincible Weapon From the Age of Gods Will Build a City on My Back –
Fnaf 1
Focal Point
Following the Unorthodox Dao
Fool's Edict
Fool's Guide To The Apocalypse
Fools Gold Artificer Kooky
For a Change – A Slice of Life LitRPG
For a Change(A Naruto Fanfic)
For Eternity
For Fear Of Falling Forward
For February's Rain
For Irision
For Joy
For Me, Myself
For Millennia, I Stood.
For My Next Trick…
For my own happiness.
For Want of A House
For You, I Would Forsake The World
For You, My Dear
Forbidden Ancestry
Forbidden Fantasy: Symphony of Hearts
Forbidden Forge: Fourteen Moons
Forbidden Spell Master
Forbiden Division
Forbiden Division (New)
Force of Nature
Forced Immortality
Forced into service
Forced to become a good guy
Foreign Book Reading Club
Foresiz Spellblade Academy
Forest Queen
Forest trek
Forest's Journey
Foretell tales, and men's omen.
Forever Green
Forged Fates
Forged From Flesh
Forget Me Not
Forging Bonds
Forging The Beastmen
Forging The Greatest beast Tamer
Forgive Me Yet Again
Forgotten Era, Book One: A Bloody Tale
Forgotten Heroes
Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower
Forgotten memory
Forgotten Quest
Fork This Life!
Former Crown Prince favors the Villainess
Former Hero only cares about SE….
Former human, presently Wolf.
Former Peerless Immortal reincarnated in another world with an Overprotective Older sister
Former Undead Transmigrated to become Villainess's Butler
Forsaken By The Light
Forsaken By The Righteous 《BL》
Forsaken By The World
Fortune Online
Founder of Era
Founders of The New Age
Four Gods Are Freeloading Inside Me
Four of a Kind
Fourth Impact (ft Tobi0487 as the Writer)
Fourth Prince's Debauchery
Fourth Realm Romance
Fox Girl in the Apocalypse
Fox Girl of the End
FOX TΛLE(Fox tale)
Fox-Girl Reincarnation
Foxfire and Fireflies
FoxStone {A Romantic Fantasy Adventure}
Foxy Spear
Fractal Plane: Awakener's Pact
Fractal Plane: Beyond Public Eyes
Fractal Plane: Heartful Cry
Fractal Plane: Maiden's Heart
Fractal Plane: Purgatory Survivors
Fractal Plane: Usurped Heir
Fracture: Tales of the Broken Lands
Fractured Moon
Fractured Soul
Fractures of Eternity
Fragile Heart Of A Strong Man
Fragmented Blade
Fragmented Prism
Fragmented Prophecy
Fragments from the Wildlands
Fragments of Sin
Frail Body? Who Cares I Have Powerful Magic!
Frank and Michelle
Free Agent
Free Lancers
Free Lances
Free of Fate: Hizashi Hyuga
Free spirited: Reincarnated as a Light Spirit
Free To Play
Freedom before all else
Freedom Blades
Freeing Anvi
Freeze Frame! (A Superhero Story)
Frenzied Overlords
Freyja Ignis: Reincarnated as a powerful mage
Friendly Enemies
Fright of the Living
Frog ?
Frogtastic Fridays
From a future dystopia to a fantasy world
From a Serpent to a Lioness
From Another World
From Bookish To Goddess
From Bookish To Heroine
From Dumb Loli Goat to Demon Lord
From Ex-Mercenary, To Dark Lord…
From Her Dreams To Here
From Hero of Redemption to a Servant Girl
From Highschool Delinquent to Shinigami Samurai
From Loser to Goddess
From Magic, to Earth and Cultivation
From mob to a butler
From Monster to Heroine: A Fox's Tail
From My Head to My Heart
From My Soul to Your Seoul
From Playboy to Wicked Bully
From Royalty to Slavery to Master's Lover?
From Sky to Sea
From Slave to King in the Another World
From the Ashes.
From the Marsh
from the Past to the Future (hiatus)
from the Past to the Future (SCP universe)
From the System with Love: A Quick Transmigration Story
From the Tokyo Villain to the Love Game
From The White Room
From Tomorrow On, I'll Be
From Unknown Job to The Strongest in The World
Frontier World- Active As Summoner
Frost Haven
Frostborn: The Journey of an Immortal
Frostpunk: The Resistance of Humanity
Frostwell Paranormalcy
Frosty Prince Boils Over his Imperial Concubine:Generals Di Daughter
Fudanshi's Path to Saving BL CPs
Fulfilling All My Fantasies As King
Fulfilling Desires
Full Clear
Full Metal
Full Moon King (FMK) Novelization
Fullbringer: The Supreme
Fully Healed
Fun adventure
Fun to just Power Up
Funky Rock in the Back Yard
Fury of Tempest
Fusion dungeon
Fusion Reincarnation
Fusion Reincarnation: I'll Live the way I want if it's a new world
Fusion System in a Dark World
Fusion_A new powerhouse in Orario
Futa Barbarian
Futanari System
Futile Calculations aka White Calculation
Fyre (A Fairy Self Insert in my Own Novel!?)
G.F.O.C In another World
Gaara (Naruto)
Gacha Summoning
Gaia Grand Quest
Gaia: Reincarnated 99,999 Times As Punishment
Gaia: The Lost Child Chronicles
Gaining a Twin
Galactic Commodore in a Medieval Planet
Galactic Conquest
Galactic Fleet In Another World
Galactic System
GALACTIC: Myth, Magic, and More
Galataea Crystallim
Galaxy Creator
Galaxy princess
Galaxy Wars
Galileo 1
Galsia: Sanctum of Desire
Gambit of the Living Weapon
Gamble On Love
Gamblers' Game [BL]
Game Creator across Multiverse
Game Genius Reincarnated in A Game World
Game Gyaru
Game Maker
Game Of Conquest
Game of Fate
Game of Gods: Tales of the Celibate Incubus
Game of Shadows (Persona FI ft NamesAreTheBaneOfMyExistence)
Game of the Gods
Game of the System
Game of Wands
Game Unknown
GameMaster Of Life
Gamer Reborn
Gamer Reincarnation
Gamers App
Gaming on a MUD is difficult
Gangster King System
Gangster Of 1929: How The End Of Oppression Started
Ganryujima (discontinued)
Garden of Amy
Garden of the Abyss
Gardenia of Blooming Desire
Gardenia of Blooming Desire (BL)
Garuda in DXD World
Gate Between Fantasy
Gate of Amitilicia Online
Gate of Memories
GATE: Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape
GATE: Journey in the New World
Gate: The Other Side
Gate: War of Two Worlds
Gate: War of Two Worlds Part 1
GATE: War of Two Worlds Part 2
Gates to Pantheon
Gay Harem
Gazei (A Monster Evolution LitRPG) How to Survive In Another World!
Gem in the Desert
Gemini Pact
Gemini ~The Road to Becoming the Strongest Duo~
Gemstones of the Universe
Gender Bending Short Stories
General Chang's Revenge
Generally Awesome Character Hates Accidentals (G.A.C.H.A.)
Generation of Champions
Generic Battle Academia
Generic Battle Academia: Rewrite
Generic Battle Academy
Generic Incarnation
Generic Isekai
Generic Isekai Trash
Generic Isekai – An Isekai with a long ass title that is longer than every titles on this website and it's totally lame so why are you reading it?
Generic Isekai.
Generic Novel with OP MC and maybe smut
Generic Reincarnation, Caterpie version
Genesis Evo
Genesis Of The Ashes
Genesis warrior
Genesis | Book 1 of the Rise of the Paragon Series
Genesis | Book 1 of the Rise of the Paragon Series – A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG
Genki's Struggle
Genki's Struggle In Qi World
Genocide Online
Genshin Imcat
Genshin Impact : Reincarnated as NPC, Jack a Rookie Adventurer.
Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat,
Genshin Impact: Guizhong and Zhongli's Story
Genshin Impact: Void's Touch
Genshin Short Stories: Teyvat academia series
Genshin With Reversed Sexual Morals
Gently Dying
Gerald, the Dreamer.
Gestalt Hope
Get reincarnated as a Grim Reaper
Getting A Rebirth As A Goddess After Dying From Covid 19
Getting Girls 101: Self-Improvement in a Fantasy World
Getting Hard (Journey of a Tank)
Getting Hard (Rise of a Tank)
Getting Into Character
Getting Lucky
Getting summon without magic, but I can't die no matter what happen
Ghost Hunt: Panic In The Country
Ghost Hunter Kumagawa
Ghost of the Truthseeker
Ghost of the Uchiha
Ghost of the Uchiha (Naruto)
Ghost Rider in Twilight
Ghost Rider vs Horror Movies
Ghost Unit In Another World
Ghost Vanguard
Ghostly Adventure: A Monster Reincarnation Story
Ghoulish x vampiric life
Gianni of Circopia
Giant Eater
Giant Eater (LitRPG)
Giant Robot Reincarnation?!
Gift of the Unicorn
Gifted Education Project
Gifting You With A City that Will Never Be Isolated
Gilded Cage~Tale of a Villain's Subordinate
Gin more
Girl Known As Faith
Girl On My Shoulder
Girl with the Golden cat eyes [Legacy Chapters]
Girls and Monsters
Girls Love Anthology
Girls Next Tour
Girls' Next Tour (Girls' Last Tour Fan-Sequel)
GITA: The Hero Conspiracy
Give Up
Give Up: How i became a criminal
Give Up: The story of a young man who becomes a criminal in a fantasy world
Give Up? Fight Back?
Given to the Prince
GL Shay!
Gl Vampire Oneshot
Gladiatrix System
Glimpse of Eternity
Glints Saga: Dove
Glints Saga: Dove – The Story of a Wayward Magical Girl
Glints Saga: Papillon
Glints Saga: Papillon – The Story of an Ex-Magical Girl
Glitched Isekai
Glitched Reality
Gloam: The Sin-Eater
Global Cataclysm
Global Dungeon Adventure
Global Dungeon Network
Glorious Vanity (SI LitRPG)
Glory be to Arria
Glory to 2B kind
Glory to Hanuman
Glory to the Knights!
Glory's Return (Overgeared X King's Avatar fanfiction)
Gluttonous Evolution
Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow
Gnoll's missadventures
Go Home Adventurers!
Go Lisa
Go With The Flow
Go With The Flow Of Love
Goan. The Transferred Power.
Goan. The Transferred Power. Vol 1.
Goats And Heroes
Goblin Plane
Goblin Story
Goblin Transmigration 『Ravenous Evolution of Gluttony』
Goblin's Glory
Goblin:A Lonely and Shining God
Goblinlife of My Wife and I
GoD (God or Devil)
God Among the Cats: Nya Tribe Dominance!
God from Another World
God Gave Me an Angel
God is my Sponsor
God level mutant
God Like Extraction
God of all System
God of Archery
God of Clouds
God of Creation
God of Entertainment
God Of Games
God of Heaven
God Of Ice and snow [BL]
God of Laziness
God of lies
God of Love
God Of Martial Arts: Fanfiction
God of Music
God of Summoning
God of Tennis
God of the Death
God of the Feast
God of Thieves: Who stole my System
God of Thieves: Who stole my System?
God of War in the Cultivation World
God Of Wealth
God of writing
God Rank Hero
God Rising: The Cult of Ainz
God Wannabe
God Wants Me To Dom Women
God Wants Me To Dom Women.
God's Challenges
God's Detective
God's Door
God's Exhibition
God's Gambling Table
God's Guide for Teasing Heroes
God's Only Child
God's Playground
God's war
God's wrath
God's Wrath: The Dove
God-blessed – A Kammiverse Story
God-defying God
God-Given Virtue (Light Novel Version 1)
God-Monster {One Punch Man}
Goddess And I? WTF
Goddess Ascendant
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal
Goddess Material
Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Goddess of thunder: Reborn in the RomCom universe
Goddesses are out of Heroes, so it's up to Me to Save an Isekai World!
GodFall: A Memory of Sand and Stone
Godfather and Godson
Godfather of magical technology with a pinch of extortion
Godfather World
Godguild Book 1: The Crypt Lord's Call
Godking (Aspverse)
Godly anime system
Godly Ascension(Ruler)
Godly Devourer System
Godly Domains
Godly Entertainment!
Godly Otaku Divine System
Godly Power
Gods Are Not Born
Gods Of Misfortune Book One: The Dragon King
Gods Of War: Between Elves and Humanity
Gods, dragons and titans
Gods, Immortals and Mortals(GIM)
GODSLAYER: Dark Dreams Don't Die.
Godspeed in marvel
GodSpeed in MCU
Godzilla in Another World
Going Back All Over Again and Again
Going Back Into A Distant Past
Going Downhill
Going To Another World Through The Portal That I Made
Gojo Kazumi in MHA
GOJO: A Sorcerer in the Soul Society
Gokai no Kami
Golden Age
Golden Age Legitimate Fei
Golden Assistant
Golden Cherry
Golden Deity: Slime in the Multiverse
Golden Dragon Merchant Group
Golden Fox with System
Golden Gate New World Front
Golden Gate: New World Front
Golden nights
Golden Sacred Dragon Of Douluo Dalu
Golden Solitude: A Tale Of War & Love
Golem Live
Gone Astray
Gonzo system in Alternate world
Good Boy Or Bad Boy, That Is The Question(Interactive Story)
Good Guys Don't Date Bad Boys
Good Intentions / Bad Redemptions
Good Life
Good Morning, Miss Ghost
Good Morning, Miss Undercover
Good or Evil?
Goodbye, Poker Face: Reincarnated CEO Excessively Dotes on Wife
Goodnight Goodnight Don't Let the Mad Ones Bite
Goodnight Jill
Goodnight Punpun
Goodwin Confessions
Goro Skullmasher's Journey to Invincibility.
Got Isekai'd
Got Summoned on Another World by a Shitty King
Got You!
Gotham vs Witchcraft: Magic Broken Bat City
Gottheit Retold
Grand Healer
Grand Magus: Reincarnated with the Engineer Element
Grand Master Is Too Spiritless
Grand Pleasure
Grand Pursuit
Grand road
Grand Slam
Grandaea: Playground of the Gods
Grandmaster in another world with a [Wandering System]
Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer
Grasping at Felicia
Grave Digger Gary
Grave Galaxy
Grave Of Our Innocence
Grave Of The Goddess
Gravity and Divinity: Apocalypse System
Gravity Manipulation in MHA
Gray Canvas
Gray Hart
Great Ascension to Godhood
Great Goddess Assephine
Great Immortal Diary
Great Responsibility
Great Thoughts, Greater Errors
Greatest Marine in One Piece Universe
Greatest Marine in Onepiece Universe
Greatest Wizard
Greed's Disaster
Greed's Pawn
Greedy ANT z
Green Core
Green Life
Green Pheromones
Green Skin
Green Wastelands
Greetings from the wicked
Gremlin's Greed
Grey becomes Light: The little joys.
Grey Prince
Grey trigger
Grievous Crisis
Grievous Crisis: The Endless Darkness
Grievous Crisis: The Endless Light
Grim Emperor.
Grim reaper for rent
Grim's Conquest
Grimm, The Mythical Detective
Grimmz: grimoires and beast cores
Grimoire Holder
Grimore X Retake
Grouch Gamer
Grow Till Tall
Growing Up With Bugs: A Pokemon story
Growing Up With Magic
Gryph the Gryphon
Gryph the Gryphon ( Gryph wants strokes click here to find out how u can do this )
Gryph the Gryphon -> [ epic fantasy stories by the very nice creature . write comments if u're kind and respect the Gryphons ]
Gryph the Gryphon -> [ imagine the cover has Gryph the Gryphon . the Gryphon is very poofy ]
Gryph the Gryphon -> [ imagine the cover is the poofy cute Gryphon who wishes to hug u ]
Gryph the Gryphon -> [ is the #1 Gryphon ]
Gryph the Gryphon – [ imagine the cover is the poofy cute Gryphon who wishes to hug u ]
Guardian Gamer: DxD Edition
Guardian of Kirigakure
Guardian's Folly, Dryad's Melancholy
Guardians of Descendant
Guardians of Eden
Guardians of Imaginary
Guardians: The Heartless War
Guide From The Past To A New Era
Guide To a Demon's Heart
Guide to Conquering the World of Magic (Cultivation, LitRPG, Isekai, Yandere)
Guide To New Era
Guidebook for the Dark Duke
Guild Management with My Cute Imouto
Guilty Crown:True King
Guilty x Creatures
Gun Exit Apocalypse
Gunmetal Magus
Gunpowder Magic, and Lead
Guns &amp; Flavour (Space Western)
Gunsmoke and Qi
Guy on a Spaceship
Gwendolyn the Errant Knight
H x Alien
Ha'suru Lab Life!
Hachiko – A Hachishakusama Story
Hack the Plot.
Hacking the myriad heavens
Haille the Nymphkin
Haiz! I'll be the best!
Haku92's Amateur Drafts/Ideas/Attempts
Haku92's Amateur Drafts/Ideas/Attempts (mainly yandere)
HALCYON – A Grimdark / Gamelit story
Halcyon's End: A Reincarnation Story
HALCYON: Playground of the Gods
Half Demon, Even Demon Can Be Heroes
Half-blood Prince's tale
Half-blood Prince's tale (A hp fic)
Half-Tried Deity
Halfway to Home
Hall of Fame
Hall of Heroes
Hallowed Remedies
Halloween Hijinks
Halo Dungeon
Hammer smash!
Hana Hou (pro- HAH NAH HOE)
Hana Hou (pro- HAH NAH HOE)- one more time til I die right.
Hana Hou- one more time
Hands Held in the Snow
Handsome I and Ugly Them
Handsome to the Point of Death
Hangman's Goose Chase
Hanlait: Land of Legends
Hannah's Revenge
Happily Ever After
Happiness and Despair Walk Hand-in-Hand
Happy Ending of the Apocalypse
Happy Family
Happy Life With My Wife
Happy Mage
Happy New Hero
Hara-Kiri Nonfeasance
Harbinger Ascendant
Harbinger Ascendant – A Portal Story
Hardwork System in Naruto
Harem and Empire
Harem and Empire (Vainglory Route)
Harem app
Harem Breaker
Harem Of My Desires
Harem Online ~Grail war in Erotic Game!~
Harem Overlord System
Harem Protagonist's Sidekick
Harem Reborn
Harem Route
Harem Warfare
Harmless Sweetie (Rewritten)
Harmless Sweetie (Rewritten) (LitRPG following a young boy exploring a dangerous world)
Harry Potter & the Secret Twin
Harry Potter and The Dark Lord
Harry Potter and the Dark Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Dark Phoenix [Rewrite in Progress]
Harry Potter and the Demigods of Olympus
Harry Potter and the Descendant of Merlin
Harry Potter and the Mudblood Prince
Harry Potter and the Peculiar Malfoy
Harry Potter and the Rambunctious Roommate
Harry Potter and the Seer's Ambition
Harry Potter and the Shadow of the Dark Lord
Harry Potter And The Traveler
Harry Potter: A Thread of Fate
Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard
Harry Potter: Returned of the Story of the Young Wizard
Harshtown Spinoff Episodes
Hartfield Chronicles
Hartwright Vampires
Haru no kaze (The breeze of Spring)
Haruhism of a Lesser
Haruka's Amnesia
Hatching a Heroine
Hateful Souls
Hateful Souls [A LitRPG Fantasy in Hostile Territory]
Hateful Souls [A Naughty LitRPG Action Fantasy in Hostile Territory]
Hateful Souls R-18 [A Brutal LitRPG Action Fantasy in Hostile Territory]
Hating You (BL)
Haunting 101
Have a Meal Before You Go
Have I become a God?!
Haven Fall
Haven, Earth, Me
Haven: Eldritch Knight
Having Netori Skills while helping a Protagonist to maintain his Harem
Havoc in Cultivation World
Hazel – The villainess who refused to participate
Hazel – The villainess who refused to participate (Rewrite)
Hazy Hindered Hearts
Hazy Hindered Hearts (R18+)
Hazy Shade of Winter
He Became the Aunt of His Best Friend after Waking Up
He belongs to me!
He got me Pregnant?
He has descended
He Hates Me, He Loves Me Not
He loved Roxy for her mind and Julie for her body, so he put Roxy's brain into Julie's body
He Who Fights With Monsters
He who must fight
He who Rise from Mud
Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)
Healer to Blood Knight
Healing Dungeon
Heart of a Mer
Heart of a tree
Heart of Arcturus
Heart of Dorkness
Heart of Moss
Heart of Rust : Ace of Swords {BL}
Heart of Rust {BL Revenge}
Heart of The Infiltrators
Hearth and Home
Hearthborn – set in the League of Legends universe
Hearthfire: A Villain's story
Hearts Dawn
Hearts of Rust
Hearts Of Rust {BL}
Heather the Necromancer
Heather the Necromancer Adult edits
Heather the Slave Necromancer
Heaven Defying
Heaven Shall Not Deny
Heaven Will
Heaven's Creed
Heaven's Creed: The Moonlight Painter
Heaven's Gift
Heaven's Infinite Cloning Template
Heaven's Oddity
Heaven's Shadow
Heaven's Will
Heaven, Earth, Me
Heavenly Dao Emperor
Heavenly Goddess
Heavenly Mortal
Heavenly Paragon
Heavenly Song
Heavenly Soul
Heavenly Soul [BL]
Heavy Weapons – Anomaly Hunters
Heavy Weapons – Children of the Chosen
Hedonistic King's New Life
Heed My Prayers
Hegemon of Another World
HEGEMON This Crimson Flower Will Bloom On Your Blood
HEGEMON! This Crimson Flower Will Bloom On Your Blood
HEGEMON! This Crimson Flower Will Bloom On Your Blood.
Heh! Otome game? Why a mob like me won't be prominent?
Heir de Winter
Heir of Death
Heir of Mana
Heir of Mana: Rewrite
Heir of the artificial gaming system
Heir of the Divine Phoenix
Heir of the Dragon
Heir of the Vampir
Heir Of The Void In Anime World
Hell In Bloom
Hell is us
Hell Kaiser
Hell Knight
Hell Knight: Fall of Man
Hell Mode Hogwarts
Hell of Brick Road
Hell of the Dead
Hell Warden: Vacation
Hell's Angels
Hell's Belles
Hell's Embrace
Hell's Gate: Reborn Mercenary in Another World
Hell's Mistake
Hell's Mortal Agent
Hell's Report: the irregulars of the damned
Hell's Secretary
Hellbound X
Hellhound Runt
Hello Nightmare
Hello Stranger!
Hello, Bye, My Love (안녕, 내 사랑)
Hello, what happened to my plot armor?
Hells on Earth
HellVerse: Constant Chaos
Help Me, Miss Planner!
Help the Host Help the System!
Help! I Think They Forgot to Delete My Code!
Help! I'm Falling for an Alien!
HELP! I've been summoned to a new world an…Oh there's cute girls here? this isn't so bad
Help! Our healer is a Necromancer!
Help, I woke up with no memory in an erotic dating simulator … With Micro-Transactions
Help, My Classmate Is Trying to Murder Me! [BL]
Help?! My Harem is Trying to Kill Me!
Helping Her Out
Helping the cannon fodder fight back
Hentai God System
Her and I vs our worlds
Her Beautiful Fractals
Her Déjà Vu
Her Eulogy to the Tower
Her Eyes, His Lies
Her Golemancer Girlfriend
Her House
Her realiti
Her Second Life As A Wife
Her secrets ,His love
Her Story, My Life
Her Strange Aeons
Her Traitor
Her True Form
Her Unheard Plea: An Unheard Desire
Herald of Solace
Hercilia: The Female Knight
Here Comes The Lady Chef
Here I come My second Chance!
Here, I am a king
Heretical Oaths
Hero and Demon King
Hero and Demon King (Binary Coded)
Hero City
Hero For All Occasions
Hero Game
Hero Game: Transcend the Realms
Hero Historia
Hero of the Ashes
Hero of the net is the believer of a forgotten goddess
Hero of the West
HERO of Violence
Hero Prince(ss)
Hero returns Home
Hero Scout
Hero Soul: Jetriser
Hero's Song
Hero: The Devourer
Hero? Not anymore.. But with the Demon lord?
Heroes and Monsters
Heroes and their love life on earth
Heroes and Villains The VRMMORPG
Heroes by luck.
Heroes by luck.- Being a hero is painful
Heroes don't need luck, They need skills
Heroes of the Past
Heroic Merchant
Heroic tales of prince Glen
Heroine? Yeah, no.
HEY !!?? My In-Game Beast Just Destroyed My Second Floor.
Hey Jude
Hey, don't be unruly!
Hey, Why Are My Skills so Weird!?
Hidden Beacons (Magical Girl LitRPG)
Hidden Beacons (Magical Girl LitRPG) (Illustrated)
Hidden Beneath the Scarred Face
Hidden Blood Alliance
Hidden By Fate : A War Against A Lovely goddess
Hidden Dark Moon
Hidden Words
Hide and Aizawa
Hidup Adalah Cerita
Hidup Adalah Cerita ( Life is a Story )
High Fantasy
High School DXD Mars
High School Hitman
High school of the elite in another world
High Skies Piracy
High Spec Villainess For Hire!
High-Class Mob
Hikari Origin : Hitaku Quest
Hilda Finds a Home
Hinata X Takashi
Hinata's Sensual Adventure
His and Her Odyssey Towards Love
His Boyfriend Is an Unemployed Contract Killer (BL)
His Eternal Aspiration [Vol 1: Rebirth]
His Favorite Song
His Free Life.
His Hips For Her Pleasure (18+)
His Knight (BL)
His Majesty's Hostage
His Obsession
His possessions
His Villainess's Endearment (On Hold)
His Wasteland Flower
History's Strongest Manager
Hoard of War
Hoarfrost Wintertide
Hogwarts Reimagined
Hogwarts Reincarnations
Hold Me in a Bouquet of Red Asters
Hold or Fold: A World Where Wagers Magically Matter Most
Hollow Adventures
Hollow Eve
HOLLOW KING: the founder of the satanic art
Hollow knight: in Naruto
Hollow Stories: Back to the Skies
Hollywood King
Hollywood Zenith
Hololive: Noel's Tale
Hololive: The Virtual Youtuber's Corruption
Holy Dragon Totem
Holy Priest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Holy Right : A Multiverse Occultist
Holy Roman Empire
Holy Sword Master
Holy World
Hom Factory : My Monster Girl Tower
Home is where the Spark is.
Homes A World Away
Homicidal Aliens are Invading and All I Got is This Stat Menu
Honestly! I'm A Good Vampire
Honkai Impact : The Rise Herrscher of Shadow
Honkai Impact the 3rd: Here Lies the Martyr
Hope Just Once More
Hope to win
Hope: The Beast Mistress
Hoping not to die while I still cannot find Mai in this game world.
Hoping not to die while I still cannot find Mai in this game world. (Discontinued)
Hopping Celestial fox
Horizon Dawn
Horns In The Library
Horns In The Library 2: Old Friends
Horny In The Land of Zombies
Horror Camgirl
Horror Dating Sim
Horror Night
Hot Springs Brigade!
Hotel Murder Mystery
Hours of Darkness – A winter crime
House of Lackeys
House of Night
House of Witchez
How a Skeleton Became The Ruler Of The World
How A Villain Builds A Kingdom
How Angels Fly
How can I save the world if I'm no longer the hero?
How Did I End Up In His Shirt!
How do I become a title that isn't too thick?
How do I break My Limits?
How Do I Finish Making This World? I'm Still An Intern!
How Do I Say I Like You? | BL Web Novel
How Do I Survive In This World?
How do you survive a ruined world?
How Gods Kill Boredom?
How Hard Can It Be ? (RWBY – Jacques SI)
How he became God by doing nothing
How I Accidentally Started A Harem In Another World
How I Became A God
How I became a legend rank cultivator in my workplace's bathroom while avoiding work
How I became a Reaper
How I became a Tracker
How I Became Immortal
How I Become a Flaming Turkey
How I Cheat Shenron and Became the World's Strongest
How i got 3 wishes from a god
How I Married A Sex Toy In Another World
How I Reincarnated Into Naruto
How It Ended
How Long
How Not To Adopt A Demon Lord
How should I Call You
How the mighty have fallen
How the NEET Survived in a New Eon of Spirituality
How this world ends
How To Be A Good Mortal Father To Your Demon Kids
How To Be A Peaceful Vampire
How to be a Succubus
How To Be A Villain
How To Be An OP Scorpion
How to be Hokage
How to become a deity
How to bewitch a witch: An unconventional guide to dealing with a kidnapper
How to Catch a Fallen Star
How to Conquer an Orc Village (18+)
How To Create Another World
How to fuck up an Isekai 101: minotaur edition. NSFW.
How to gain higher levels
How to get killed by a Yandere?(Fail)
How to get rich in ancient times
How to have fun in an apocalypse
How To Kill A Goddess Of Another 'Earth'
How To Kill A King
How to Kill an Isekai Protagonist
How to Lie in Demon Community.
How to live after transmigration
How to make a Harem
How to melt the daughter of ice? A cool and casual neighbor is insanely cute~
How to Not Be a Gunslinging Artificer
How To Raise A Psychopath
How to Raise a White-eyed Wolf 如何养白眼狼
How to Raise Your Antagonist [Legends and Heroes]
How to Raise Your Dungeon
How To Relax In Another World
How to Save a Star
How To Savour Christmas Va-jay-jays!
How to Seduce Girls in Another World: Book 1 – Shy Female Adventurers
How To Seduce Your Stepmother
How to Survive Another World as an Asshole
How to Survive as a Cannon Fodder
How to Survive as a Villain: Beginner's Guide
How to survive the worst novel ever written
How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse [Again]
How to Talk to Girls
How To: Piss off Kings
How Zantheus Fell into the Sky
Howl of Creation
Howling Wolf – Fearless Raven
HP: Return Of The King
HP: With Charms of Magic
Hua Yang
Huff and Puff
Human after all
Human Federation
Human Game
Human Hunter
Human in a Demon's Hide
Human in a faraway place.
Human King
Human should have wings
Human Summoner
Human, Where Are You Touching Me
Human: Paradigm
Humanities Resistance
Humanity's Fall : The Endless War
Humanity's Last Hope
Humanity's light
Humanos x Sistema
Humans against Demons.- Am I really a perfect guy? I don't think so.
Humans Are Delicious
Humans vs. Demons – Am I Really A Perfect Guy? I Don't Think So.
Hundred Gear Collection
Hundred to One: Birth Of A Prodigy
Hunger Pangs
Hungry Necromancer
Hunt of The Wendigo
Hunt to feed Wife
Hunter Club – Antihero
Hunter Mania 「Hell And Heaven」
Hunter of the Blackmoon
Hunter Paradise: Rise of the Vanquished Ones
Hunter X Hunter : Overgeared
HunterXHunter fanfic
Hunting for jade beauties~ A trash novel
Husband, Be A Gentleman
Husband, Let's Meet IRL
Husbands across the Multiverse
Hybrid's Revelation
Hydar Celestial Imperium
Hydar Divine Imperium
Hydar Psionic Imperium
Hyde, Worldwalker Reborn
Hymn for the purple ones
Hymns of Sol
Hymns of Sol: A Dark, Fantastical Journey
Hymns of the First Wind
Hyper-Dimensional: life in a world of hyper curvy women
Hyperion Histories: The Surgeon Of Sol
Hypnotic Hunter〡A Game of Magic, Mischief, and Malice
I Abducted The School Princess
I Absorbed The Calamity
I Accidentally Doomed the World.
I accidentally killed by God So I being Reincarnated to Another World
I Advise that You Like Me As Soon As Possible
I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible
I Agreed To Be A Hero, So Just Let Me Fight The Demon King!
I alone live it up
I alone live it up – HIATUS
I alone live up
I Always Been A Girl
I Always Get the Short End of the Stick
I am a Hero
I am a mob in Naruto!
I am Abyss
I am actually quite blessed.
I am an Eggplant [BL]
I Am an Evil Lord Yet, Why Are They Happy to Serve Under Me?
I Am An Imitator, Don't Show Me Your Skills
I Am An Immortal Vampire. And This Time I Will Be Happy (+18)
I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women
I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women – The inferior most superior.
I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women.
I am an inferior being with the skill to seduce women. (Re-written.)
I am Apocalypse
I Am Both NPC And Player In Another World
I Am Cinderella
I Am God!
I am HomoncuLucas
I am invincible, so what?
I am Jason
I Am Just A Mob Protagonist
I am knight (temp)
I am Marvel
I am not a daughter of the vampire queen!
I Am Not A Regressor!
I am not Normal, and there's no way you can make me be that way.
I am not the Hero
I am not the Heroine
I Am Not The Protagonist!!
I Am Npc69
I Am Powerless
I Am Really the Strongest King
I am Sirzechs Lucifer
I am Stellar
I am Succubus!
I Am Superior
I am Surrounded by Villainess in an Otome Game
I am the beginning and the end
I am the Doomsday Weapon
I Am the God of Games
I Am the Greatest
I am the Hero and I am the villain
I Am The Joker
I Am The King Of Beasts
I am the King of the Undead
I Am The Last God
I Am The Lord-Mayor
I am the Main Character
I Am the Mother of Wolves
I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty
I Am The Only Esper So I created An Evil Organization
I am the only human
I Am The Only Human In Another World
I Am The S-Rank Adventurer Crimson Bunny
I am the Sacred Forest
I am the Second Male Lead's Father
I am the Sole Survivor of a Fallen Empire
I am the Villain
I am Urist
I am Villain…cultivator?
I am.
I ask God to give me the 7 Age of Gods magic from the story "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" and I created Artifacts to my own convenience.
I Awoke Today A Demon
I Becama A Quack So What?!
I Became A Capture Target In A Otome Game.
I became a dungeon core, so I decided to take over the world – The World-ruling Dungeon
I Became A Faceless Expert
I became a Fantasy World's Superhero
I became a futanari in a game world
I Became A Judge Of The Martial Palace
I became a Katana and a Monster
I became a lion (A conquerer's story)
I Became a Lion in a Fantasy world
I became a magical girl villain!?
I Became A Mechanic
I Became A Mechanic[메카닉이 되었다]
I Became A Quack So What?!
I Became a Raft!
I became a servant of the dungeon master but she's an idiot.
I Became a Superhero in Another World
I Became a Tax Collector in a Novel
I Became a Tax Collector in a Romance Novel
I Became a Tree Spirit In Another World!
I Became a Villain in Another World!?!
I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World (BL)
I became a weapon but i don't want to be used as a tool
I became King: The Strongest Man on Earth
I became my degenerate Arch angel character
I became the first demon Lord in another world with my skill
I Became the Hero's Bride to Save the Otherworld.
I Became the Manager of the First Galactical Idols
I became the mother of the main character and my end is tragic
I Became the Overpowered Martial Spirit of a Manhua Protagonist After Creating a Video Game Character
I became the princess of the succubus country.
I became the second male leads brother in a yandere game?!
I became the second male leads brother?!
I became the Vicious Step-Sister of Cinderella
I Became Villain in Action Romance novel
I become Systems Admin
I Become The Wife of The Male Lead
I Beg You O Random Box!
I Being Given a Chance to Live Again
I Belong in the Trash
I Bought a Young Slave
I Brought My H-Mods To The Real World
I Built A Nation On An Island With A Bunch Of Freaks
I built the longevity club
I Came From The Mortal World
I Can Control the emotion
I Can Create Illusions
I Can Create World
I CAN Give and Control the Systems
I Can Manipulate My Status Effects
I Can Only Level Up My Swords
I Can Summon Golems
I Can Turn Anything Into A Bomb
I Can Turn into a Fish
I can Unvirgin your Olive Oil
I Can't Handle My Little Sister
I Cultivate For Revenge!
I Cultivate With Science
I Decided my Friend was Too Lonely, so I Decided to Become His Girlfriend
I Decided To Become A Wandering God; A Record of Adventerous Newly Minted God
I Decided To Become A Wandering God; A Record of Adventurous Newly Minted God
I decided to summon an army of waifus to save the universe.
I didn't ask to be the Demon Queen
I Didn't Ask To Be The Demon Queen!
i Didn't Choose Summon Life, Summon Life Kidnapped Me
I Didn't Even Want to Live, but God Forced me to Reincarnate
I didn't think my hobbies for Role Playing will become a skill
I died and became a Dragon Goddess
I Died and Got Reincarnated Into The World of My Favorite Simulator Game!?
I died and was reborn as a wolf!(BL)
I Died And Was Reincarnated As The Demon King's Daughter?!?!
I died and was reincarnated as Warship in a fantasy world
I died and was reincarnated as Warship in a fantasy world, Volume 1 Rewrite, and Volume 4
I Died But I'm Alive So Everything Else Died
I died reincarnated and died again
I died, so I wished to reincarnate with that girl that writes better than me
I Dominated The Multiverse With My Loot Crate System~!
I don't hate girls but in this world they are weird
I Don't Know but it Seems Like I'm a Deer!
I Don't Know If I'm Unlucky Or Lucky At This Point
I Don't Mind Taking up My Villainess Role
I Don't Need Your Gratitude!!
I Don't Wanna Live My Second Life
I Don't Want To Accept Their Confession But It Seems They Keep Doing It Anyway!
I don't want to be famous
I don't want to be Famous!
I Don't Want To Be Lonely Anymore
I don't want to be the Female Lead!
I don't want to be the Love Rival!
I Don't Want To Court Death!
I Dream of the Wonderland.
I dream too much
I Dumped the Hero
I eat all i want
I ended up in darkness after I was stabbed and escaped death(not really)
I ended up in the void, exploring another universe.
I Escaped the Royal Capital to Live a Slow Family Life With My Also Reincarnated Wife
I escaped to another world to run away from my fiancé, please send help
I fell in love with a Demon girl
I felt rain drops but it wasn't raining so I looked up and saw a girl crying. What do I do now?
I felt raindrops but it wasn't raining so I looked up and saw a girl crying. What do I do now?
I finally had the chance to reincarnate but I didnt expect this!
I Found Myself With a "Gundam Otaku System" Cheat in Another World
I Found Out Why They Haven't Legalized It
I Gained a Trans Following Doing Livestreams and I'm Starting to Feel Weird Things About Myself?
I got a Kitsune Caregiver, but…
I Got A Rock
I Got Isekai'd as a Lich into Skyrim!
I got isekai'd into a new world to have fun but now have to save it?!
I got Isekaied by my sister and become an Incubus
I got Isekaied by my sister and become an Incumbus
I got Reincarnated and my System is kind of a jerk
I got reincarnated as a nobody
I got reincarnated as a prince of a powerful country
I Got Reincarnated as a Side Character?!
I got reincarnated as a Zerg
I Got Reincarnated As My Own Long Lost Sister But I'm Actually Ok With This?
I got Reincarnated As My Vampire Goddess
I got Reincarnated As My Vampire Goddess (On Hold, Probably for Forever)
I got reincarnated as my Vtuber persona?!
I got reincarnated but as an AI
I Got Reincarnated Into a Korean Novel
I got reincarnated into an Eroge
I got Reincarnated into an RPG I made?
I got reincarnated into another world, but I didn't even reincarnate properly?!
I got reincarnated into another world, however I didn't even reincarnate properly?!
I Got Reincarnated Into My Favorite Visual Novel. But I Was A Mob?!
I Got Reincarnated Into SAO
I got reincarnated… but.. I'm a female… celestial… vampire?!?
I got Summoned as a Saint with My Own Cheat System.
I Got To Choose The Settings For My Reincarnation So I Decided To Become A Cute Catgirl
I Got To Choose The Settings For My Reincarnation So I Decided To Become A Cute Catgirl In A Fantasy World
I got trapped in a dungeon brick
I Got Turned Into A Demon-Girl And I Am *Totally* Ok With This!
I Guess Lizards Will Do
I Had A Normal Life, Why Are People Suddenly Treating Me Like A Girl?
I Hate Ji Xiuran!!!
I Hate RPGs, So I Guess I'll Become The Queen Of Demons
I hated the novel story I fell into… So. I decided to destroy it from the very beginning, but what the heck did I get myself into?
I Have A Dungeon Just For Me
I Have a Harem of Bunny Girls in Another World but Every Day is Exhausting for Me Because I'm Not a Lesbian
I Have Dreams About Yanderes
I Have Infinite Skill Points in the Apocalypse
I have new mission every day
I have no system
I Have Rules
I have sad life and about die and suddenly got reborn
I have Super Castle
I have Super Plane
I have Super System
I Have Ten Times The Attack Speed In Online Games
I have the Plot.
I Have The Source Code Of The Evil God (Lit-RPG)
I have to learn how to use a Yo-yo as a weapon in 72 hours and kill the President or else the entire Solar System will explode!!!
I heard you are an alien
I Indeed don't Know How to Cultivate
I Just Follow a Random Suspicious Person And Suddenly I Become A Mafia BOSS!!
I just want enjoy my youth!
I just want to be a normal protagonist!
I Just Want To Enjoy My Youth
I Just Want To Escape (Yandere)
I Just Want To Follow The Plot!
I Just Want to Grant My Wish!
I just want to restart my life, why did I got summoned?
I Just Wanted To Die But Instead I Became Immortal
I just wanted to reincarnate … But everything is so delicious!
I Just Wanted To Rest After A Long Adventure In Another World, However, My Wife Does Not Think So…
I just wanted to take a break, so why the script changed?!
I Just Write's Short Story Collection
I Keep Dying In This Fantasy World But My New BFF is a Necromancer So It's Fine I Guess
I Killed Myself but Woke Up in Another World
I killed the academy player
I Killed the Demon Lord and Returned Home, But My Harem Followed Me?
I Kissed My Little Sister, So Now I Have To Take Responsibility, Right?
I know it all….
I know that I am a OP Hero, but I want to live a slow-life
I Learned Every Status Move In The Game And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
I Left the World as Villager A, but Suddenly Became a Mecha Pilot.
I Level Up To Fight The Gods
I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much
I like to clean, but instead of a Maid I became a infamous Daredevil
I like to clean, but instead of a Maid I became an infamous Daredevil
I live 730 days a year
I Live by my Philosophy
I Lived as a Growing Great Sage with my Fairy Harem in the New World
I lived so long in seclusion that everybody forgot about me
I Look like a girl, buts it's OK because because im wearing heavy armor!
I Love Destroying World Plots
I Love Destroying Worlds' Plot
I love you, Your Highness! [我爱你,殿下!]
I Loved You
I Lowered My IQ For You
I Made One Mistake! Now I Have To Become the Demon Lord in Another World, But I'm Just a Frail Vampire Girl?!
I maxed out my Stats, so why am I still a loser?
I may be here with 10,000 other people from earth, but why am I the only one of my class?
I May Misunderstand The Term 'Hero'
I Nearly Died and My Tongue Was Swapped With A Demon King's
I need a Hero
I never asked for this life
I never wanted to be a superhuman
I Only Wish I Had a Cliché Adventure
I Opened Up A Therapy Clinic In A Cultivation World
I Own a Brothel in Another World
I pretended to be the hero's NPC
I Promise You [我答应你] (A short story)
I Punched a Thesaurus, am I the Synopsis's type now?
I Raised Three Main Leads!
I Ran Away To Live A Better Life!
I Realized I Am Powerful After 50 Years Of Seclusion
I Really Can't Afford to Raise These Transmigrated Sons
I really wasn't going for a harem, I swear!
I Reap what I sow, but I'm a God
I recarnaited into a Spring Phoenix
I Refuse To be A Character In A Novel
I Refuse To Be A Helpless Damsel
I Refuse to Be a Hero
I refuse to be a random encounter!
I Refuse To Die Without a Husband [BL]
I Refuse To Do Anything But Cook!
I Refuse to Marry a Girl! [BL]
I Refuse to Marry the Female Lead [BL]
I Reincaranted as a Tentacle Monster
I reincarnated and became totally overpowered
I reincarnated and was the strongest
I Reincarnated as a Busty Elf Girl, Now I'm Made a Toy by Futanari Dark Elves
I Reincarnated as a Dragon, and I Decided to Destroy Anything I Wanted to Destroy
I Reincarnated as a Girl and I Rely Too Much to my Older Brother
I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!
I Reincarnated as a minor villain in an Anime
I Reincarnated As A System?!
I Reincarnated as a Tentacle Monster
I Reincarnated as a villain in a Gal Game.
I Reincarnated as A Villainess… Right?
I reincarnated as a virus
I Reincarnated as an Android
I Reincarnated as an Apostle of the Goddess
I Reincarnated as an Elf in a Broken World.
I reincarnated as an Immortal Caterpillar?
I reincarnated as an insignificant side character from a Dark BL Novel
I reincarnated as an insignificant Side Character of a Dark BL Novel
I Reincarnated as the Queen of the Criminal Underworld, Protecting my Daughter Princess
I Reincarnated As The Universe
I reincarnated as the wife of the Tyrant emperor
I Reincarnated As the Wrong Character in my Novel and Accidentally Gave Him the Second Chance!
I Reincarnated In Another World With 3 Wishes From Goddess
I Reincarnated In The World Of Doulou Dalu
I Reincarnated Into a Different World, Let's Make the Most of it!
I reincarnated into another world with the Absolute Country System
I Reincarnated into High School DXD as a Random Guy
I reincarnated with maxed out stats
I Returned, Then I Got Summoned To Another World With The Ability 'Card Master'.
I Rose Suddenly in The Alternate World By Overwhelming Gacha With Luck!
I saved a s*x slave and she will be my new friend.
I Saved Worlds By Being… Nice?
I see Kai
I See You In My Destiny
I Serve The Lord Of Misfortune
I Shall Become A Kind King Even If Im A Monster
I Shall Build an Army
I Shall Cuck Everyone
I shall show you who is alpha and then you shall be our prey!
I shall take over the world
I Should be a be a Successful Merchant but Why Did It Became Like This!?
I Should be a Successful Merchant but Why Did It Became Like This!?
I Should Have Done This Sooner
I Shouldn't Have Opened That Door
I Smell a Rat
I Split in a Different World
I Stalked A Psychopath
I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge
I Stole My Sister
I Stole the Female Protaganist's First Love
I Strongly Refuse You!
I Summon Ballistics
I Summon Ballistics!
I Surrounded by Villainess in an Otome Game
I Survived and Came Back to Apocalyptic Earth
I the 56th demon lord swan shall conquer the world for bird kind!
I think I might love you
I thought I reincarnated into ' Porn-manhwa ' but it's COTE
I thought I was an ordinary teenage girl until I met that person
I thought they were a pet!
I Took In Two Children
I transmigated into a succubus
I Transmigrated And Now I'm A Degenerate In A Fantasy Novel!
I Transmigrated And Now I'm Fish-Bait!
I transmigrated as a Villain in a Galge
I transmigrated as the Novel's Mob
I Transmigrated into a side character, so I might as well steal all the heroines
I Transmigrated into my Little Sister's Cultivation Novel.
I Transmigrated To My Desired World
I transmigrated to the body of an insignificant character from a Dark BL novel!
I Transmigrated with My Nano Combat Suit
I transmuted into a succubus
I Travel To Multiple Worlds To Seek Redemption
I Tried Becoming a Cupid, But Why do the Girls I Find Always End Up As Yanderes?!
I Tried to Become a Cupid, But Why do the Girls I Find Always End Up As Yanderes?!
I Upgraded The Status Function!?
I Volunteered
I volunteered to enter an anime simulation!!
I wake up in another world as a demon loli?
I Wanna Be an Adventurer: A Yandere/Harem FFXIV Story
I wanna be the Hero, but I'm the villain
I Wanna Go Back Home Right Now!
I wanna Hide
I Want Peace Not War! Why Can't They understand?
I want to Ascending with you [System]
I want to play the game normal but it seems fate didn't want to
I want to play the game normally
I wanted to become a sexy girl, but reincarnated as a Pokémon!?!
I Wanted to Play a Strategy Game, But I Became King Instead!
I Was a God Until I Got Summoned
I was a Sword when I Reincarnated!
I was Accidentally Killed by God So I being Reincarnated to Another World
I Was Accidentally Summoned by Five Beefy Men – Send Help
I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune
I was bored so I made a Secret Organization
I was born the Unloved Twin
I Was Called A Demon
I Was Defeated by the Demon Lord and Woke up in Another World
I Was Forcefully Hired to be Reincarnated in Other Worlds
I was given an Immortal Skill when the world ended
I was given Another Chance, and now I can Level UP
I Was Invited Into An Essence Shop And Became A Super Being!
I was just a rat living in the demon lord's basement
I was kicked out of the party because "I can't keep up with you", and also was kicked out of the world saying "There is a world that needs you".
I Was Never Alone
I Was Never Here
I was reborn as a demon lord in another world but my morals contradict my title
I Was Reborn As A Dragon King But With A Trashy System
I was reborn as a horned rabbit.
I was reborn as a pig, and therefore I would like to live freely
I was Reborn in Naruto as a Cheat
I was recruited into Taskforce 141
I was Reincarnated as a GIRL and received a list of Tasks… WTF?
I was reincarnated as a Goblin by a Goddess with a terrible personality
I was reincarnated as a Goblin by Goddess with a terrible personality
I was reincarnated as a God
I was reincarnated as a monster flower
I was reincarnated as a system…but wait, I'm not the MC?!
I was reincarnated as an SCP
I was reincarnated as an SCP.
I Was Reincarnated as The Queen of Vampires?!
I Was Reincarnated As The Strongest Demon Lord
I was reincarnated in another world to protect what I was unable to do as a brother.
I Was Sent to Another World to Protect an Unfriendly Princess
I Was Stupid and Hit Someone With My Truck. Now, I Have To Prove That He Was Reincarnated In Another World
I Was Suddenly Presented With A Marriage Proposal With A Cute Foreign Girl, Which I Accepted Just To Get Away From My Demonic Parents
I was summon by a Demon Lord
I was summoned by a super villainess to another universe
I Was Summoned By Mistake
I was summoned by mistake.
I was Summoned to Another World to SAVE it But I Spend all of my Time Making Friends Instead
I was summoned to another world with someone who is the same as me except is the opposite gender.
I Was Summoned To Have Tea With The Demon Lord
I Was Summoned To Have Tea With The Demon Lord, But Now That I'm Stuck In This Other World, I Guess I'll Defeat Him
I Was Turned Into a Catgirl and Became the Protector of the Kingdom
I wasn't rewarded in my previous life, but I got the ability to be rewarded for my efforts.
I Watch As The Sun Goes Down
I went through the Pin Wheel of Reincarnation.
I Went To Hell And All I Got Is The Devil's Stupid Job
I Will Become a God
I will become a good person
I will become a swordmaster
I Will Become An Emperor With Phoenix Powers
I will die before the game's story start
I Will Do My Best To Become An Idol In Another World!
I will get a harem!
I Will Live My Life As A Slime With A Dark Elf Body As A Base!
I Will Make You Mine!
I Will Marry The Villain!
I will never die alone.
I will not be eaten
I Will Protect My Ranch Till My Death
I Will Protect the Final Boss!
I will protect you I promise
I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess
I will save you in this 5th Life
I Will Slay Everything
I Will Treat My Love Right In the Next Life
I will try my best to remain a mob character
I Wish I Was Pretty
I woke up a Chimera
I woke up as a cute dragon?!
I Woke Up As A Lamia
I woke up as a mob from a harem anime one day. I was always jealous of the main character, so I decided to steal his harem
I woke up as a Mob in a High School Setting with a Harem Protagonist
I woke up craving blood
I Woke up in a Dating Simulator and I'm the Villian
I Woke up in My Novel I created
I Woke up One Day as a God
I won't destroy the world!
I won't let the lust system win
I Won't Lose To Tentacles! (She loses to tentacles in chapter three)
I Won't Use the Bathroom Without My Best Friend Next to Me
I Would be Your Legs
I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please
I'd Rather Be the Villainess
I'll Be Your Eyes
I'll Become Stronger, My Duke
I'll Become the Best Protagonist
I'll Become the Male Lead's Closest Ally! [BL Novel]
I'll become you're Knight
I'll become your Knight
I'll Carry You Home
I'll Kill the Whole World for Them
I'll Remember, Always
I'm a Bat?
I'm a Black Knight Serving an Arrogant Summoner
I'm a bottom adventurer, but I decided to look at magic extremely ~ Unmatched with [magic creation] and [item creation] that evolved from incompetent
I'm a Bugged Cheater
I'm a Butler, So What?
I'm a Dictator Innocencia Multiverse
I'm A Dog, So Quench Your Horniness!
I'm a Doll
I'm a girl, but I like another girl?!
I'm a Goddess, So What?
I'm a healer, but my OP buffs will kick your ass!
I'm a Mermaid, Not a Merman
I'm A Monster, A Harpy
I'm a part time God!
I'm a S-Rank Barbarian and a Darn Good Cook!
I'm a Stone!? Why!?
I'm a Vampire
I'm a Woman in Love with the Villainess??
I'm Almost the Choosen One
I'm ALSO a Dungeon Core
I'm Always Talking to Myself
I'm an Alien Queen? Fine, I'll go bother some humans!
I'm an extra, okay? Please just buy something then forget about me.
I'm an Idiot in Another World
I'm An Uncouth Lady, But I Helped The Villainous Young Lord But He Ended Up Liking Me
I'm Back In The Other World
I'm Bored So I Went To My World To Have Some Fun
I'm Gay for You [BL]
I'm Gonna Be Fine
I'm Happy For Your Suffering
I'm Immortal (My Immortal/Invisible Dragon-inspired Xianxia)
I'm Immortal (My Immortal/Invisible Dragon-style Xianxia)
I'm in a Creative mode
I'm in a Monster Girl World (MGW)
I'm in a spaceship in a dying universe.
I'm In Charge of SCP
I'm in Hollywood
I'm In Love with The Unkillable Revenant.
I'm in Minecraft, apparently
I'm in the world of One Piece
I'm Invincible
I'm Just A Fake Immortal!
I'm Just A Mob, So Why Are The Hero And Villain Acting Like This?!
I'm Just an Ordinary Mage, Not a Villainess.
I'm Just the Guard!
I'm Lost Yet I Have A Crafting System
I'm My Dark Elf Character
I'm My Dark Elf Character (Dropped)
I'm My Dark Elf Character (Rewrite)
I'M Not A Hero Anymore, I Did Something Inconceivable. I Fell In Love With A Villainess And I'Ll Do Anything To Make Her Mine.
I'm not a magical girl
I'm not a vampire, I swear!
I'm not an extra, I'm not even drawn!
I'm Not An Otaku, But Am I Lucky That My Neighbor Is A Virtual Idol?
I'm Not Like Those Other Jade-Like Beauties
I'm Not Trying to be the Next Demon King
I'm on a spaceship in a dying universe.
I'm Overpowered but I'll Let the Hero Do His Thing While I Save the Last Boss
I'm Probably The Main Character Right???
I'M Really A Noble
I'm reincarnated as a cursed werewolf!
I'm Reluctantly Dating the Shared Lover of my Entire Classroom.
I'm Scattering IQ to the Protagonist
I'm Sharing My Body With A Demoness But I'm Actually Ok With This?
I'm sorry I'm gay
I'm Still Human
I'm Stuck in an Infinite Escape Room
I'm the Demon Lord in an MMO?
I'm the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers
I'm the Demonic Cat
I'm the Evil God's Pawn
I'm the Final Boss
I'm The Goddess of Doctors, So Why Are All Of My Patients Idiots?!
I'm The Hero Who Saved The World But For Some Reason There's No Women Who Romantically Interested In Me
I'm The Hero's Little sister, So What?
I'm the Kyuubi('s Sister)!
I'm The Lowly Villain In The Game
I'm the Male Lead
I'm The Only One Who Can Level Up
I'm the Prince in this Otome Game I Isekai'd in and my Childhood Friend from Earth is the Villainess
I'm The Princess of The Ice Queen?
I'm The Protagonist Now
I'm The Protagonist!
I'm Tired of Being too Over-Powerful! So, I Will Try to Live a Carefree Life Instead
I'm tired of shitty isekai novels, so I'm going to kill myself
I'm Twins
I'm weird (dog tf)
I'm Your Huckleberry! A Redneck Isekai!
I'm… Riser Phenex!?
I've Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless
I've Become a Snow Girl
I've Been Pregnant For Ten Years Without Giving Birth
I've Been Reincarnated as a Bunny Girl?!
I've been reincarnated in another world to protect what I couldn't do as a brother
I've been transported to a game, now what?
I've Got My Eyes On You
I've Reincarnated As A Dragon With A System
I've Reincarnated In The Anime World By A Demon Goddess
I've reincarnated into my favorite otome game, but I'm only a Mob?
I've turned into a Fox girl?
I, a Schizoid, and my story
I, as my video game character in our world.
I, Death, will save this world
I, Devil (a love story)
I, the demon lord decided to marry the hero to win
I, who identified as an Attack Helicopter as a joke, reincarnated as one.
I- The Goddess became the Hero's Pet Companion
I.D. Tech
Iadral Online: The Final Frontier
Iam so overpowered that nobody in another world stand a chance against me
Ibehru and Donkey
Icarus Rising: A Lotus Blooms in the Forbidden Palace
Ice Hearts
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 1
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 1 [Completed]
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 2
Ice reaper
Ice Sword and Blue Fire 冰剑蓝火
Iceflame //
Icomo Odyssey
ID – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy
Ideal Human to National High School
Ideascape: An Adventure LitRPG
Identity Theft
Idiot And The Guidance System
Idiot, I Love You
Idiots in Love
Idk, ill choose one later
Idle Game of Chaos
Idol Club Manager
Idol Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Reincarnated as an Idol
Iefolme (If You Ever Forget That You Love Me)
If Destiny Fails
If Fate Wont Hold Us Back
If I can't be a hero, I will become the demon king
If I Can't Have a Girlfriend, No One Can
If I Fall
If I Fell in Love with the Villainess
If I knew it would be like this…
If I was in Maze Runner
If I was in MHA/BNHA
If I'm King he is God
If There is Love
If you desire peace, prepare for war
If you desire peace, prepare for war – Si vis pacem para bellum
If You Ever Forget That You Love Me
If You Ever Forget That You Love Me [Bl]
If You Say East, Then I'll Go West
If you wish for peace, prepare for war
Illegal Alien in a MMO World
Illegible (Anthology)
Illimitable Fantasy Works
Illumination – A Naruto Fantasy
Illyxa: The Inferno
Im A OP Reincarnator So what
Im the Goddess Of Corrupted Magic?
Immense Space
Immortal Adventure
Immortal Asura
Immortal Barbarian
Immortal Bloodshed
Immortal child
Immortal Chronicles: Apostle of Life
Immortal Conqueror
Immortal Cube
Immortal Cultivation
Immortal Cultivator System
Immortal demon Fox restarting his journey from Naruto
Immortal Dual Cultivator
Immortal Ki Technique
Immortal Killer
Immortal Mage Cyrus
Immortal Mortal
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Immortal queen
Immortal Romeo
Immortal Sword Master
Immortal Witch
Immortal's Screenplay
Immortality is a Scam! The Second Coming of Jess.
Immortals Harems
Immunoglobin: Exsanguinate Book 2
Imperium City Orders
IMPLANT (A marvel Fanfic)
Impossible Mode
Impossible to log out from Galaxy
Impostors Among Us
Impulsive Procreation
In a gilded cage
In A Harem
In a Name
In a World Full Of Entities
In a World Full Of Entities (Volume 1)
In A Wuxia World
In Another Life
In another word with Madara's powers
In Another World
In another world as a homunculus.
In Another World As A Villain
In another world as my waifu #1: Brave New World and the Fallen Prince(ss)
In Another World With 100 Waifus:
In Another World With a God
In Another World with a Help of System Give by a God
In Another World With a Perverted System
In Another World with a Smartphone (Translation)
In Another World with My Luck Stat Set To Zero!
In another world with my Precognition skill!
In Another World With My Stupid Friends
In another world with the "smartphone" skill
In Another World with the God of Death
In another world with True Administrator power
In Another World with Youtubers
In Another World, Not Much Different just Way More Crazier
In Cultivation World with Level System
In Danmachi with Materia
In DC with a System
In DC with a System II
In death, I live
In Douluo Dalu with the Naruto System
In Dying Starlight
In Harry Potter with OTS System
In Hentai world with system
In love with a friend
In MHA as Mahito
In Murim With Deriving System
In my defense, I did not choose reincarnation.
In Naruto with the power of One Piece.
In Naruto World
In Naruto: The Gamer Ninja – Daichi Hekima
In One Piece with Ancestral Spider System
In One Piece World
In plain sight
In Pursuit Of
In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbands
In search of magic
In Search Of The Sanctuary
In Sync
In that day when the world cried
In the Age of Chaos
In The Body Of A Loser
In the bubble of Lisa
In the Claws of Rage
In the Cold Rain
In the Darkness (GHAPAR)
In the Dwelling of a Witch
In the Elven World
In the FIrelight
In the House of a Witch
In the light of the stars
In the MInd of an NPC
In the name of blood
In The Name Of Hope: To Become A God
In the One Piece World
In the Reverse World, I'm Being Pursued by an S-rank Female Adventurer
In the Shadow of Heaven
In the Shadow of the Hollowed Titan
In the shadows
In The Shadows | Ongoing
In the world of 1:99 of male to female ratio, i started being a male idol. I want to make girls happy in chastity reversal world
In This Life I Will be Happy
In this life, I will live peacefully
In Transit
In-A Magical And Futuristic World As A Hideous Ultimate Life Form
In-game Item Storekeeper
Incest Complex
Incest Curse
Incest Is Wincest
Incompatible: Birth of a Spellbinder
Incredible Bastards
Incremental Recursion
Incubus Awakening
Incubus Demonio
Incubus Demonio (Rewrite In Process)
Incubus Demonio: All Paths to Temptation
Index Casualty
Index Casualty (BL)
Indulgence [Entertainment]
Industry Tycoon Of The Magic Empire
Inexorable Chaos
Infamous: Drakyn
Infected Romance
Infection: Last Light
Infernal Academia
Infinite Christmas!
Infinite clone emperor
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society (ICDS) — The Tamer
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society (ICDS): The Tamer
Infinite Evolution
Infinite Frontier
Infinite Ladder
Infinite Ladder – 666/7
Infinite Ladder – War of Gods
Infinite Ladder: Marvel (Multiverse Story)
Infinite Levels
Infinite limit
Infinite Love Travel: Second Princess turning into a Hybrid Bot
Infinite Possibility
Infinite Scholar
Infinite Skies
Infinite Wallet
Infinity and Magic
Infinity Of Dreams
Infinity – Revival From Death
Infinity-Rebirth from Death LITRPG
Infinity-Revival From Death LITRPG
Infrastructure Guide
Inherent Skill of Corruption
Inherited Memories of a Con-Artist
Inhumane Desire
Inn of Knowledge
Inner Nature
Innocence: Exiled Prince
Innocent Desire [BL]
Innocent Desires[BXB]
Innocent Devil's Harem
Insane Descension
INSANE: Humans and Demons
Insatiable Futanari Shopkeeper
Inside a novel as the Hero's useless brother
Inspector Chaos & Sergeant Order
Inspector Spacetime and the Zenith Experiment
Instant Practice
Instead Of Aiming To Be A Devilish Man It Is Better To Be A King
Instincts [MDZS]
Instruments of Fate
Inter – Loper + Alter – Gene
Interactive Life
Interactive Princess' Caretaker
Interactive Short TG Fiction
Interdimensional Resource Collector in a Fantasy World: (A LitRPG)
Interdimensional tuition fees
Intergalactic Outlaws! The Odd Two
Intergalatic Adventures of Hexa
Interstellar Assassin
Interstellar man in the apocalypse
Intertwine [New Version]
Into the Beast World
Into the Breach
Into the Demon Apocalypse: Hell on Earth
Into the Dreams
Into the Fire
Into the Hollow Woods
Into the Magic World
Into the Night
Into the Portal: The Expedition in Centauri Planet
Into the Spire
Into The Wasteland
Into the World of Medicine
Intra Si Audes
Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
Invading Worlds System
Invading Your World
Invasion of the Overlord
Inverse Identity
Inverseion, the Calamity of Earth
Inversion, The Apocalyptic Universe
Inversion, the Calamity.
Inverted (Isekai)
Inverted: A Dark Isekai Fantasy
Inverted: A Dark Isekai Fantasy Novel
Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator
Invincible Godmother
Invincible Leveling King (summoner159)
Invincible Me
Involuntary Sisters' Weekend
Io's Story: MHA Season 4
Ira's Faithful
Iris and Me
IRL Gacha
Iron Blood
Iron Gunpowder and the Witch
Iron Powder and the Witch
Irregular – The S
Irregular's Rebellion.
Irregulars in Tales of Demon and Gods
Irregulars in Tales of Demons and Gods
Is "Never Late, Never Away" NovelCat's most popular novel?
Is He A Hero? 「Yup」
Is Insanity Contagious? Online
Is it incest if you thought that your big sister is cute?
Is It Okay to Dive in DanMachi
Is it possible to have an ideal school life?
Is It Too Late To Move My Lair?
Is It Worth It? (Bl)
Is it Wrong that I Woke Up in Another World as the Main Character?
Is it Wrong that I Woke Up in Danmachi as the Main Character?
Is It Wrong To Love Your Teacher
Is This Enough For A Title?
Is this the Famous Reincarnation!?
Iseakied Into A World Where I'm God
Isekai #2309523, Variant 2: Op Undying Skill
Isekai 101 : Her Daily Life in Another World
Isekai but stilled copied story
Isekai Competition
Isekai Competition: Dark Feather
Isekai Competition: White Feather
Isekai Driver Girl
Isekai Dungeoncrawl – Am Ende mit meinem Latein
Isekai exorcist
Isekai Gauntlet (MW Spinoff)
Isekai Harem of Smut and Magic
Isekai Hero in MHA
Isekai Inc.
Isekai Incorporated
Isekai Is Trash And So Is This Story
Isekai Kuzu Monogatari (Isekai is Trash and So is This Story)
Isekai Life
Isekai Magus (A LITRPG Light Novel)
Isekai Mercenary… To Dark Lord…
Isekai Office
Isekai Office (and Dominita's journey)
Isekai Office – Remastered
Isekai Office – Remastered!
Isekai Protagonists
Isekai reincarnation of the black hair wolf girl in a apocalyptic fantasy? world
Isekai Reincarnation: Supernatural World
Isekai Sekai
Isekai Shop Online
Isekai Speedrun
Isekai Starship in a D&amp;D fantasy world
Isekai Stopgap Solution
Isekai tales: The fantastic return of an ant
Isekai Teacher
Isekai Toaster – Toasting Bread in Another World
Isekai Virus Man
Isekai wa Overpowered
Isekai Warfighter
Isekai – How I Became a Foxgirl
Isekai! It's A Hard Life.
Isekai'd as a Level 999 God King but my Fate was changed to a Shadow Girl???
Isekai'd as a Vampire
Isekai'd Because of A Failed Promise
Isekai'd Because of A Failed Promise (Abandoned but will return eventually)
Isekai'd into a world I don't know!!!
Isekai'd into another world to be a Demon Lord
Isekai'D Shoggoth
Isekai'd slave
Isekai'd to a Futuristic Utopia, But I Wanted to be a Villain!
Isekai/Online V 2.0: Expedition to the Lost Temple of $NULL_POINTER_ERROR
Isekai/Online V 2.0: Out-Of-Bounds Interactions
Isekai/Online V. 1.0: On The Shores Of Awakening
Isekai/Online V. 1.0: Reborn On The Shores Of Awakening
Isekai/Online Volume 2.0: Expedition to the Lost Temple of $NULL_POINTER_ERROR
Isekai: A Tale of The Ordinary
Isekaied Player 1
Isekaied with two swords
Ishtar's smile
Ishtir – The Damned Town
Islamic Kingdom of Indonesia
Isles of the Feathered Serpent
Isolated Together
Isolation Eden
Isykei, or Did You Really Think There Wasn't A Catch?
It All Comes Back
It Begins And Ends With Us [BL]
It Begins And Ends With Us[BL]
It doesn't matter if I am a extra!
It doesn't matter if you reincarnate in another world … I'm not the protagonist!!!!!
It Happened at Osier High
It is my turn
It Seems Like I Got Transmigrated Into An Eroge
It Seems Like I'm 'The God's Crusader'
It seems My Best friend's girlfriend have a crush on me
It Started with Slime
It Tio
It Turns Out My Mother Is An Ancient Goddess
It Was a Tuesday
It's a Wonderful Life
It's All a Facade
It's All Good
It's Better To Live As A Female Lead Than A Villainess
It's Hard Being A Background Character
It's Hard Trying to Survive in the World of an Otome Game
It's Just Another High School Story
It's Mooorbin Time
It's My Face
It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?
It's No Game
It's Not Easy Living As An Undead
It's Not Easy Making Money in the Apocalypse
It's Okay, I'll Take Care of You
It's the Apocalypse and Turns Out I'm A Vampire
It's the end of the world… Great !
It's Too Late Now For Love Comedy,Miss Detective
It's What's on the Inside that Counts up to 1000 Episodes (translation)
Italians from your Spanish
Itas Adventure
Item meiser and the creation story
Ivan-The Terrible
Ivo Kilev
Izgaea Tales
I´m the strongest Cheat Lord in the whole world!
I… I don't have a System! I WANT A SYSTEM!
J ≥ Juniper
J's Journal
Jaakuna the Super Agent
Jack all of trade On Another World
Jack and Jill Conquer the Shattered World
Jack In The Fox
Jack Mercury: Battle Academy
Jack of All
Jack of All Trades, Master of All
Jack the Ripper
Jackie The Reaper [A murder-hobo LitRPG]
Jade Beauty Problem
Jags Consortium
Jalan Suram : The 100 Fire Holders
January Light
Japan in Another World
Jaunt trough the Pokémon world
Jaylen Turner
JeJe's Bizarre (Mis)Adventures
Jingyi Bo is in Fates Parallel (An Irreverent Fanfiction)
Jiro and the Bathhouse of Desire
Jiro and the Bathhouse of Desire (Monster Girls)
Jiu Ji Evil Emperor
Joanna's Bizarre Adventure
Joanne's Bizare Adventure
Joanne's Bizarre Adventure
Jock de Nada (1st Draft)
Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World.
John's Bizarre Deaths
Johnny Smith's life with his Two Bisexual Girlfriends.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Black Lotus Act
Jojo: Kars' Revenge
Jordan Leoren – A Tale From The Wizarding World
Journal from Another World
Journal from Another World (Indefinite Hiatus)
Journal of a stormtrooper from star wars
Journal of the Glass Witch
Journal R
Journey Back to High Dawn
Journey Into The Abyss
Journey Is A Comfort Liaison
Journey of a Blacksmith
Journey of a Blacksmith MAGNUM
Journey of a Lifetime
Journey Of A Man : Mors Et Salutis
Journey of an Undying
Journey of the Unrivaled Mage
Journey of time book Ryuji
Journey of Worlds : Auto System
Journey On Pokemon Island
Journey Through Ausra
Journey Through Runeterra
Journey Through The Dark Land
Journey Through The Otherworld
Journey to Amoraketh
Journey to Become a Great Spirit
Journey to become a Sword Hero!
Journey to Legrandia
Journey to Steal the Harem
Journey to the Peak!
Journey To The Top
Journey To World Domination
Journey: Rayder White.
Judas: Prince of Avalon
Juego en línea definitivo.
Jumble Laifu
Jump Bunny and the Lost Pearls of Seagem City
Jun Wang Fancies Me
Jungle Law- survive or die
Jungle Test
Jurassic Rescue Book1(Novelette)
Jurassic Safari Book 2 (Novelette)
Jurors of Innocence
Just a Cannon Fodder
Just A Childhood Friend
Just A Cup Of Coffee
Just a Dream
Just a Dream ( First Draft)
Just a High Schooler Becoming the Strongest in Another World (I Lied)
Just a Human
Just a Lowly Monster
Just A Random Fantasy Story
Just A Reincarnation Story (NHS Edition)
Just A Reincarnation Story (Summoning Japan Edition)
Just a ridiculously powerful OP protagonist
Just A Side Character
Just a Side Character || Yandere Reverse Harem X Reader
Just a Spider Girl, Don't Mind Me
Just A Word | Bxb
Just Another Isekai
Just Another Isekai Story
Just another knight story
Just Another Magus
Just Another Reincarnation Story
Just Another Story After End
Just Because 167 Is Bored, Does Not Mean He Would Write A One-Shot Collection
Just Because Goblins are Level 1 Mobs, Doesn't Mean I Can't Explore the World!
Just Because I Have A Doting Father Doesn't Mean That I'm A Villainess
Just Between Us
Just Blame Me For Being Blind in the Beginning
Just get on with the internal affairs! -TS Demon Lord's Management of the Demon Army
Just Go
Just let me be a cannon fodder
Just Let Me Die
Just living
Just Two Bros Hanging Out In Another World (No BL)
Just Vanish and Die: Slime Fantasy
Just Your Stereotypical Isekai
Justice In Another World
Juvenile Medical God
Jötnar: Mother Of Monsters
K.O. Meister, Book 1
K1C: How To Relax In Another World
K2C: Acting Using My Past Life
K3C: Evolution
K4C: Choose Me
K70C: 1,365
K91C: How To Relax In Another World
K92C: Acting Using My Past Life
K93C: Evolution
K94C: Choose Me
Kaal Journey Villain to Demon God
Kaal journey Villain to demongod
Kaiba's Prostitute
Kaiju Evolution System
Kaiju Killer
Kaiju Reincarnation
Kaiju Time
Kaiser de Jinrui
Kako Second Journey
Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits
Kaleidoscope Book 1: Night has Fallen
Kaleidoscope Book 2: Moon Has Fallen
Kaleidoscope Book 3: Blood has Fallen
Kaleidoscope: A Journey in the Multiverse
Kamen Rider Ryuusei
Kamen Rider Seir
Kamen Rider Zecter
Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》
Kami-chan! The Hero Ran Away!
kami-sama gakuen@Armeria fan fic
KamiFan – Could it be? Kami-sama is my number one fan?
Kammi Kettu
Kan-Gar-Chu! (One Piece Fanfic)
Kaneko: The Golden Child
Kano's Necromantic Comedy
Kanojo no Jin
Kapal (A Fallout FanFiction)
Kapal [A Fallout FanFiction]
Karen the Fleabag B!tch
Karolie – Crimson Crimsons
Kat of Katana
Katana Fleet
Katsu Bites
Keep Breathing
Keep Fighting, Slothful Prince!
Keeper of Records
Keeper's World
Keeping Close
Keeping The Balance
Kei's Adventures In Multiverse: Saving Damsels in Distress While At It
Kelim and The Necromancer (Quaraun Vol. 2)
Key of Light
Key to the Elven language.
Key to the Void
Key to the Void: A self-made isekai
Keys of the Endpoint
Khali's Inferno
Khaos the Mask Maker: Completing Some Quests
Khaos the Mask Maker: Orc Raid
Kibo: The New Age of Cornith
Kibo: War for the Ancient Codex
Kicked-out Researcher is the strongest mage.
Kidnapped by my Stalker
Kidnapped to Another World
Kidnapping All Mankind
Kill or Die
Kill The Crown
Kill the King!!!
Killed by a Japanese girl who fell crotch first on my face
Killing [Gods] With My Sister
Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation
Killing God
Killing Gods
Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils
Killing The Heroes So I Can Have My Fun
Killing Tree
Killshot Apocalypse
Kimberly's Lewd Short Story Anthology
Kimberly's Lewd Short Story Anthology (Vol 1)
Kimberly's Lewd Short Story Anthology (Vol 2)
Kimberly's Short Story Anthology
Kimberly's Short Story Anthology (Vol 1)
Kimberly's Short Story Anthology (Vol 2)
Kimetsu no Yaiba: How can water be fire?
Kindoru Tugami Yūzā
King jack all of trade Online
King of Apocalypse
King of Beasts
King of Creep
King of Creeps
King of Darkness
King of dreams
King of Entertainment
King Of Monsters
King of Ruin
King of seduction
King of The Court
King of the new Age
King of the Steppe
King'S Crown
King's Valley
King: The Silver King's Echo
Kingdom & Harem
Kingdom and Harem
Kingdom Building 101
Kingdom Managing system
Kingdom of Bloody Tears
Kingdom of Karametra
Kingdom of Lust: Let the World Sink With Lust
Kingdom of New Beginnings
Kingdom Of Paradise
Kingdom of Sorrow: Revolution
Kingdom of Stars
Kings of the Midnight Congregation: 8 Kings Volume 1
Kings of the Midnight Congregation: 8 Kings Volume 2
Kings of the Midnight Congregation: The 8 Kings
Kingsman Return
Kinky Kuffs
Kinya And The Seven Seas
Kirby System
Kiri to Shinkirō | Mist and Mirage
Kismet's Tale
Kiss Me, Love Me, Bite Me
Kisses, Curses, and Love
Kissing 101
Kistune Tales from Another World
Kitsune Tale
Kitty Reincarnation
Klaxon Overdrive Supernova
Klue &amp; Berry
Kneel: A Guide to Demonic Ascension
Knight N Gale
Knight of Corruption
Knight of Corruption: The Seventh Swordsman
Knight Of Judgement
Knight's journey
Knight's Pledge
Knock me out with your LOVE [GL]
Knock the dead back down
Knowledge is Power
Kobold Wars
Kodomajo: I died a lonely death but was reincarnated in another world as a powerful witch who is a total glass cannon
Kodomajo: I died a lonely death but was reincarnated in another world as a powerful witch who is a total glass cannon (Beta)
Kodomajo: I died a lonely death but was reincarnated in another world as a powerful witch who is a total glass cannon,.
KOJI & THE IMMORTAL PHOENIX (The Bonder Legacy Book 2)
KOJI FIGHTS THE WORLD! (The Bonder Legacy Book One)
KOJI FIGHTS THE WORLD! (The Bonder Legacy Book One) (SAMPLE)
Komand'r On Deck
Kombu's World
Konoha's Light
Konoha's Yondaime
Konohagakure's Team 0
Konosuba- The Space Between Us
Korean Showbiz Web Novel Mob Character Template G Variation 7
Korra Viora
Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita
Kounji No B Movie (Creating a B Movie)
Kuishinbo Elf
Kumiai, Cookies &amp; "Genki" Club
Kuro no Maou
Kuromei Game
Kusanagi-San, The Chuuni Above All!
Kyle Protalsky. 3,000 years later.
Kyron Krystal
Kyuu michi (Unknown Class)
Kyuukyoku no Asashin
Kyū michi (Unknown Class)
L am the son of a primordial and the grandson of a dark lord
L.I.F.E = Death
La Princesse Oubliée
Lachryma: The Lord of The Unreachable Tower & The Child Walking The Bleak Path
Lady and Butler
Lady and her Butler
Lady Evelyn Can't Stop Interfering
Lady of The Dragon
Lady of the Underworld
Lady Red Snow
Lady Sunshine and the Drowning Games
Ladybird's Yanderes
Lament of a Noble Born
Lament of a Professor in a Generic Fantasy Novel
Lament of Goblin
Lament of the Slave
Lament's Requiem
Land of Erden
Land Of Sinners
Land of the Dead Sun
Land of the Exiled
Landasy Reality: Angel's Escape
Landasy Reality: Demon's Rebellion
Landship moving among the Isekai.
Landwelsh: Book One
Lantern's Bearer
Lanuleta University: A World of Magical Science and Strange Connections
Lara Kent: Girl of Steel
Lascivious saga
Lasers and Feelings fan fiction
Last Hope
Last Lycan
Last man on earth when there is no earth?
Last Man's Wish
Last One Alive
Last Ordeal
Last Sacrifice
Last Stand
Last Survivor – God of Fire
Last Vr Mmorpg
Last Wish
Latex Futa Nuns From Hell
Lavender Lullaby – A Ballad for My Wizard Prince
Lavender Rose
Lavertin Lane
Law Enforcement Agency For Another World
Lawless World
Lazy Conqueror
Lazy demon king
Lazy Dragon Queen: Gaming in an Illogical World
Lead Heart
Leaders 101
League of Champions
League of Legends: A new Kayn
League of Legends: My Journey in Runeterra!
Leah, Reincarnated As a Dungeon Core!
Leah: The Misadventures Of a Malfunctioning Dungeon Core
Leave Me Alone
Leaving Plum Blossom Mountain
Left to My Own Devices in a Drama World
Legacy (vrmmo game)
Legacy of a Hero
Legacy of Blood
Legacy of Light Extra Scenes
Legacy of the Fallen
Legacy of the Resourceful Hero
Legacy of the Sea
Legacy of Zellenaa Series 4: Of Darkness comes A Hero
Legend and Heroes
Legend of a Weak Demon
Legend Of Blood And Flame
Legend of Feng Yue
Legend of Harry Bazz
Legend of Hyunji
Legend of Keira
Legend of Legendary Summons
Legend of Legendary Summons!
Legend Of Osbourne
Legend of Sanctuary
Legend of the Arch Magus
Legend of the Creator
Legend of the Female Emperor
Legend of the God Killer
Legend of the Great Sage
Legend of The Guardian Soldier
Legend of the Gunslinger Mage
Legend of the Heavenly Beast Tamer
Legend of the Holy Mother
Legend of the innkeeper
Legend of the Necromancer: RPG
Legend of the Parasite King
Legend of the Reincarnated Sellsword
Legend of the Seven
Legend of the Sword Immortal
Legend of Yuhwa (Korean Web Novel)
Legendary Archers Series: Poisonous Arrow
Legendary Archers Series: Shattering Arrow
Legendary Archers Series: Shattering Arrow {Long Hiatus}
Legendary Cat-Kin
Legendary Crafting System
Legendary Crafting System {Long Hiatus}
Legendary Dish-Washer
Legendary King
Legendary Poise Fighter
Legends and Heroes
Legends of Matai: Yasmine O'Haire
Legends of Sol: The Journeys of a Warrior
Legends of Terrexia
Legends of the Wesh: Lochley
Legends Reborn Online
Leif ErIkson
Lemillion of The MCU
Lemon Soju Therapy
Lemongrass – A Cultivation Story
Lemongrass – The Chaotic Life of Meadow Song
Lesbian Dungeon Mistress
Lesbian Dungeon Mistress 18+
Let It Happen As It Happens
Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace
Let Me Just Be A Carefree Merchant!
Let Me Know If You Need Help
Let Me Make You a Star
Let Me Tell You a Story
Let Sleeping Gods Lie
Let the curtains rise
Let's do the dirty
Let's Escape!
Let's Imagine a Female Knight From Another World
Let's keep us a secret
Let's make the Strongest Lair!
Let's Play and Have Fun
Let's Play and Have Fun with Music
Let's work together!- To defeat a heroine
Let's write a Web Novel!
Lethal Claw
Lethal Combo
Lethal Combo (Illustrated Weapon-Based Adventure)
Lethal Combo (Illustrated Weapon-Based Martial Arts Adventure)
Lethal Impulse
Lets Explore and Enjoy
Letter From Oblivion
Letter of The Law
Letters from a Friend
Letters From a Tortured Soul
Letters from the Girl On the Island
Level 99 Looter
Level 99 Looter: Among The Ancients
Level system vs Cultivation methods
Level to Live
Level Up
Level Up Hero!
Level Up Just By Eating
Level Up!
Leveling System in the Mongol World
Leveling to create my own harem
Leveling up the World
Leveling Up With My Cultivation Technique
Leveling with the Gods
Lever Action
Lewd Cultivation System
Lewd Tentacle System at Battle Academy
LF Hapiness
Lgend of Space Mech Battle
Li Qiye in Marvel
Liam's Adventure in the Marvel World
Liars don't Escape
Liber Sum
Liberi Fatali
Librarian of doom
Library of Knowledge - A tale across worlds
Lich Diary
Lieforged Gale
Life After Death NEXT
Life After The End Of Times
Life and Time of Dungeoneers
Life and Times of Dungeoneers
Life as a demon patriarch
Life as a Game, Cool
Life As a Noble
Life as A Servant
Life as a Spirit in an Apocalypse
Life as a Tentacle Monster
Life as a traveller
Life as Spectator, a Secondary character
Life for a Teenage Futa
Life Hunter
Life in Anime World with System!
Life in another world (On hold)
Life in Avendell
Life In My Eyes
Life in Orcland
Life in the Apocalypse
Life in Vain: Jobless Reincarnation
Life is a Game
Life is a Game [BL]
Life Is a Long, Beautiful Summer Day
Life is meant to be a Mess.
Life Isn't So Simple Anymore.
Life of a Dominant F*tanari
Life of a Dominant Futanari
Life of a Summoned
Life of Debauchery with Harem of Goddesses
Life Of Fluff: You don't need those, right?
Life of Johnny Smith
Life of the Love Rival
Life Of The Vampire Girl
Life Of The Vampire Girl – [Stopped]
Life of Two
Life of you and your horde
Life of zumbie and his horde
Life Once Again
Life Restart
Life To Death
Life's Allegory
Life's Blood
Life's Quiet Countenance
Life, but not as we know it.
LifeCraft (The First Alchemist)
Lifeline System
LifeSharp: a Trio That Can't Touch
Light and Darkness of the Dragon Blades
Light Breaker
Light of Returning Darkness
Light of the Darkness
Light of the Shadow
Light of the Underworld
Light Seeker
Light through Darkness
Light Touches
Light Unto Another World
Light v. Darkness
Lightning Dragon God Douluo
Lightning Dragon Zeus Newgate – One Piece
Lightning Heroic
Lightning Inferno God
Lightning Strikes
Lights Out
Like a cloud.
Like a Flower
Like a Ray in My Night
Like a Ray in My Night [BL]
LIKE FATHER, not son
Like Rabbits
Lil'dude and the Goth girl Elf
Lilia's Shadow (The Wasteland Book 1)
Lilies and Dragons
Lilith's Descendant
Lilith, Shadow in the dark
Lilith: Origin of Succubi
Lilly the Witch and the Dark Coven
Lilly: Story of a Girl
Limit Breaker
Limited Options M15+ (One Shot)
Limited Options M15+ (SSSCIII)
Limited Sky
Limitless Dream
Limitless Sword God
limitless system: ascension of an almighty god (Rewrite coming)
Limitless: The Evergreen System
Line and The Automata
Lineage: Rise of an Empire
Linking Worlds
Linking Worlds: Collision
Lion x kitten
Lioness' heart
Liquor Loving Luciel
Lisa's Perverted Life
Listen, I'll be the villain
LitRPG GameLit: Age of the Behemoths
Little Big Snake
Little Comforts
Little Fox Soaring to Heaven
Little Goddess Doesn't Want a World
Little Monster in Hope City
Little Pioneer
Little Sunless World
Little Things
Little Witch Girl With The Dating Sim System
Liu Li Loves Jun
Lium & Kost ~ Family Affairs
Live and Hope
Live Aria
Live in a Changed World
Live Laugh Never Die
Live to Die
Live Without Me
Live: Create a Pokemon/Wizard on biological world
Livestream Hero
Living A Commoner's Life in Another World
Living a Long Life as a Legend
Living a Normal Life
Living a Normal Life as a Villainess
Living a Profoundly Unconcerned Life After Being Wronged!
Living Afterlife
Living As A Cannon Fodder- BL
Living As a Fujoshi
Living as an adventurer after being transmigrated, I will travel around the world
Living as Both Genders in the Future World
Living as I please, As a loli Demon King
Living as my Dragon Queen game character in another world
Living in Another World with a System
Living in cultivation novel with op system
Living in my own novel !
Living in the fantasy world that I created!
Living in the Future ABO
Living in Two Worlds
Living My Life As A Peak Existence
Living safe and happy in strange world
Living Selfishly While Working Towards A Peaceful Life
Living Spark Cultivation
Living Sword
Living the Great Sage Life with my Fairies and Lovers in a New World
Living this Second life like I wanted to live the First.
Living Vibranium in MHA/BNHA
Living with a spoiling queen!
Living With Loba: A Yandere Story
Liz's Exclusive Library of Tales From Afar
Loaded Hound
Locked Heavens
Locking Horns, Breaking Teeth.
Logic in 2D World is Weird
Logic in Hentai World is Weird
LOGIK: Slow Healing Life Online
Loka ya Aloka
Lolbit's Story: FNAF Security Breach
Loli Trancends the Heavens
Lolified II
Lolified ~ Restarting Back to 10 Years Old.
Lolified ~ Restarting Back to Ten Years Old
Lolified ~ Restarting Back to Ten Years Old.
Lone Cultivator in Another World
Lone Man Among The Elves
Lone returner
LONE: The Journey Beyond
Lonely Mountain
Loner guy × Popular girl
Loner Rehabilitation Program
Loner-kun × Popular-chan
Long Days, Long Nights
Long Live King. Long Live King!!
Long Range Saint
Longing Desire [BL]
Look, I really just want to be a NEET!
Looking For Leona
Looking for My Future
Looks like I transmigrated and my Job Classes are 'Saint' and 'Doll Commander'. Wait, I can create Dolls!?
Loopkeeper (Mind-Bending Time-Looping LitRPG)
Loot Mule
Loralle, Becoming a Vessel
Loralle, Becoming a Vessel (Complete)
Lord and Dragon
Lord and Master
Lord Black Cat
Lord Frieza incarnate in Gensokyo
Lord in the Oasis
Lord Of All, Rebirth And Destruction
Lord of Dreams : Across the Heavens
Lord of Dun-Welt
Lord of Fire is a Gamer
Lord Of Goblins
Lord of Hell
Lord Of Horrors
Lord Of Metal
Lord of Mysteries : A Cheek-y Start
Lord of Mysteries – A Cheek-y Start
Lord of Secrets
Lord of Supremacy
Lord of the Ancient
Lord of the Ancient (古代の主)
Lord of the Conspiracy
Lord Of The Magus World
Lord of the Oasis
Lord of the Red Castle
Lord of The Seven
Lord Of Whispers
Lord Petty
Lord Protector
Lord Shadow
Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Sleeping With Girls For Monsters
Lord Who Visit Another World
Lord=Evolution of The Sea
Lormald's Curse
Lose Your Virginity? Just Become A Succubus. (+18)
Lost and Found
Lost Ark Diaries- tale of a madcat
Lost book of Ambra
Lost Fate
Lost Feline Swagger – I was a Street-Rat Orphan Until the Aliens Invaded, Now I'm a Street-Rat Orphan with a Gun
Lost Flyer
Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human
Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!
Lost from the wrold, Wonderin through the stars
Lost Genesis: Lied
Lost in Array
Lost in Array: A Reincarnation
Lost in Feronia
Lost in Melilem Grove
Lost in Scribble Hub World
Lost in Space to Find Home
Lost in the Echo
Lost in the Future
Lost Magic
Lost Ones – A UsefulGoddess Tale
Lost Past [BL]
Lost Realm
Lost Sentinel
Lost Solace Online
Lost Solace Online (litRPG novel)
Lost Solace Online: a Demonic Requiem Of a Forgotten World
Lost Solace Online: a World of Distorted Black
Lost Solace Online: That World Reflected in Her Red Eyes
Lost Solace Online: The Observer And Her Record Of Irregularities
Lost souls
Lost Souls, Shrouded in Darkness
Lost souls: Road to Godhood. (old version)
Lost souls: Road to Godhood. (Rewrite)
Lost to the Memories
Lost Uncrowned King
Louisa and The Spherone Ark
Lovable Package (QT)
Love & Dungeon: An Isekai NTRPG
Love & Lust
Love & Scheme
Love &amp; Lust System
Love After Marriage (Marriage Before Love)
Love Against the Karaoke Heavens
Love and Fire (A succubus tale Book 1)
Love and Lust System
Love and Our Story
Love Born Within Two Days [BL]
Love Can Do Miracles
Love Cats
Love Crafted
Love Dependency Disease
Love Flourishing in Unlikely Places
Love for A Day
Love Interests, Line Up!
Love is Blind [BL]
Love is Toxic
Love Me Again
Love Me, Kiss Me, Bite Me
Love of wind and clouds
Love or Admiration
Love Paradise
Love Seeker
Love Thy Vampiress
Love You 59 Seconds
Love You More Than I Can
Love, Again
Love, Death, and Revenge: A BL Story
Love, Lust &amp; Rape
Love: A Painful Experience
Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead
Lovely Belle
Lovely Ink
Lovely kNight: My kiss will save the world!
Lovely kNight: Our kiss will save the world?!
Lovely Waltz
Lovely Writing System [BL]
Lover's Lifeline System
Loving You as a Friend
Low effort generic wish fulfillment story
Low effort novel
Luca's Diary
Lucia's Magic
Lucid & Slumber
Lucid Interface
Lucidity (Remake)
Lucifer Lunalight: The Dimension Hopper
Luck And Chronomancy
Lucky Charm Coffee Shop and Bakery
Lucky God of Free World
Lucky isekai
Lucky Once
Lucky Once in Yugioh GX
Lucy Wickshire
Luigi: The Fall of the Mushroom Kingdom
Luisa's Journey
Lullaby (Fable Saga Book 2)
Lumi the Magician
Lumiere : The Astral Traveller
Luminescent Cave
Lumiya is a Weirdo, So What?
Luna the unlucky moon witch
Luna's dream
Lunar Chaos
Lunar Marked
Lust Awakening: A Pawn's Insurrection 〚LitRPG Time-Loop〛
Lust Dragon
Lust Infinity
Lust Knight
Lust Paradise
Lust Witch Chronicles
Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red
Lutum, the new world
Lux Aeterna and the Cursed Vaults
Luxurious Indulgences
LVL 100 virgin in another world
Lw'nafh ng n'gha
Lyrica of a Hundred Tails
Lyrics at Moonlight
M-My power is… Chuunibyou????!!!
M.I.M.O.S.A – The flower by the bay
Mabel Hannah's collection of short stories.
Machina Vult
Machine Lord
Machine of war
Mad Alice
Mad Doctor Reincarnated
Mad Doctor Rencarnated
MAD Wendigo
Madam Yan's Matchmaking Pavilion for Men [BL]
Madam, Master Said to Eat Meal
Madame Kismet's Beginner's Guide To Being Reborn As A Villainess
Madara Uchiha in a Modern Cultivation World
Made in Abyss – Journey Upwards
Madness, with a pinch of salt
Maestra's Rebellion
Mafia Tears
MagaimoNote: Daily Life of a Freelance Shapeshifter
Mage in Heroes' Guild
Mage In The Void
Mage of Red Clay
Mage of the Abyss
Mage of the Abyss Remake
Mage Warcraft
Mage x Magician
Mage's Rebirth
Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man!
Mages of Athfen
Magesmith Epoch
Maggie Cartwright: Starsteel
Magi Nano Bots
Magic And Sword Online
Magic Bullet
Magic Comes in Twos
Magic Emperor
Magic for the Apocalypse
Magic Frenzy
Magic Hero with Zero Aptitude
Magic in the Stars
Magic of Arteria
Magic of love (GL, GB, yandere)
Magic x Magic
Magic, Love, Family
Magic, Re- Incarnate
Magic? I'll stick with technology.
Magical Arms EX-Bloom
Magical Boy~
Magical Cosmic
Magical Engineer
Magical Giants: The Life of Zmeya
Magical Girl Aki's Secret
Magical Girl Aki's Secret (R)
Magical Girl Kari: Apocalypse System (Mahou Shoujo LitRPG)
Magical Girl Revolution
Magical Girl Vigilante
Magical Girls are the Best Toys
Magical Girls are the Best Toys 2
Magical Girls Might Be Psychopaths
Magical Girls Might Be Psychopaths: The Garden Of Sinners
Magical Maid Incorporated
Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)
Magical Realm [BL]
Magical Scientist In Another Wolrd
Magical Scientist|In Another Wolrd
Magical Ume Knight
Magical World: Otaku Version
Magically D-licious
Magician City
Magician Endeavour
Magician's Land
MagicTech academy
Magik Online
Magma Core (A Mage's Journey)
MAGMADRAGON: Nomad Reincarnation
Magnetic Appeal
Magnum Opus
Magus In Another World
Magus in Marvel
Mahnu, An Immortal's Journey
Mahnu, An Immortal's Journey (Complete)
Maho Shoujo System
Mahou Shoujo Reincarnation
Mahou Shoujou Singing Sumo Girl! (Magical Singing Sumo Girl!)
Mahouka Koukou No Rettosei
Maid in Training
Maid in Training [Stopped]
Maid of Love
Maid to Serve
Maid[de] Of[f] Time
Maiden of the Sun
Makai, The Land of Change (Collection)
Makai: Versus Road
Make Color Black Beautiful
Make Me A Story!
Make me feel to be loved again
Maken no Daydreamer (LN)
Maken no Daydreamer (WN)
Maker Of Power
Making a World Into Fantasy
Making my Naive Master Love only me
Making my own harem to kill the demon lord
Making the Zombie King My Wife [BL]
Malady Of Time [BL]
Male Dryad
Malicious Medical Princess of the Marquis House
Malicious, Magical, Malfoy
Man Eater
Man God
Man Of Systems
Man Vs Edythe
Man's Best Friend
Mana : The Embodiment of Nature
Mana and Magic
Mana Anxiety
Mana Born
Mana Burn
Mana Crystal Farmer
Mana Eater.
Mana Invasion
Mana Soul
Mana: A Key to the Omniverse
Mand'alor The Undying
Mango's Adventures
Mangonia Story
Mania playground
Manic Pixie Magical Girl
Mano – First Rise
Mantled hero, Has it really been five years?
Manuscripts from Sonus
Many Spring Ago
Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos
Marauder Godking
Marauding Gods
March of the Wolf
Marching Ever Forward
Margaret is given a Town to Manage
Marhahnyahm of Tumbmar
Maria's Flower
Mark and the Lord of Darkness: Deepest Dungeon
Mark of the Crijik
Mark of The Eldar
Markus Alive
Marriage To A Sadistic Husband
Married to a goddess
Mars Has Bugs
Martial Arts Only In multiverse
Martial God
Martial King's Lewd Dreams
Martial Kingdom
Martial Magus
Martial Spirit Evolves From Mandala Snake
Martial Weapon's Deck
Martin's Life
Marvel : Creating games for fun
Marvel Exilir: The rise of Mutant Empire
Marvel Mayhem
Marvel Strongest Assassin
Marvel – New Heroes
Marvel's Cloak: Shroud of Darkness
Marvel's Green Lantern
Marvel's Law of the Jungle.
Marvel's Phantom
Marvel's Superman
Marvel's The Still
Marvel: A New Avenger
Marvel: Angel of Death
Marvel: Breezing Through History as an Eternal
Marvel: Game Maker System
MARVEL: I Am The Sorcerer Supreme
Marvel: I Can Do Everything
Marvel: Monster Farm
Marvel: Starting From The Bottom
Marvel: We Are Venom
Marvel:Red X
Mary 4our: Human Resources Attack Cyborg
Masahi's Realm
Masako's Life In An Abandoned World
Mashiros Journal
Mask of Winter
Mask of Winter: Book One
Mask of Winter: Book One *Updates every Monday*
Mask of Winter: Book One *Updates every TUE/THU/SAT*
Mask of Winter: Book One *Updates MON/WED/FRI*
Mask Warrior: Rise of Heroes
Mask: The Devil's Advocate
Masked Reformers: Wild Academy
Mason Stone and the world of cultivation prodigies
Masquerade of Souls
Masquerades 101
Master Exorcist
Master Kazak
Master Kazak : The Manco
Master of Centipedes
Master of Ceremonies
Master of Entities
Master of Exotic Planting
Master of Mods
Master of Realm: Choose Your Own Fate
Master of Systems
Master of the Apocalypse
Master Of The Dark Arts
Master of the Dark Arts (Paused for now)
Master of The Dark Net
Master of The Dull Blade
Master of the False Hero Dungeon
Master of the Pit
Master of Water and Ice. (BL)
Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today
Masters of the Multiverse: Level 1–Underworld
Matcha & Milk
Matched Blades
Mate of a Desert Prince [BL]
Mate Protect Me
Mauve Lilith
Max Level His Majesty in Moorim
Max Level Virgin In A Sex-Filled World
Max's Garden
Maximum: Fanged Mercenary
May Our Stars Align Once More
Maybe A Savior
Maygan 4: HR Demon Huntress
Maygan 4: Human Resources Attack Cyborg
Mayhem on Earth
Mayor Short-Ear
Maze inflicted with YOU
Maze of Beasts
MC Academy
Mc's not part of the story
McDonald's Strongest Worker
MCU Inhumain: Izel l'eternel
MCU: The Inheritance of the 3 sannins
Me & My Girlfriends Became More Demonic But I'm Actually Ok With This?
Me A Magical Girl, Got Reborn in an Otome World As A Magical Girl
Me and I
Me and My Daughter in Zombie Land.
Me and my Goddess
Me and my Magic House
Me and my Wife adopted a mysterious girl
Me and Myself
Me and Myself (In Our Twin World Conquest Reverie)
Me and the voices in my head
Me Last, If Ever
Me Last, If Ever: What-If Collection
Me, Doomsday, Stayed Inside the Sun's Core for a Hundred Thousand Years!
Me, Myself, and I
Me, Them, and the Vastness of Space
Meanest Mob
Mecchen House: Love, Sisterhood, and Rebirth In An Anime World
Mech &amp; Magic
Mechanar Chronicles
Mechas vs Monsters = Love
Mecromancer Chronicles
Medieval Fantasy Online
Medieval Terror
Medley of Fates Worse than Death
Medley of Fates Worst than Death
Meeting Her
Meeting You Once Again
Mega Ultra Divine Dragon Obliterating Sect
Megg's Anthologies
Mei Gongqing's Skipped Chapters
Melody of Decade
Melting Frost
Melting Frost [BL]
Melting Into You
Memento Mori
Memoir of A Grand Duke
Memoriae of Aosoer
Memorial of Those Frozen in Time: A Series of Unfinished Stories
Memories of a Wild Hunter
Memory Archive of the Idle
Memory of the Heart
Men and Monsters
Mending Hearts.
Mending Witch
Meow Mix-Up
Mercenary Empire
Mercenary In Another World
Mercenary of Lust
Mercenary Reincarnated
Mercenary's Life
Merchant In Cultivation World
Merchant Queen
Mercury Rising
Mere Imagination – My laid back life in another world.
Merge Riot!
Merging With The Underworld
Meritus Heir|1|: Suki
Mermaid's Tear
Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru
Messenger Of The King
META Tensei: That Time I Broke My Hero's Journey
Metahuman Chronicles
Metamorphia of the Stray Shadow
METEOR CREATION: The very meteor that created us will destroy us
Metropolis: I can inherit Wealth
MGS 3: Snake's Apprentice.
MGSV: The Maimed Wolf
MHA : The Sovereign
MHA Season 3
MHA with a Devil Fruit System
MHA – All For The Taking
MHA – Blink
MHA: 'Serene' Life in Another World.
MHA: Adam
MHA: Phoenix Awakens From Its Slumber
MHA: Phoenix Awakens from Its Slumber (New)
MHA: The Quick Silver
MHA: Way to Peace
Mhaieiyu Arc 1: The Syndicate
Mia's daily life
Miaoh's Journey
Miasma King
Miasma King (Completely rewritten)
Miasma King (Still tentative)
Micah Ever After
Micchi Versus the New World
Micro Evolution
Micro-Management: Simulation Base
Micro-Mangement: Simulation Base
Midas' Golden Eulogy
Midnight Cinderella
Midnight Drive
Midnight Magnolia
Midnight Matter
Midnight Sky
Midnight Sonata
Midnight Sun's Paradise
Might of the Newborn Phoenix
Mighty Malice
Mighty Morphin Time Leapers
Migong – Book 1
Mike's Resting Place: Multiverse Pit Stop
Mildred high
Milhollin Massacre
Military Girl in the Zombie Apocalypse
Military Girl in the Zombie Apocalypse (Under Revision)
Military Husband Fight My Battles
Milk In The Stardust
Milk: The Cynical Anti-hero
Milly – The Mirana Guild Girl
Mimi and her pet
Mind is Strange
Mind Swayer
Mind Within Mind
Mind Your Heart
Mindscape Mania
Minecraft 2.0
Minecraft Chronicles: Last Human
Minecraft: The Piglin Emperor
Minerva the 3rd time is the last.
Miotas – Reincarnated as a Lizard
Miracle Blood Harmony
Miracle Child: Slash The Gods [Dxd Universe] . (Mature Content)
Miracle Healer Of The Interstellar World
Miracle Healer Of the Interstellar World [BL]
Miracle – Pirates of the Arabian
Miracles and Chaos
MIRAN: Astreon of Altair
Mirror Mirror
Mirror of Divine Darkness
Mirror soul
Mirrored Journey – A Hero & Devil's Tale
Mirrored Shadows
Mirrored Shadows 2 – Into the Unknown
Misadventures and Monster Girls
Misadventures Incorporated
Misadventures Incorporated (Monster Girl LitRPG)
Misadventures of a mini golem
Misadventures of Unlikely Heroes
Misc. One shots and stories (non-smut)
Misc. Short stories by Elli
Mischief of the Mad Trickster Gods
Mischievous Fate
Misery Manor
Misplaced Magic
Miss Incomprehensible
Missing Letter
Missing Persons
Mistaken Naruto's World for Fan-made Novel
Mistaken The Law Of Naruto's World for Fan-made Novel
Mistress Cruel Love
Mistress Kiki
Misty Ocean [GL]
Mival: Multiverse Traveler
Mival: Multiverse Traveler (Current: MHA)
Mixed Book Of Short Stories
Mizuki's Sky
MLM Saga
Mmoroyale: Heightened Stakes
MMORPG : Mayhem Online
MMORPG: Deliverance
MMORPG: God of Cooking's Reluctance
Mob without system in Naruto world
Moba Land
Moblin Empress' Corrupting dominion
Modded Reincarnation
Modded Skyr*m: Real Life Edition
Modern Aristocracy
Modern Army in Another World
Modern Cinderella
Modern country in a fantasy world
Modern Day Quest
Modern Gamer
Modern Human Lord in Another World
Modern Life of the Exalted Immortal
Modern Life of the Immortal Young Master
Modern Mage
Modern Magician
Modern Magician In Another World
Modern Mystical Awakening
Modern Necromancer
Modern Patriarch
Modern Phantasia: siVisPride
Modern Saga
Modern Weapon Summoning System
Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
ModernGold7ne's Displaced
Modernizing Demons
Mogi: Rental Family, Remember Me When I'm Gone
Moirae: Into The Adventure Land
Molly's Hero Journey
Molten Iron
Mom In The Backseat
Monarch of Heaven's Wrath
Monarch of Shadows
Monarch of Time
Monarch Rising
Monarch white or black?
Monarch's Mayhem
Monarchy of the Ancients
Monarki Absolut
Money is Everything
Mononohare: The Mystery of Shinjubiki
Monstar Saga: Acolyte: Book 2
Monstar Saga: Exiled
Monstar Saga: Lordship
Monster and Cloud
Monster Buffet
Monster Factory
Monster Farm
Monster For Hire
Monster Girl Castle
Monster Girl Collection
Monster Girl Harem
Monster Girl Reincarnation
Monster Girl Sanctuary (An Isekai Gamelit Tale)
Monster Girl Survival
Monster Girl versus the Multiverse
Monster Girl versus the Multiverse (Isekai)
Monster Girl versus the Multiverse (Isekai/GameLit)
Monster Girl Waifu: Book Of Lilium
Monster girls in the modern world
Monster Girls of Omagi
Monster Hunter: Monster Warfare
Monster in MHA (Male ZeroTwo)
Monster Integration
Monster King
Monster Mansion: A Sacred Duty
Monster Parade
Monster Summoner System
Monster: Loki
MonsterGirl Rancher
Monsters an Maidens
Monsters and Maidens
Monsters and Men
Monsters and Terrariums
Monsters Came Following
Monsters honey
Monsters in a Dungeon [BL]
Monsters, Ladies, and Everything between
Monstrous (Rewrite)
Monstrous Heroic Decimation
Monstrous Horizons
Monstrous Path
Monstrous Woods
Montgomery and Carano
Mood swings
Moon Theory [BL]
Moonless Night
Moonlight Demon
Moonlight wolf
Moonlit Beginning
Moonlit Tears
Morbid Insanity
Morbid Sentience: Terror of the Living
Morcster Chef
Mordern Day Creation God (An isekai story)
More Than Daily CYOA
More Than Her Friend
Morgan Yu Too
Morgan's Modern Mythology
Mortal's fate
Mortalis Deuditus
Mosquito Lake
Most OP System
Most Wicked Harem Slave Master
Moth and Fox
Mother Cube -Route Selection
Mother Doesn't Need To Know, We Sisters Are Yuri
Mother of the Moon
Mother To The Love Interest
Mother's Basement Studios
Mother's Northside Under
Mothers and Daughters
Mothers and Daughters – On Hiatus
Mouikkai Musume
Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
Mountain Shelter
Mr Fox's cute diviner
Mr. Bones
Mr. Helper doesn't wanna help
Mr. Honeycomb – A superhero Light Novel
Mr. Moon Rabbit, I'm Not Yours!
Mr. Producer
Mr.perfect and me
Ms. Fortune
Muirgen &amp; Other Tales
Mulan: The Witch and The Exile
Multifarious Solution
Multiple Sl*very
Multiple Slavery
Multiple Worlds
Multiversal Dungeon of the System
Multiverse And A Vampire
Multiverse Helper
Multiverse of madness
Multiverse of Marvel
Multiverse Side Character Group!!
Multiverse Systems: Demonic Resurrection in the Primordial Tower
Multiverse Systems: Demonic Resurrection in the Tower
Multiverse: Wrath of the Strongest One
Mundus Subcavus – or: "Caves are a geomancer's dream, but how do we get back out?"
Murder at Sephora falls
Murim Recurve
Murky Heroics
Muscles & Beauty VS the World.
Mush Lie
Mushoku Tensei Redundancy
Mushoku Tensei – Jobless Oblige
Mushoku Tensei: That one forgotten Mob
Music System
Musk Deer Under Elm (BL)
Musou High School Student's Country Building with Harem
Mutant Beast Hunter
Mutant Farmer in the Apocalypse
Mute's Lucky Escape
Mutual Understanding
Mutually Assured Seduction
My (yandere) Ojou-sama!
My Adventure And Reincarnated to a Aristocracy: and become Apostle!!
My Adventures in the Multiverse with a (Sorta) Dragon Quest System!
My Aforementioned Doom
My Afterlife is a Lesbian Magic School?
My Apocalypse is Pink and Frilly
My Apocalyptic Adventure with Dangerous Girls!
My ascent to the ̶e̶c̶u̶ ̶, the asses.
My Attack Stat is Negligible, so I Can't Help but Rely on Critical Attacks to Succeed!
My Auction System
My Aunt and I got reincarnated in MHA
My Bad Co-Author Ruins the Story
My Batman System (DC/Marvel/Naruto/Bleach/FGO)
My Beautiful Butler.
My Beautiful Darkness
My Beloved
My Beloved Harem are descendants of devils and angels
My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World
My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror
My Big Sister Is A Demon Lord | 我的姐姐是個大魔王
My Boyfriend is a Horny Prince
My boyfriend, who then became my girlfriend
My Brother Has A Sis-Con Complex!
My Brother's Best Friend
My cannibal Life.
My Career is Useless in this World!!
My Challenges
My childhood friend is my maid
My Childhood Friend is the Hero's Bride
My Childhood Friend is the Hero's Wife
My childhood friend refuse to love me! [BL]
My Children From Another World
My chuunibyou mistakes are coming back to me~
My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal…
My class has become a fleet of ship girls.
My Class was Summoned to Another World.
My Clone in Another World
My Collection of One-Shots and Short Stories
My Collection Of Short Stories To Read For Everyone In This Planet Before We All Die
My Compass Points To New Undiscovered Dungeons
My concealing abilities are too effective!
My Consort is Alpha
My crazy yandere harem
My Crossdressing Virtual Quest to become an Idol!
My Cute 5-Star Summon: Demon Queen
My Cute Cultivator Daughter
My CYOA turned real, what should I do ?
My Daily Life as a Cultivator
My Daily Life is Bothered by Ghosts!
My Dark Life in Another World
My Daughter is the Family Head
My Daughter is the Final Boss
My daughter wants a Mommy
My Daughter's Crown
My Daughter's Obsession
My Daughter's Obsession – On Hiatus
My Daughters are Cheats Incarnate
My Dawn Within the Gloom [BL]
My Daydreams
My Dead Husband
My Dead Sister
My Dear Author
My Dearest Senpai~
My Death Is Yours
My Death Note, My Rule
My Death Note, My Rules
My deceased memories
My Demon Life
My Demon Queen
My Devil is a Beautiful Female
My Diary – A Twisted Yuri Romance
My Disciple and I
My Dog has a System.
My dragon Island
My Dragon World
My Dream
My dream and purpose in life were being part of the incremental events that lead to the building of a space supercarrier!
My Dream Copy is Popular Worldwide
My Dream World Is A Gacha Nightmare
My Drone Girlfriend
My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem
My Eely Weird Life
My Elder Sister is a Superstar
My Enemy is Lovingly Obsessed with Me
My Everything [BL]
My Everything, His Everything [BL]
My Evil GF
My Ex moved in next to me and became my neighbour
My Ex-Girlfriend is now the Strongest Guild Master and I'm the Weakest!
My Ex-Girlfriend is the Strongest Guild Master and I'm the Weakest!
My ex-Husband 아찔한 전남편
My Fake Dungeon
My family and their bloody tears
My Family Heirloom's Keris is Cursed
My Family Ω's a Farmer?!!
My father land
My Fiance and I reincarnated 7 times!
My Fiance's the Princess!?
My Fiancee is Saying Weird Things Again
My Fiancé is Having an Affair, So I Decided to Have One Too
My First Love is a Vampire!
My Football System
My Friend Kumi
My frightening girlfriend
My General
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me, so I Moved on With My Life
My Girlfriend is a Biblically-Accurate Angel?!
My Girlfriend is a Bully
My Girlfriend is a Giantess
My Girlfriend is a Spaceship
My Girlfriend was a Chuunibyou
My Girlfriends Are Both Succubi But I'm Actually Ok With This?
My Glamourous Double Life
My goal in Life
My Goal: Living eternally as a loli surrounded by my women
My Goddess Ten Thousand Light-Years Away
My Good Friend, The Villainess
My Gundam System with a Dimensional Chat Group in the Multiverse
My Hail of Demonic Beasts
My Harem System
My heart, your heart
My Hero Academia – The Otaku Hero
My Hero Academia: Io's story season 2
My Hero Academia: Io's Story. Season 1
My hidden cheat skill
My Historical Journey In The Cultivation World
My Historical Journey In The Cultrivaton World
My Hollywood System
My Home Became a Dungeon Master's Room
My Husband in a Different World
My Ideal Mop
My Ideal Mop [PG-13 Edition]
My Ideal Oatmeal
My Ideal Oatmeal [Clean Version]
My Ideal Oatmeal [PG-13 Edition]
My Idol Was Unsatisfactory, So I Fell For His CEO Instead.
My Immortal Nightclub
My Information System
My Internet Cafe in Another World
My Internet Cafe in Another World(Reworked)
My Irrational Love Encounters
My Isekai Life Is Seriously Messed Up
My Isekai Life: Rise of the Valkyrie
My Journey as the Fox head clan
My Journey in Runeterra
My Journey in Runeterra!
My Journey in the New World!
My journey through the land of funny animals (Children-Fiction Bedtime story)
My journey through the land of funny animals.
My Kind of Woman
My Kouhai Is A Dog
My Landlord Can't Stop M********ing!!
My Landlord Can't Stop M********ing!! (18+)
My lazy and low effort novel
My Lewd Reincarnation
My Life
My Life After I Was Reborn In a Different World
My Life as an Adventurer in a Dark Fantasy
My life as an unknown author made me fall into a hole that seems to be infinite, and for that reason my addiction to low prices and sales increased
My Life Before my End
My Life in Danmachi
My Life Is Already Bad…I Don't Need A Cat-Girl Making It Worse!!
My Life, My Choice
My Little Bunny [BL]
My Little Bunny[BL]
My Little Bunny[BXB]
My Little Sister is a woman chaser!?!?
My Loli Stepsis Wanted More Than A Hug? (It'S Back!)
My love enemy was a hateful shikigami
My Love For You, Never Died [BL]
My Love For You, Never Died[BL]
My Love For You, Never Died[MXM]
My Love Juice System: A Dirty But Effective Way To Get Stronger
My Love Song
My Magical Harem System
My Mask Is A Villain
My Master Doesn't Deserve This
My Mischievous Mate – Ethan [BL]
My Mister Ostrich
My Multisystem In Isekai
My Mysterious Prince Husband
My mystical life
My Naughty Kitten (BL)
My Naughty Kitty (BL)
My Netori System: The Graceful ones
My new body in another world is a farmer in a farming simulation game!
My New Girlfriend, the Goddess of Chaos?
My New Life After I Was Reborn In a Different World
My New Life as a Catgirl
My New Life As A Villainess In My Favorite Novel!
My new life as an Archangel visiting anime worlds
My New Life As The Mafia Lord's Wife
My New Life in A Reverse World
My New Neighbor's an Idol!?
My Next Life as a Heroine: All Routes Lead to Het!?
My niece was a yandere
My Omni Playground
My One-Sided Crush On An Esper Girl
My Onee-chan-Sensei(Onee-San X Shota)
My Online Friend
My Only Fan
My Origins
My Other Mom Is A Demon But I'm Actually Ok With This?
My Otherworld Gate
My Otherworldly Guidebook
My Otome Boyfriend is voiced by My Best Friend?!
My Overpowered Technology in the Multiverse!
My Own Isekai
My Own One Piece World
My own world
My parents kicked me out on christmas night at age 14, now I'm a CEO.
My Path To Immortality As A Demon
My perfect yandere!
My Phone My Game
My Phone My Game: A Lgbt Grimdark Horror Litrpg
My Pick Up Artist System
My Plane of Puppets
My pokemon Journey
My Power-Shifting Ability is Convenient Even in Another World
My price to reach my paradise.
My Pride
My Prince Consort Loves Doing Ecchi Things To Me
My Psychotic Diary to You
My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend
My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend an Isekai Experiment Gone Wrong
My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend an Isekai Experiment Gone Wrong 3E
My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend an Isekai Experiment Gone Wrong 3M
My Purpose?
My Quiet Life
My Quiet Life: Side Story
My Reading System
My Real Life Dating-System?! [BL]
My Real Life Dating-System?! [BL] [Completed]
My Reality
My Reckless Broken Adventure
My Reincarnation as a Chicken
My Reincarnation As A Fallen Nobility, My Future Look Bleak
My reincarnation as the deposed Queen
My Return
My Reverse Life
My Role
My Roleplay Server
My roommate is a Demon Lord!?
My Roommate is a Monster (and I'm Starting to Think I'm Not as Straight as I Thought I Was)
My Roommate Turned Me Into a Pogchamp
My Runic Ability is Copy Paste
My S rank Multiplier perk is awesome
My Sanctuary Is Purgatory
My Sassy "Crown Princess" (BL)
My Sassy Crown Princess (BL)
My Second Chance Went Wrong, I Became a Girl
My Second Life As A Father Of Two
My Second Life As A Wolf
My Second Life Enjoying the World
My second life in a fantasy world
My Second Life's Genre
My Second Life's Genre [dropped]
My Secret
My Sect Elder Life Is Wrong, As I Expected
My Sense of Presence is Negative!
My Sex System
My Siblings Aren't Acting According to the Novel!
My Siblings Aren't Following the Script!
My Sister Get Complex On Me And I'm In Her Body Now!!!?
My Sister is a Big Star
My Sister is a Brocon Supermodel
My sister is a villain in an eroge?!
My Sister The Villainess
My Sister The Villainess: Alternate
My Sister The Villainess: Alternate Volume 2
My Sister The Villainess: Volume Two
My sisters love me too much
My Skill Creation System
My Slime Girlfriends
My Sojourn in Ivujni
My son is an asshole and his father doesn't care!
My Spoof Demonic System
My Strange Addiction to Death
My strange friend
My Strength Comes From Being A Masochist
My Succubus Roommate
My Succubus System
My Summoned Hero is Doomed to Fail
My super harém
My Super Harém System
My System Academy
My System Powers Up My Crew Except Me
My talent is Immortality
My Teacher is an SSS Legend
My teacher is my wife (R-18)
My Teacher is Secretly an Assassin?!
My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.
My Three Yandere Wives
My Town's Been Infiltrated By Monsters
My Transmigration Diaries
My twin sister was taken as a Miko and I was thrown away but I'm probably the Miko
My Unconventional Delivery System!
My Undesired High School Repeat
My Universal beast system
My Unrequited Love for a Narcissist
My Usual Life With A Yandere
My vampire
My Vampire Little Sister
My Villainous Son: A Mother's Odyssey
My Wangfei is a Man
My Way of Immortality
My weird little collection of stories
My Wife Is A Dungeon Mistress
My Wife Is A Princess
My Wife's Little Brother Affects Me So.
My Winter Candy
My Winter With You
My Wish of Monster Girls
My wish to live a peaceful life
My Wish with Malice Aforethought
My Wizard: His Wand
My words twists reality
My Wrath Against The Olympians
My Wrath Against The Olympians (A Goddess Slave Harem)
My Yandere Brother
My yandere GF and Me
My YIN turned YANG
My yuri 'curse'
My Zombie Loli Life
Mycology (A VRMMO Story)
Myriad Dungeon Adventures
Myriad Hack System
Myriad Life
Myriad Paths of Cultivation
Myriad Spear: Combat Continent
Myriad Star Lord
Myriad Worlds Above
Myself in the Mirror
Mysterious Power
Mysterious Sex Master
Mystery from second personality
Mystery Solver
Mystery Solver: Solving the Unknown
Mystic Beast's Journey
Mystic Painter
Mystica Online
Mystical Journey
Mystical Witch and Daemon
Myth of the heavenly flower warrior
Myth Of The World's Trees
Myth's and Legends: Age of Atlantis
Mythic Monster Typhon
Mythic Quest
Mythic Quest – The Sons of Salem
Mythical Eclipse
Mythical Paramecia Fruit "Olympian"
Mythical Tyrant
Mythics Abound
Mythos / The Game of the World
Mythos of Aksara
Mythron Chronicles
Myths and Legends
Myths, Monsters and Legends
N3on Noir
Nakada-san To Ren'ai
Nakada-san to Ren'ai「Black Label」
Naked Sword Art
Naked Sword Art (18+)
Name to be decided
Nameless Sovereign
Nanashi (Prototype)
Nanashi — The Nameless Conceptual's Tale
Nanites Summoned
NanoCorpse: Zombie Nanomancer
Nansen Ring
Naruto & Bleach – The Merging World
Naruto : Shattered Divinity
Naruto : Through My Eyes
Naruto Be Wilden (Smut)
Naruto FanFic: The Bloodline Collector
Naruto form start refuse the marriage of Mito Uzumaki[FanFiction ]
Naruto Shippuden: Naruto's Hypnotic Slave Girls
Naruto – Sara's Journey
Naruto – The Struggles of life
Naruto'S Twin Sister (Naruto Fanfic)
Naruto, the True Jinchuuriki
Naruto, the Uzumaki Emperor
Naruto, the Uzumaki Emperor [COMPLETED]
Naruto: A Genius Reborn
Naruto: Aokiji Yuki
Naruto: Blood Control in Naruto
Naruto: Bloodline Emergence
Naruto: Calm Before The Storm
Naruto: Golden Generation
Naruto: Golden Generation (SI, OC, Gamer)
Naruto: I opened 100 stores
Naruto: Jin's Path
Naruto: Konoha's Kanpu
Naruto: My Hunting System
Naruto: Reborn as Naruto
Naruto: Reborn as Tsunade's disciple
Naruto: Rise of The Fifth Hoshikage
Naruto: Rise of the Mental God
Naruto: Rise of the Yuki clan
Naruto: Sango's Story
Naruto: Saviour of Another World
Naruto: Sexual Strengthening
Naruto: Shikamaru
Naruto: Start of new life.
Naruto: The Alternative Story
Naruto: The Eyes of Creation
Naruto: The legend of phoenix (Fanfic)
Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Naruto: The Weapon Shop Owner
Naruto: Time lord in a ninja world.
Naruto: 砂の赤い髪忍者
Naruto: 砂の赤い髪忍者 Rebirth: Avoid [Bad End]
Naruto: 砂の赤い髪忍者 Red Haired Sand Ninja!
Natasha the Halve
Native Blood
Native Blood: The Cursed Planet
Natives vs Isekai Heroes
NATO in Another World
Natsume Yuujinchou
Natural Slave
Nature Fairy Douluo in Douluo Dalu
Nature's Blessing
Nawaki Live! [Narutoverse]
Near-death experience gave me a new life
Necro Fox Fire
Necromancer II. The Hidden Prison.
Necromancer Kaius
Necromancer Rampaging through the Realms
Necromancer's Knight
Necromancer. The awakening of Legends.
Necromancer: The Melancholy of Macer
Necromancers survival
Necrovanity 〢Demonic Evolution
NEET's Otherworld
Negative 1000 Karma as a thing, and There Goes the Destruction King
Negative 1000 Karma as a thing, and…. there goes the Destruction King
Negative 1000 Karma, and There Goes the King of Destruction
Negative Dragon of Supremacy.
Negative Health
Negative Stat
Negotiations on shaky vines
Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy
Neko Twin
Nekomancer: Just A Touch of Catgirls
Nekomancy (Yuri)
Nend Ardhon Chronicles
NEO: New Existence Online
NeoRealm – Staring Back Into the Future
Nerd Gangster
Nero Smith The Legendary White Tiger
Nero, My Existence is Perfect
Nero, The Legendary Hunter
Nessiah: Ascending Beyond the Various Skies
Net hero rising
Netherborne [An OP Monster LitRPG]
Netheril's Glory
Netherland – The Owl Eater's Legacy
Netherland: The Owl Eater's Legacy
Netori Master: Reborn with a Netori System!
Netori Prince: Life Of A Gigolo
Netori System
Network Eye Online
Neutral Chaos
Neva Masquerade
Never After
Never Die Twice
Never Die Twice Hiatus
Never Died
Never Met Someone Like Piggy
Never the Hero
Never Wanna Fall in Love with a Countess!
Never, My Alpha
Never-Ending Journey
Neverending Daymare
Neverlands Cultivator
Nevis — snow upon the dry land
New Age Of Summoners
New Apocalypse_Marvel
New Beginning in the Magical World
New beginnings
New Beginnings [BL]
New Blood
New Book
New Clouds book one
New Continent
New Empire
New Era
New Era (Harry Potter x marvel Fanfic)
New Era_ The way of Blood and Killing
New Game Plus
New Game Plus – The Continent
New Game+
New Habit
New Job Offer
New Level
New Life
New Life As An Ecchi Girl With A "Big Surprise"
New life in a fantastic world… Wait?! Why did I become an Elf maiden?!
New Life in AOT(Attack On Titan) World
New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
New Life in Labyrinth World
New Life New Gender
New Life of a Summoned Demoness
New Mech Report: Battlemech Wing
New Model Monster
New Paris [a Modern-day LitRPG]
New Patis [a modern-day LitRPG]
New perspectives
New Post-Mortem
New Reality [HIATUS]
New Return of the Condor Heroes 2006
New Roles
New Series
New Superpower Country Appeared in Another World
New Villain in Town
New Way
New World Assassin
New World Colony
New World Enforcer
New World Maidens
New World Online 2
New World Run
Newly Awakened Outer God Works as a Delivery Man
Newly Cybernetic
Newly Not Cis
Next Gen
NEXUMON: Together in a Dying World
Nexus (Practice Writing)
Nexus Awakened (An Isekai LitRPG Gender Bender Story)
Nexus Falls
Nibiru System (An Apocalyptic Cultivation LitRPG)
Nice Going Sawyer
Nidome no Yuusha
Night Gaunt
Night Parade (tentative title)
Night Ranger — Complete overhall
Night Witches
Night's Hunter Rhapsody
Nightmare Fantasy Online
Nightmare Mode In The Apocalypse
Nightmare World
Nightmares Are Real
Nihilism Over All
Nine Circles
Nine Dragons Battle
Nine heavens (Translation)
Nine of the Void.
Nine Star Jinx
Nine Sun God King / 九阳神王 Written by 寂小贼 / Lonely thief
Nine Tails: Origins
Nine-Tails Reborn: A Fox with a System
Ninja in the Marvel World
Ninja on the Marvel World
Ninja, Soul Society and The Conqueror
Ninth Prince of the Modern World
Ninth World Lia's Struggle
Ninth World: Prima Natus Vampire
Ninth world: wait… am I an exploding bug!?
No Care in the World
No Effort Power Fantasy
No Emotions Attached
No Evil
No Face, No Life
No Longer Human
No Man's Sphere
No Mercy
No One But You 2
No One But You [BL]
No one knows that I am a Duke's Illegitimate son
No One's Story
No Strings Attached
No Such Thing As Magic
No Time [BL]
No Title Yet
No Way Home
No way in hall am I a cliché!
Noah the Elite
Noah's Journey Towards The Unknown.
Nobility: Where the Most Fun Begins in the After Life
Noble Emblem
Noble Knights
Nobody says you can't fall in love with a ghost, so I did
Nobunaga's Imouto is My Wife
Noel's Tale
NOFAP: The Litrpg
Non-otaku in an Rom-com
Non-otaku in Xianxia : Nuclear Cultivation
Nona's Tale
None of My Business
Nora and Mila
Nora and the Nomads
Normal guy with OP system!
Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World
Normal School days
Norse Saga: Story From Gotland
Norse Saga: Story From Gotland (Dropped)
NORTH: Verdure
Northern Autonomous Zone
Nostalgic Gamer in a Cultivation World
Not A Criminal
Not a god
Not Again
Not All That Great of a Tale
Not Alone
Not Another Isekai Story
Not Beyond Conjecture
Not Born Evil
Not Good! The Villainess Is Muddled
Not Quite a Curse
Not So Evil God
Not So Super
Not Technically Crossplay
Not The Main One
Not to die. Die trying
Not to die. Just to live
Not your average love
Not your average love [BL]
Notes Exchange History Alteration
Nothing as of Yet (Practice writing on the run)
Nothing but bones
Nothing Persists
Nothing, I Only Needed Dutches.
Nova in forgotten debts
Nova Terra: Titan
Nova: Omega
Novel Entry: My Otherworld Gate
Novel The Goddess Games
Novel Transmigration : A Side Character's Fight For Survival
Novel Transmigration : Extra's Life
Novice Demon's Survival Strategy
Novocrone:The supreme
Now Let's conquer this world
Nowhere Stars
Nowhere to Run
NPC Life Feel's Artificial
Npc Maker
NPC: Non-Player Character
NTR Crush: I will steal every girl!
Number 7
Number One Zombie Wife
Numbers: Our Promise
Nurarihyon in DxD
Nurse Angel Ririka Rebirth
Nurture & Acquisitions
Nusantara Fantasy
Nusantara Fantasy : Re-Start
Nusantara Fantasy – Restart V.2
Nusantara Fantasy: Support User
Nuwa System
Nyan's Art Gallery
Nyoko, The Fate Breaker
Nyx Snape : Death Eater
Nyx: Chronicles of the End Times
O3: The return of a gamer
Oath Keeper
Oaths and Quests
Object of Obession
Object of Obsession
Objective Consequence (Book Two of the Subjective Justice Series)
Observation of Transmigrated protagonist
Observation record of a small skeleton.
Observations Have Been Made.
Observer's Creed
Obsessive Yandere System
Obsidian Grove Volume 1: Trail of Myth
Obsidian Grove Volume 2: From the Ashes
Obsidian Grove Volume 2: The Shadow of History
Obtaining the Strongest Cheat
Ocean Graveyard
Ocean Oddity
Ocean of Dead Children
Ocean of Monsters and the Dead Children
Odd Girlfriends Anthology
Ode to Fallen Angels
ODHM: Holst Curio and Convenience
Odin's Law
Odyssey of Luck
Odyssey of The Reincarnator [Multi Reincarnation LitRPG]
Odyssey of the Unrivalled
Of Charisma, Death, & Psychopathy
Of Crowns and Rascals
Of Dragons &amp; Phoenixes: Fates Interwoven
Of Everlasting End
Of Hearts and Fairies
Of Hearts and Fairies (Legacy)
Of Heroes and Villians
Of Lilies and Lust
Of Monstergirls and Men
Of Monstergirls and Men (R-18)
Of Noble Intentions
Of Omnitrixes and Puella Magi
Of Pocket Monstergirls and Tamers
Of Pocket Monstergirls and Tamers (R-18)
Of Salt and Inkstones
Of Sand and Shadows
Of Systems, Commanders, Gamers, CYOA, And R.O.B.
Of Wolf and Man
Of Yin and Yang
Off the Rails
Ogre Tyrant
Oh Deer!
Oh My Demon Lord
Oh My Villainess!
Oh No! I Transmigrated Into a World Full of Generic Isekai Heroes!
Oh no! My Fiance and I Reincarnated 7 Times and she Became a Pervert! [Hiatus]
Oh no! My Fiance and I reincarnated 7 times and she became a voyeuristic pervert!
Oh, My Dear!
Oh. My. Extra?!
Oh. My. Extra?! [BL]
Oh. My. Fate?!
Oh. My. Fate?! [BL]
Ojou-san, Anata wa Duelist Desuka?
Ojou-san, Anata wa Zombie Desuka?
Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara
Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara – Money is Power in any World
Oliver's Story
Oliver's Travels
Olympus Online
Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!
Omegaverse Short Stories: Collaborative Pieces by Boys' Love Writers & Fans
Omegaverse Short Stories: Collaborative Pieces by Yaoi / BL Writers & Fans
Omen's Warning
Omens of Change
Omnia Sidera
Omnicrafter (A Crafting Adventure LitRPG)
Omniscience [BL]
Omniverse Gacha System
OMORI: Something Again
On His 18th Birthday He Became A Superhero!
On Love.
On My Best Behavior
On Parts and Precedence
On The Brink
On the other side of body-jacking stories
On the Ship (girlxgirlxgirl)
Once Bitten Twice Shy
Once in a Lifetime
Once More to See You
Once the Gods are Gone
Once upon a spy
Once upon a time, a strange Goddess gave me a magical hourglass
One Extra Life
One Final Letter
One Giant Leap For Mankind
One Great Love
One Hundred Days
One in a Billion
One in a thousands years
One in Ten
One Last Sunset
One Last Time
One Laugh Man
One Lifetime is Never Enough
One Minute After
One More Chance Given(naruto)
One Night In Sedona
One of the Fallen Weapons: Sword of Kargila
One Piece : Paper-paper Fruit
One Piece Buff System
One PIece Ero
One Piece Sirius!
One Piece with a Jojo System
One Piece – The Black Raven Pirates
One Piece – Transmigration into a Catgirl
One Piece: Adventure of Leo
One Piece: Blood Unleashed
One Piece: Criminal Master Mind
One Piece: Criminal Mastermind
One Piece: From Blood to Seas
One Piece: Fulfilled Revenge
One Piece: Harem King
One Piece: I was born as Celestial Dragon?!
One Piece: Immortal Psycho
One Piece: In world of one piece
One Piece: Lost Monarch
One Piece: Luke's Adventure
One Piece: Marine Fan-fic
One Piece: Overlord Buggy
One Piece: Path to Power
One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman
One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean
One Piece: Revolutionary
One Piece: Rise of the World Tree
One Piece: Road To Admiral
One Piece: Silver Gamer
One Piece: Strongest King System
One piece: Survival
One Piece: The legend of Johnny Silverhand
One Piece: The Ship Of Lust
One Piece: The Wish of Max
One Piece: To be a Power in the Depths
One Piece:- Three eyed One Piece
One punch man isekai
One Punch Man: The Hidden Shades of Timeline.
One Punch Star Destroyer
One Shots Compilation
One thought bunny
One Useless Rebirth (BL)
One Volume Transmigration
One who wants to be forgotten
One Wish
One World,One Leader
One X All
One: En Passant
Onepiece: Biscuit War
Oni in MHA
Oni Of The Other Half (OOTOH)
Onigashira: The Monster From Another World
Online Love
Only An Idiot Will Want To Die
Only Fools Pray for Mercy in the Underworld
Only Human
Only I am a God
Only I Am A Reader
Only I can speak to Mobs
Only I Shall Be Immortal
Only One Can Win (OOCW)
Only Starlight
Only Time Will Tell
Only with Your Heart
Only with Your Heart : 列炎の騎士と最果ての恋人
Onmyouji Eclipse
OP: Vanguard – 'Eclipse'
Opening a Brothel in Another World
Opening a Mall in Apocalypse with Ghosts.
Opening an orphanage in another world
Opening Gates to Different Worlds
Opening sign up to the Red Dust Fairy
Operation Plague Heart
Opness Is Great For Your Health
Oppose Gods, Resist Fate
Optabilis Mundo: Shroud of Black Resort
Oracle of Tao
Orange Blossoms on full bloom
Orange Crushed
Orbs of Darkness [Discontinued]
Orchid of Edo
Ordeal of the Hopebringer: A Harry Potter Fanfiction
Order & Receive : Koju Reawakened
Order &amp; Fate: Rebellious Children
Ordinary Salesman Gets Hit By A Truck And Reincarnates As The Strongest Dragon!!!
Ordinary Transmigration
Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku
Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.
OreNobe! Have I seriously been Isekai'd into a harem light novel with a ridiculously long title…?
Organic Sprouts Inc.
Origin of death
Origin of RPG
Origin path
Origin Seeker
Origin – The Beginning of Eternity
Origin: An Odyssey in Time
Original Counterattack Guide (QT)
Origini – Book I
Orion's Path
Orivar: Deep Black
Orphan Queen Valkyrie
Orthenon oroborous
Otaku Ambassador In The Cultivation World
Otaku Girl
Otaku In Naruto
Otaku Overlord
Otaku's Game
Other Realities
Other Ways of Knowing
Other world chimera [Naruto fanfic]
Other World Revolutionary
Other-world Traveler
Other-worldly clues
Other-Worldly King
Other-Worldly King (R-18)
others reincarnated has op gods but I was has reincarnated Dionysus
Otherworld Diagnosis
Otherworld Isekai Service
Otherworld Royals
Otherworld Traveler
Otherworld's Game (Isekai/GameLit)
Otherworlder Travel Diary
Otherworldly Company!
Otherworldly Demon Fox
Otherworldly Detective, Not!
Otherworldly Life
Otherworldly Life as a Beastman
Otherworldly Summoner: Fairy Tail
Otherworldly Vampire King
Otherworldly Wanderer
Otherworldy Knight's Earth
Otoko Darake no Isekai Trip ~BL wa Okotowari~
Otome Brawler Reincarnation
Otome Darkness: After Story
Otome Game: I, The Heroine Will Be Your Savior!
Otome Prince
Otome tomboy reincarnation
Otomo's Conquest: Oda Nobuna no Yabou Fanfiction
Otouto wo Suki ni Narimashita
Otsutsuki In The Celestial Realm
Oui Chef!
Oui Chef! (ONESHOT)
Our Bonds (Kantai Collection Fanfic)
Our Colorful Youth
Our crusade on this clusterf*ck of a world begins!
Our Dark Prince
Our Dark Prince [Myth Shifters #1]
Our Death Flags Are the Least We're Worried About.
Our Desire 私たちの欲望
Our Dreams Follow
Our Final Story
Our Friendversary (Yama no Susume Fanfic)
Our Husbands Are Not Normal!
Our Journey Through Radiance
Our little secret garden
Our Love Begins (BL)
Our Love That Never Lasted
Our Manic Life (A world-hopping adventure)
Our Monsters
Our New World
Our Pup
Our Sweet Days
Our Time to Die
Our Time Together
Our Unknown Future ( BL)
Ouroboros Ascendant
Out for Karma: One Piece
Out of boundaries
Out of Paradise
Out of Place
Out of the Ashes
Out of the Blue
Out of the Closet [BL]
Out of This World
Out of Touch
Out of Touch (BL)
Out There
Outbreak Apocalypse
Outer Sect Disciple
Outlaw Country
Outlaw In A Cultivation World
Outside Heaven's Mandate
Outside Heaven's Mandate (Xianxia)
Over My Dead Body
Overbearing and Overemotional Humans
Overgeared: Saharan Successor
Overgod Ascension
Overheims: Reincarnated in a Sick World
Overlord Alone
Overlord Fanfic
Overlord in Cultivation
Overlord of Kunoichi is a Gamer/That Time I Got Transmigrated In Naruto With A Gamers System
Overlord of Sin
Overlord of Sinn[Original]
Overlord Omega
Overlord: Heart of Nazarick
Overlord: New-new World
Overlord: Opposition
Overlord: The One Who Stayed
Overpower Is Too Strong
Overpowered But Not Actually The Greatest
Overpowered but Out of Place Vol.1
Overpowered Death Mage In Another World
Overpowered in Dragonball
Overpowered Magic Goo
Overpowered other-worlder tries to fit in
Overpowered Scum
Overseer and Board
Overseer and Board #1
Overthrowing Fate
Overwhelming Awakener
Owen is Scared
Oxscura Error
Oxton Stakudz
Oy! Evildoers? I'll slap them till they behave!
P*Rn S*X
P.A.D. World (Rebirth)
Pact with a soul of hell.
Pain (Naruto Fanfic)
Pain Changes Me
Paint Me In Your Shade
Paint Me – Wrath [BL]
Pale Rebirth
Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness
Pandora's Box
Pangea – Dawn of a New Era
Pantheon: Typhonomachy
Papa [BL]
Papa Ronan's 24-Hour* Pizza Delivery
Papa Ronan's 24-Hour* Pizza Delivery (Short Story)
Paper Dante and the Millennial Intrusion
Parable of the Loiness and the Prophet
Parable of the Renegades
Paradise Lost
Paradise of Infinity
Paradise of the Stars
Paradise Zero
Paradise Zero [BL]
Paradox Of Life
Paradox Of Life(Rewriting)
Paragon of 2 Worlds – LitRPG Fantasy
Paragon Of Death
Paragon's Fall
Parallel Doctor
Parallel Fate
Parallel Hearts(Book 1)
Parallel Lives
Parallel Project
Parallel Quests
Parallel Timeline: Time Loop Rebel
Paranoid Mage
Paranormal Containment Agency: Three Lesbians
Paranormal Relations
Parasite King
Parasitic Growth
Parasitic Sword Monarch.
Part Wolf
Part-Time Monster
Part-Time Monster: Demon Days
Particle researcher
Party Leveling
Past friends
Pastorale in E
Path in the mist
Path of a Demon
Path of a Sword King
Path of A True Villain
Path of Divinity
Path of Evolution
Path of Heaven
Path of Knowledge
Path of Nowhere
Path of Pandora – My Worldbuilding System
Path of Stars
Path of the Ancients
Path of the Ascendant
Path Of The Cultured Uncultured One
Path of the Dragon Mage – Exiled
Path of the Hive Queen
Path of the Invincible Dragon
Path of the Lilies
Path of the Shaman
Path of the Tyrant King
Path to Ascension
Path to Healing (BL NOVEL)
Path to Heaven
Path to Immortality
Path To Power: The journey beyond
Pathfinder: Sacred Order
Paths of Life
Paths of the Chosen
Patient 227
Patriarch in the ruins
Paulina Rex
Pawn of God
Pawns of God
Pay to Lose
Payne: A Simple Monster
Peace For Niberia
Peace in Equilibrium
Peace's Payback (hiatus)
Peaceful Unadventure: Life on an Alien-Conquered Earth
Pearl Of The Orient
Peerless God Emperor
Peerless Hegemon
Peerless Sleeping Dragon
Peerless Twin Spears Of Douluo Dalu
Pellan Rise
Pen Name
Pending Entelechia
Pendragon: I Have To Save Many Girls or They Will Die!
Pendragon: In another world training Monsuno Mon!
Penumbral: Chrysalis
Penumbral: L.I.T. Inc
People's Era of Deities: Hundredfold Raise
People's Knight.
Perchance to Dream
Percy Jackson: The Son Of Artemis
Peregrinator: From Student to Space Traveler
Perfect Love
Perfect World Online
Perfect World Online | A VRMMO LitRPG
Perfection [Yandere Harem]
Perhaps I'm the bad guy
Perpetual War
Persimmon Pie
Pervert King Seong Gui Nam
Perverted Demon
Perverted Otherworlder
Pet x Play
Petal Pop: Wings &amp; Roses
Peter here, reporting an increase in Goblin activity.
Petlord of the Enchanted Wastes
Petrichor [BL]
Phantasmagoria: Tales of Horror
Phantom Adagio [GL]
Phantom Ddraig
Phantom Killer System
Phantom Masters
Phantom Moon
Phantom Path
Phantom Zero
Phantoms and Otherworldly Beings
Phantomsteel Maiden
Phenomenon: Academy Days
Phermone Virus-19
Philippines Transported In Another World
Phoenix Ascend
Phoenix Awakens from Its Slumber (New)
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Empress Tournament (interactive)
Phoenix in the Mist
Phoenix Online
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising: A New Age
Physical Contact
Pianist's Zombie Dungeon
Picking up Attributes at the End of the World
Pickle with a sickle
Pieces of Sonder
Pig Supporter
Pilipinas Shoukan
Pill Master's Depraved Underling (BL)
Pining for the Demon Queen
Pink Dog Saves World
Pink Eyes of Love: Transmigrated as a Yandere
Pinnacle Of Life Forms – HxH
Pinpoint Ragbag Saga
Pioneer from the Galactic Rim
Pirates of the Dead
Pirates of the Milky Way
Pissed Off Loli
Pixel'd: Trapped In A 16-Bit RPG
PKM: Succumbing With Temptation
Placard: Working Title
Plague Children
Plague Factor
Plague Rat Evolution
Plain Jane & the Average Joes
Planet Destruction
Planet Reject
Planetary Brawl
Planetary Orbital Weapon - [An orbital-particle-cannon based litRPG!]
Planetary Orbital Weapon – [An orbital-particle-cannon based litRPG!]
Planetfall: The Cursed World
Planetfall: The Sol Republic's Expansion in Another Universe
Planned Harmonies Harem – We can create the harem you want!
Platinum Eye Druid
Play God
Playboy in otome Game world
Player 0.4 [You have died.] [Reset in progress.]
Player of game called Immortal Killer
Playing Checkers in the Rain
Playing DotA2 in another world
Playing Dungeon
Playing Games of Despair
Playing With Earth Using Magic From Another World!
Playing With Earth Using Magic From Another World! (Rewritten Version)
PlayTime — 再生時間
Please Don't Summon a NEET for a Wargame!
please leave me alone male lead I'm the second male lead not the girl of your dreams!
Please Mr. Writer!
Please Read This
Please Stay with Me!
Please Throw Me Away
Please, Spare Me From This Drama!
Pleasure Island
Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee Rrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaddddd Tttttthhhhhiiiiisssss
Plight of the Summoned
Plot Twist: It's Gay
Plucked Away
Plucked by an English Rose [BL]
Plum Blossom [BL]
Plum – Of spear and belly
PMC Continental
Pocket Wars: The American Wars
Poems From The Heart
Poet & Late Nights
Poetry Pile
Poison City
Poison System
Poisoned Wine Chronicles: Black Recluse Arachne
Poisoned Wine Chronicles: Blood Dragon
Poisoned Wine Chronicles: Blood Dragon of the Lonely Mountain
Poisoned Wine Chronicles: Half Dragon A litRPG
Pokemon : Weeb Style
Pokemon A Mysterious Journey
Pokemon Battle Masters (Raw original, Moody Teenage Version.)
Pokemon Fire Red: Rocket Edition
Pokemon Horizon
Pokemon Isekai
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master In An Anime World
Pokemon New World( fanmade story)
Pokemon Online: Re Dive?
Pokemon ouroboros
Pokemon Region Survival Arc
Pokemon The Epic Tale Of Adventure
Pokemon The Future Son in Law
Pokemon – A dark world
Pokemon – Apocalyptic Version
Pokemon: Becoming Legend
Pokemon: Becoming Legend [HIATUS]
Pokemon: Conquest
Pokemon: Journey On Pokemon Island
Pokemon: Journey Towards Greatness
Pokemon: Numia
Pokemon: The Orayen Tales
Pokemon: Wanderlust
Pokémon : Force of the viridian forest
Pokémon : The Hope Of Avarice
Pokémon World Tour
Pokémon: Noah journey
Poor Little Kallie
Portal Empire
Portal Problems
Possessing A Wicked Bully
Possessive Love Song
Posthumous Gods
Potato Chips Level You Up in Another World
Pound for Pound Crisis
Power (Fan)tasy
Power Fantasy Failure
Power Is Life
Power of Creation
Power of Modifiers
Power of Possibility
Power of the Moon
Power Potion
Power Punch
Power Up!
Powerless Book 2
Powerless Duke Is Overpowered
Powerless in Salem
Powers Of Majin Buu In A Fantasy World!
Powers of Two
Praise Be The Scorned
Pre-Apocalyptic Rebirth
Precise arrow
Predator Ant
Predator of Love
President's Unwanted Wife
Pretty In Pink
Pretty Plump Lips I Wish to Kiss
Preventing to be NTR'd
Preventing to be NTR'd.
Preverted Supreme Being In The Multiverse
Price Of Mercenary
Pride and Persecution
Pride and Sanctimony
Pride of the Inept Knight
Prides Submission
Prides Submission Book 2
Prides Submission Book 3
Priestess of Calamity
Priestess of Gaia
Prima Materia
Primal Beast
Primal Dawn
Primal Love
Prime Vain
Primitive civilizations
Primordial birth
Primordial Flame
Primordial Ghost
Primordial Lotus
Primordial Remnants
Primordial Trap System
Prince and His Fool
Prince of Beasts
Prince of Hell
Prince of the Octagon
Princes Can Be Cute Too!
Princess & Delinquent Queen
Princess and the Slave.
Princess Cloto's Court Affairs
Princess Consort – Profoundly Unconcerned
Princess Fox
Princess of the insurgents
Princess of the Night
Princess of Transmigration
Princess Persephone of Rosenkrantz House
Princess Royal
princess Zena of Zendor
Princess's Escape
Principled Jewellery
Prism – Seekers of Solace
PRISM: The Boy Who See Auras
Pro Player
Pro Players
Procession of the Shadows
Prodigious Dark Mage & The Other
Proelium: Hidden By Fate
Professional Reincarnater and other isekai short stories
Professor of Magic and Personal Finance
Progenitor of Mana
Progenitor – A GameLit Campaign by Zero77
Programmable Magic
Progressive @2nd
Progressive Detective the Q
Project Aiko
Project Alternate
Project Angel
Project Atlas
Project C.A.T. Chronicles of a Giant Centipede
Project D-50
Project Divinity
Project Frog
Project Frogy
Project Frogy: The Goddess hates my appearance so she reincarnated me into non-human species for fun
Project Frogy: The Goddess hates my appearance so she turned me into a frog for fun
Project H.A.L
Project Happy Ending: Capturing Him
Project Little Monster in Hope City
Project M.A.I.D (Mechanized. Artificial. Intelligence. Doll.)
Project Mirage Online
Project Ouroboros
Project Ouroboros: Redux
Project Prometheus
Project Spark
Project TBX: The Teknabunnies
Project Vampir
Project: Dystopia
Project_Ise: Monsieur
Prompt me up
Prophecy Approved Companion
Prophet's Deed
Protagonist Is A Shipper Part 1
Protagonist Killer
Protagonist wants be left alone
Protecting Little Sister'S Smile | 保護妹妹的笑容
Protector, Protector (BL)
Proud Devil
Providence of Wisdom
Proving Everyone Wrong
PSI Mercs
Psion Overload
Psionic Goddess and Akashic System
Psionic Goddess and the Akashic System
Psyche: The Queen Villainess of Revenge
Psychic Ability In Another World
Psychic Parasite
Psychic Tyrant
Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan
Psycho Love
Psycho Poison
Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth
Psycho Sisters
Psychopath Princess and Secret Agent
Psychopath Shapeshifter
Psyren's Redemption
Punished By His Love
Puppet Strings
Pure Love
Pure Love vs Playboy System
Purest Body
Purgatory Harem
Purity's Twisted Fate
Purple Solanum
Pursuing Dao To Evergreen
Pursuit of Life
Pursuit of the Obscenity
Pushing Buttons
Pushing miss wallflower
Puzzle: Theo's Virtual Quest
Pyro Girl
Pyro Girl 2
Pyro Girl 3: The Rise Of Elletrik
Pyro Girl: Extended Edition
QT into the Villain to Rescue the Second Male Lead
QT to different world fictions
QT: Against My Will
QT: Against My Will!
QT: Our Dreams Follow
QT: Sleeping With The Male Lead
Quebracho: The Legend of Two Heroes
Queen Mira's Rule
Queen Of Alcaria
Queen Of Blood
Queen of Darkness [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 3]
Queen Of Demons
Queen of Harem
Queen of Hogwarts (GL)
Queen of Hogwarts (GxG)
Queen of Monsters
Queen Of Zanith: Who say Quantity doesn't matter?
Queen Of Zanith: Who says Quantity doesn't matter?
Queens's Hubby
Queer Coffee
Queer Magician
Quest Around the Multiverse
Quest For Happiness | 追求幸福
Quest Maker of Soul Land
Quest of the Seal Bearers – Book 1: The Warriors Return
Questers, a litRPG tale
Questing: A Failed Tale
Question Of The Day (Patreon Special)
Questionable Trading Company
Quests are not for sorceress
Quick Transmigrating Seductress Reaches the Pinnacle of Life
Quick Transmigration : Why Do I Die Everytime?
Quick Transmigration Of The Divine Phoenix
Quick Transmigration: Against My Will!
Quick Transmigration: Age of Love
Quick Transmigration: Becoming the Best!
Quick Transmigration: Bound to The Supporting Cannon Fodder
Quick transmigration: Entangled thread of fate!
Quick Transmigration: Fate Ex Makina
Quick Transmigration: I Am Just A Mob Protagonist
Quick Transmigration: I Am Not A Side Character
Quick Transmigration: I Don't Want To Follow The Scripts!
Quick Transmigration: I'm Just A Passerby
Quick Transmigration: Occupation, Seductress.
Quick Transmigration: Picked Up By Stud Horse System
Quick Transmigration: Rehabilitation of the slag Male Lead!
Quick Transmigration: Screen Time, Here I Come!
Quick Transmigration: She Would Show Them How To Live
Quick Transmigration: The Blackened Male Leads Pulled Me Once Again
Quick Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder's Blessing (BL)
Quick Transmigration: Writer's Tyrannical Genres
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
Quiescent Dreamer
Quiet Bright Moon
Quirk Ruler Deku Book 1
Quirk: Chimera
Quirk: Gaia
Quod Olim Erat
R-18 Drabbles
R-18: The Struggles of Man
R-18: The Struggles of Men
R. A. T. H
Rabbit Eyes
Rabbit Snare: Alien Hunters
Rabbit Terminal
Race: Destroyer
Radiant Cross Voyage – Volume 1
Radiant Fantasy
Radiant Prism
Radioactive Femininity
Rage of Fire
Raging Angel
Ragnarok in Another World
Ragnarök: Of Gods and Men
Rags and Riches
RAIFURORI: My Legendary Weapon Is a Loli With a Military Rifle!
Rain Colored Memories
Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World
Raining Toothpicks- [Use your weapon to your advantage~]
Rainstar: The Lost Umbrella 9 System
Raise Up That Flag!
Raising Chibis in the Apocalypse
Raising The Fairy Queens Daughter
Raising the True King
Raison d'etre
Raison d'êtres: Beyond the Light
Rampaging Biology
Rancourous Resolve
Rando: Journey Into Another World
Rando: The Journey Into Another World
Random Bullshit Cultivation
Random Drabbles
Random Drabbles (Completed for now)
Random Drabbles (Lewd/Kinks)
Random Drabbles (What Ifs)
Random Generated Things From RanGen
Random ideas
Random Stories From Dreams
Rank Ascender
Ranking S In Another World
Ranma 2 in 1
Rapeworld Isekai
Rapid Fire Mage!
Raptors: Invasion
Rat In The Dungeon
Rather Be a Roof Cleaner Than a Cultivator
Rational Occasions
Raul The Reality Reshaper
Ravaged by the Roadside
Raven : The Celestials Befeller
Raven Black
Raven Eyes – A truly magical Adventure (This story is: Resurrected).
Raven Eyes – A truly magical Adventure . . .
Ravencrest Manor
Ravensburl Academy of Witchcraft
Ray's world
Ray: The Ultimate Mage.
RE : Child of Light
RE : Distant Past
Re : Guide
Re : Overpower Is Too Strong
Re : Tentacle Familiar
Re : Vampire
Re bringing Of The Dead
Re Pokemon: Life as a Riolu
RE – Naruto Universe
Re-Fairy Tail
Re-incarnated in High School DXD with [Infinite Anime System]
Re-Phantasia: Thriving in a Fantasy World
Re-Phantasia: Thriving in a Fantasy World(Discontinued)
Re: Admin
RE: All From His Seat
Re: Ant
Re: Apocalypse Games
Re: Apocalypse Games (LITRPG)
RE: Apotheosis Journey of The Former Divine Ruler.
RE: Cinderella
Re: Fifth Life
Re: Generic Isekai – An Isekai with a loooooooooooooong title.
RE: Genesis [A Progressive Fantasy with Magic]
RE: Genesis [A Progressive Isekai Fantasy]
Re: Godly Gangster
RE: Incarnation [A Progressive Fantasy with Magic]
RE: Inception [A Kingdom Building Progressive Fantasy]
RE: Inception [A Progressive Isekai Fantasy]
Re: Kingdom
Re: Ninja Penguin
Re: Pokemon Red
Re: Primordial beast
Re: Princess Knight
Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)
Re: rebirth as a xenomorph in an apocalypse
Re: Sword Emperor
Re: Sword Emperor (An Anime Story)
Re: Sword Emperor | Re: Ken no O' (剣王)
Re: Sword Emperor | Re: 剣王
Re: The Last Thief
RE: The Legend Of Mog
RE: The Team, A Party Isekai
RE: Tower Science
RE: Trailer Trash
Re: Transport to Another World as My Game Character!
RE: Tyranny
RE: Tyranny [A Kingdom Building Progressive Fantasy with Magic]
Re: Xenomorph
Re:Althea, The Grimoire
Re:birth In Naruto World
RE:Born – Necro
RE:Born – Necron
Re:Bringing Of The Dead
Re:Hammer 2 – The Hammering
Re:Maou Isekai Fantasy
Re:Martial Monarch
Re:Mento Mori
Re:Move Future And Past
RE:Spirit Reincarnation
Re:Terraria (BETA)
Re:Terraria (BETA/Draft)
Re:Zero – I've been summoned into the Modern World as Emilia?!
Re; Evolving as Both Genders in the Future World
Re; Hell Gate
Reach: The Spiral
Reaching the Summit
Reaching Zenith [Interactive Story]
Reader's Choice
Readers Make Their Choice as a SPACE COP
Real Cultivation
Real Fake Fiance
Realistic Harry Potter
Reality Breakers
Reality Master: Multiversal Summon
Reality Reset
Reality Torn: A SteamSmut Adventure
Reality Warping in Multiple Universe
Reality Warping in Multiverse
Realm Kings
Realm of Fantasies
Realm of Gods
Realm of Legends
Realm of Monsters
Realms Beyond Our Own
Realms of Ascension
Realms of Eas
Realmshaker [A Giant Progression LitRPG]
Realmshaker: Giantess Progression
Reaper of Cantrips
Reaper's Game
Reaper's Quest
Reapers' Sight Reborn
Reasons why i don't want to marry the prince
Reaver's Song
Reawaken Monarch
Rebel Yell
Rebel: Against the Empire
Rebellious Path
Rebirth And Will Love You
Rebirth as a Dragon
Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler (BL)
Rebirth as a Xenomorph in the Apocalypse
Rebirth in naruto
Rebirth in Times of Chaos
Rebirth Into Detective Conan World
Rebirth like a bird [ENG]
Rebirth Magician to a Progenitior.
Rebirth of a Movie Star
Rebirth of Abium
Rebirth of Gu Jiao
Rebirth of the Duke's Daughter
Rebirth Of The Entrepreneurship Era
Rebirth of the Golden Dragon
Rebirth of the Grim Reaper
Rebirth of the Legendary Tank
Rebirth of the Legendary Tank (Rewrite)
Rebirth of the Legendary Tank (STOPPED)
Rebirth of the Legendary Tanker
Rebirth of the Legion of Machines
Rebirth of the Marquis' Di Daughter
Rebirth of the Rebel
Rebirth of the Revolutionary
Rebirth of the Tyrannical Sword Saint
Rebirth of Wild Fire
Rebirth of Zhou Ruby
Rebirth Online: From Single Mother to OP Demon Lord
Rebirth to Become a Dominant Omega
Rebirth, capricious mode
Rebirth-First Class Magician
Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth
Rebirth: Comeback of the Disowned Lady
Rebirth: If I Fall
Rebirth: My Adventures with Star System
Rebirth: Pokemon
Rebirth: The Shadow of Greed
Reborn A Second Time, I Want To Live Like A Princess
Reborn a tale of a Mangaka with Cheats
Reborn And Became A Wendigo
Reborn as a Baron's Third Daughter (Draft)
Reborn as a Basic Barista
Reborn as a Basic Barista: Is This Some Kind of Joke?
Reborn as a Behemoth
Reborn As A Cannon Fodder Zombie In A Apocalyptic Novel
Reborn as a Catastrophe: Let's Live Up To That Name Shall We?
Reborn as a devil fruit
Reborn As A Dildo
Reborn as a DRAGON
Reborn as a Dragon Tamer
Reborn as a Drake: A quest to become the strongest dragon.
Reborn as a Failure
Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!
Reborn as a Goblin
Reborn as a goblin with no special ability…
Reborn as a GOD
Reborn as a god in high school dxd
Reborn As a Half-Elf
Reborn as a Half-Elf: R
Reborn as a horned rabbit.
Reborn as a Hyûga with the caged bird seal
Reborn as a Legend
Reborn as a Little Girl's Stuffed Animal – From Harmless Teddy Bear to Dark God of Gluttony
Reborn as a Little Girl's Teddy – From harmless Plush Toy Animal to Dark God of Gluttony
Reborn as a Mafia Queen
Reborn As A Mage
Reborn as a Magical Girl Villain
Reborn as a Magical Girl Villain [hiatus]
Reborn as a Mom
Reborn as a Nano Drone
Reborn As A Perfectionist
Reborn as a Petite Girl's Teddy
Reborn as a Pokemon
Reborn as a SCP
Reborn as a Sea Nymph
Reborn as a Slave
Reborn as a Symbiote
Reborn as a Tentacle Monster[R-18+]
Reborn As A Top-Tier Mage
Reborn as a Villain
Reborn as a Villain in Tales of Demons and Gods
Reborn as a what ?!
Reborn as a Wilder
Reborn as an Academy Student in a Novel – For What?
Reborn as Batman's Little Brother
Reborn as Celestial Deity in Outer Space
Reborn As Dark Matter: Ruling The Forces
Reborn as Hagrid
Reborn As Jiraiya's Twin Brother : Computation
Reborn as my Lover
Reborn as the Duke's Daughter ~ The Goddesses are Ruining my Life!
Reborn as the Founder's Descendant, Bringing Change
Reborn as the Founder's Descendant, Bringing Change R∃shuffle Edition (English – Reboot)
Reborn as the Goddess – who summoned a hero
Reborn as the Mayor's Girlfriend
Reborn as the Princess' Knight
Reborn as the Princess' Knight (GL)
Reborn As The Villain
Reborn as Wallenstein
Reborn as Ōtsutsuki?!
Reborn From the Cosmos
Reborn Husband Wants Revenge, But There's Just Too Much Going On
Reborn Husband Wants Revenge, But There's Too Much Going On
Reborn in a Boring World
Reborn in a world full of Demons
Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince
Reborn In Another World With RPG Elements
Reborn in DBZ as a human?
Reborn in DxD
Reborn in DxD Re-uploaded
Reborn in DxD Remake
Reborn in Eclipse
Reborn in eroge . The Struggle of a trash Nobleman Against destiny
Reborn in Honkai Impact as Fervent Tempo
Reborn in Isekai with Sharingan
Reborn In Naruto As Madara's Grandson
Reborn in Naruto with an Unbreakable Shield
Reborn in Naruto with Steel Release
Reborn in Naruto World With Zero Cheats
Reborn in the Game as a Genderless Immortal
Reborn into a world of mechs! nah i'd rather use magic?
Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan
Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System
Reborn Online
Reborn to be a Sukeban (スケバンに生まれ変わった)
Reborn to be a Villainess, I Despise Everyone
Reborn To Be Queen Of An Empire
Reborn With A 'Farming' System
Reborn with a broken system
Reborn's Beloved Wife's Daily Life
Reborn: A Second Chance At Life
Reborn: Choose Your Hero
Reborn: Mythical Beast
Reborn: New Evolution God
Reborn: Spirit Fairy
Reborn: The Seven Realms
Rebron to redeem
Rebuilding a dark guild
Rebuilding a dark guild for creating a haram
Rebuilding the country of demons?
Recipies from another world (Book 1) A new beginning
Reckoning of the Evil Dragon
Record of a Magical Girl
Record of Lundeir
Record of the Strangest Thief
Records of my Journey Through Death
Records of the Heavens
Records Of The Hero Slayer
Recovery of a Former Hero
Recruited by a Villainess System
Red Blood, White Steel, and Silver Bullets
Red Clay Technical Services: [No Longer Being Worked On]
Red Clay Technical Services: Mercenaries, Magicians, and Marketing
Red dawn in a fantasy world
Red Flash
Red Heaven
Red Ink: Human versus Squid
Red Moon (Arcana of the Crimson Era – Book 1)
Red Overpowered
Red Princess
Red Rapture: Born Blessed To Walk A Cursed Reality! (Teaser)
Red Reaper of The White Fang (fanfiction)
Red Rebellion
Red roses and Prickled Thorns
Red Skies
Red snow
Red Stone Cultivator
Red Streams
Red Strings of Fate
Red Widow Season 1
Redeemed love
Redeeming my freedom, I'd rather live as a commoner.
Redemption's Rose
Redemption: A Pokémon Story
Redescription – Rewrite All
Redo : Primordial
Redo of a Romanceless Author's Life Devoid of Love; Another Chance at Youth
Redux Reverse Superstar
Reel or Real
Reencarnando en Equestria girl
Reflected Truths
Reflection: Change is not About what People Think, It's About what You Feel Inside
Regal Ascension: God's Epoch
Regeneration become a mosquito
Regis Saga I: Slayers of Gods
Regressed Gluttony
Regressed of Eldritch Abominations
Regression Machine
Regressor Kiara: Heaven Inception
Regressor Kiara: Volume 1 – Prelude to Heaven
Regressor: Lord of the Demonic Syndicate
Regrets: The Sequel Of Possession
Reign of Magic
Reign of the Wallenstein
Reigns Saga
Reina and the Rending of Lethe
Reincarnate at HighSchool DxD! …. DAMN IT!
Reincarnate in Anime world
Reincarnate in Naruto with Modern Knowledge and Weapons
Reincarnate into another world as Demon Lord
Reincarnate No. 4: New Life As A Lewd Futanari Succubus
Reincarnate No. 4: New Life As An Ecchi Girl With A "Big Surprise"
Reincarnated And Became My Little Sister!!?
Reincarnated And Become My Little Sister!!?
Reincarnated And I Got Ridiculous Blessings!
Reincarnated and Well Loved By The Gods
Reincarnated Arriviste
Reincarnated as a (Nonsense) Story
Reincarnated As A Bat-Golem
Reincarnated As A Beastman
Reincarnated as a bedridden side-character
Reincarnated As A Benevolent Tyrant
Reincarnated as a blade of grass
Reincarnated as a Camera: I Will Build up a Worldly Portfolio
Reincarnated As A Chair In Another World
Reincarnated as a Cheat Vampire
Reincarnated As a Child And Become a GIRL?!
Reincarnated as a Child Prodigy | My Next Life After Death
Reincarnated as a Chocolate Waifu
Reincarnated As A Civilization!?
Reincarnated as a Cloak
Reincarnated as a cloud?!
Reincarnated as a Combat Android
Reincarnated As A Crocodile
Reincarnated As A Crocodile: Kingdom Side Stories
Reincarnated as a Crocodile: Warfare
Reincarnated As A Crystal Beast
Reincarnated as a Cultivation Sect Leader
Reincarnated as a Dragon
Reincarnated as a Dragon – The path of the Dragon God
Reincarnated as a Dragon's Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~ (mothbalde)
Reincarnated as a Dragon's Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~ (Reincarnation Translations)
Reincarnated as a Fantastical Beast
Reincarnated as a Female Cultivator
Reincarnated As A Girl Who Likes To Play!
Reincarnated as a Goblin Futanari
Reincarnated as A Harmless Sweetie
Reincarnated As A Hive Mind
Reincarnated As A Howny Dragon
Reincarnated as a Kaiju
Reincarnated as a Katana with a System!
Reincarnated as a King [Error: Body Not Included]
Reincarnated as a Lich [LitRPG]
Reincarnated as a Literal Blade of Grass
Reincarnated As A Loli In A Gal-Game, I Strive For A Better Future
Reincarnated as a Man with God Bloodline
Reincarnated as a mana core
Reincarnated as a Medium-Rank Demon
Reincarnated as a Misogynistic Freak ~
Reincarnated as a Misogynistic Freak ~The Sabotaging Character That Was Supposed to Spread Great Misfortune in a Bishoujo Game Wants to Keep His Dista
Reincarnated as a mosquito
Reincarnated as a Nightwalker
Reincarnated as a Plague
Reincarnated as a Player
Reincarnated as a Pumpkin!
Reincarnated as a Raven
Reincarnated as a Rock
Reincarnated as a Schizophrenic Catgirl with a Justice Boner and Multiple Personalities. One of them Read too much Sherlock Holmes
Reincarnated as a Schizophrenic Catgirl with a Justice Boner and Multiple Personalities. One of them Read too much Sherlock Holms
Reincarnated As A Scorpion
Reincarnated As A Set Of Armour
Reincarnated as a sex god in another world (I'm Immortal)
Reincarnated as a Sheep – Path to Becoming the Strongest Demon Lord
Reincarnated as a Shield!
Reincarnated as a side character in a weird Rom-Com Manga
Reincarnated as a Side Character: Who the *Beep* is an Extra?
Reincarnated as a Simple Minion
Reincarnated as a Spider (Draft/Writing practice)
Reincarnated As A Spider In A Dungeon
Reincarnated as a store
Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar
Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar (hiatus for a month)
Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar (pending)
Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar (prototype)
Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar (Rewrite)
Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar (Rewrite) (Hiatus)
Reincarnated as a Tiger
Reincarnated As A Vampire In A Dungeon.
Reincarnated as a Vampire Sorcerer with a System
Reincarnated as a Vampire with an OP System
Reincarnated as a vampire.
Reincarnated as a Villager ~ Strongest Slow-life
Reincarnated as a Villainess in a Wuxia World
Reincarnated as a Virus
Reincarnated as a White Stone of Legends
Reincarnated As a Witch
Reincarnated as a Wolf
Reincarnated As A Wood Golem
Reincarnated as a World
Reincarnated as a Xenomorph in a Fantasy World!
Reincarnated as a yuki-onna
Reincarnated as an Aircraft Carrier
Reincarnated As An Archmage In Another World
Reincarnated As An Atypical Merchant
Reincarnated As An Atypical Merchant Vol. 1
Reincarnated as an Elf's Best Friend
Reincarnated as an Evil Book
Reincarnated as an Evolving Monster
Reincarnated as an Katana with a System!
Reincarnated As An OP Dungeon
Reincarnated As An OP Dungeon: [Prototype]
Reincarnated As An OP Dungeon: Ascension
Reincarnated As An OP Dungeon: Hidara's Curse
Reincarnated As An OP Dungeon: Prequel
Reincarnated as an OP Loli
Reincarnated As An OP Paladin
Reincarnated As An OP Paladin [Old Version]
Reincarnated As An OP Paladin V2
Reincarnated As An OP Paladin V2 (Indefinite Hold)
Reincarnated as an Ordinary Man (Nothing could go wrong right?)
Reincarnated as an SCP To Save the World
Reincarnated as an Underage Father?!
Reincarnated as an Underaged Father?!
Reincarnated As Archmage In Another World
Reincarnated as a… Completely Average Person?
Reincarnated as a…Coyote!?
Reincarnated as Cindy cofran in the world of fallout 4
Reincarnated as Eula in KNB
Reincarnated as Part of the Dungeon's Harem
Reincarnated As Sasuke Uchiha (edited version)
Reincarnated as Sasuke Uchiha with System
Reincarnated As Sasuke Uchiiha (edited version)
Reincarnated As Shana
Reincarnated as Shenron's Descendant
Reincarnated as Strongest Lycan With System
Reincarnated as the best friend of a minor gay villain
Reincarnated as the daughter of a prostitute
Reincarnated as The Demon King's Son
Reincarnated as the Devil King's Henchman
Reincarnated as the Emperors talons
Reincarnated as the Fish who Slays the Dragon
Reincarnated as the God of Chaos
Reincarnated as the God of Shitty Life Counseling for Defective Washed Up Waifus
Reincarnated as the goddess of maids and slaves.
Reincarnated as the goddess of ship girls.
Reincarnated as the goddess of the sea.
Reincarnated As The Hero's Daughter: Wait, Why Is My MP Not Running Out?
Reincarnated As The Little Sister Of My Little Sister
Reincarnated as the main protagonist in an eroge… but… WHY THIS ONE?
Reincarnated as the masked swordsmen
Reincarnated as the Monster of all Monsters
Reincarnated as the most hated villain
Reincarnated As the Strongest Ancestor With a System
Reincarnated As The Succubus Queen's Assistant
Reincarnated as the Villain's 2nd in Command
Reincarnated as the Villainess Mother of the Main Character
Reincarnated as the Villainess! Yandere Various Reverse harem x reader!
Reincarnated as the Villian's 2nd in Command
Reincarnated as Tony's little sis
Reincarnated by the Great System
Reincarnated Cat Becomes a Magical Beast
Reincarnated Evil Manager, Why are you Happy working for me?!
Reincarnated extra refuses to die
Reincarnated Gamer
Reincarnated Hero Kills The Summoner
Reincarnated Ice Warmer (GL)
Reincarnated Ice Warmer (GxG)
Reincarnated in a Game World as a Game Genius
Reincarnated in a Generic Fantasy LitRPG World! With a System Too!
Reincarnated in a Town Building Game
Reincarnated In A Turn-Based RPG
Reincarnated in a World ruled by Demons
Reincarnated in a world were men are few and useless
Reincarnated in an Otome game as the ugly character in the background
Reincarnated in Another world
Reincarnated in Another World as a Child!
Reincarnated in Another World as a Master Swordswoman
Reincarnated in Another World – Otherworld Diary of Adventurer A
Reincarnated in Danganronpa
Reincarnated in in an Otome Game as a Mob Slave? Whatever! I'll Just Take My Mother and Exit the Stage!
Reincarnated in Naruto without cheats
Reincarnated in One Piece with the Legendary mechanic system
Reincarnated in Twilight Blind
Reincarnated into ??? – An interactive multiverse story
Reincarnated into a "Reincarnated as a Villainess" Manhwa?
Reincarnated into a Battle-Crazy Family
Reincarnated Into A Hell Hound Bl/Yaoi
Reincarnated into a Honey Slime!?
Reincarnated into a novel as a villain
Reincarnated into a Tarantula
Reincarnated into a Time-Loop Dungeon as a LVL100 Catgirl Chef!
Reincarnated Into an Ancient Dynasty Where Strange Names are the Trend
Reincarnated into an Onmyōdō World
Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess {Not really}
Reincarnated into an RPG with H-Mods installed
Reincarnated into Another World as the Unluckiest Loser to Ever Exist!
Reincarnated Into Another World Looking For My Stabber
Reincarnated into DC with the Omni-Gaming System
Reincarnated into Doraemon world as Nobita with op powers
Reincarnated into Hunter x hunter
Reincarnated into My Hero Academia
Reincarnated into Naruto
Reincarnated into One Piece as a regular human.
Reincarnated into Side Character: This Alchemist Hates Being Called #2
Reincarnated into the apocalypse as a spider
Reincarnated Into The Heir Of The Throne!?
Reincarnated Into The Worst Otome Game
Reincarnated into Transformers Rescue Bots
Reincarnated into Two Bodies
Reincarnated Lady is Tired
Reincarnated Life of a War Hero (戦争ヒーローの復活した人生)
Reincarnated on a similar planet
Reincarnated Surgeon in a World of Magic
Reincarnated Swordmaster
Reincarnated to a Margrave Family and become Apostle!!~
Reincarnated vampire are known as goddesses in another world
Reincarnated Weasel in Space
Reincarnated with a army building system.
Reincarnated With A Super Unique Class
Reincarnated With Giant Boobs!
Reincarnated With Lord of Seduction System
Reincarnated With Obscure System in Strange World
Reincarnated with the author
Reincarnated with the skill 'Creation'
Reincarnated, Now What?
Reincarnated, Now What?!
Reincarnated? I'll enjoy life as an adventurer then open a pub.
Reincarnates into Side Character: This Alchemist Hates Being Called #2
Reincarnating As Sasuke Uchiha in MHA
Reincarnation : Success System
Reincarnation [human] [weapon] [beast]
Reincarnation as a fox princess
Reincarnation as a Prince in another world. Have to solve this Bad Administration
Reincarnation as a Samurai Shapeshifter
Reincarnation as Sasuke
Reincarnation as Sentient Armour?
Reincarnation God
Reincarnation God's System
Reincarnation God's System(Paused)
Reincarnation in a alternate naruto
Reincarnation in an otaku universe
Reincarnation into
Reincarnation is a Serious Business
Reincarnation of a battle-seeking demon
Reincarnation of a Boxer!
Reincarnation of a Demonic Angel
Reincarnation Of A Humble God
Reincarnation of a Monster
Reincarnation of A Regretful Soul
Reincarnation of a Superstar
Reincarnation of a Worthless Man
Reincarnation of an Organism's Split Consciousness
Reincarnation of God of Destruction
Reincarnation of Seven lives
Reincarnation of the Cheater
Reincarnation of the Evil Lord
Reincarnation of the Great Conqueror
Reincarnation of the Gun Swap Goddess
Reincarnation of the Heaven
Reincarnation Of The Hero King
Reincarnation of The White Emperor.
Reincarnation of Third-rate Swordsman
Reincarnation Station
Reincarnation — Kingdom of Lust
Reincarnation's Life Choices (CYOA = Choose your own adventure)
Reincarnation: Arthur Nicholas The Great Crown Prince
Reincarnation: I Become Prince
Reincarnation: Journey to become a star
Reincarnation: Villainess' Chosen Path
Reincarnation: Yuuma Revenge
Reincarnation? Villainess? Death flags? I just want to sleep…
Reincarnations, Transmigrations, and Self-inserts.
Reincarnator Becomes Sword Emperor
Reincarnator wanted back to the Earth, but it looked like he got the jackpot?
Reincarnted As A Set Of Armour
Reiss of the Eternal
Reject humanity become monkey
Reject humanity become monkey(ON revision)
Reject Humanity, Return to Monke
Rejected Male Lead Braves The New World
Rekindle (Rework)
Relationship Online
Relative Times at Cascus High
Relevance And A World Flying Off The Tracks
Relic Sovereign
Relife System: The Unholy Mage
Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss
Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss 2
Reliving the Past ~ Second Earth
Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity
Remis Volume 1:The Wanderer
Remnant VII
Remnants of the Dawn
Remnants of the Old Galactic Empire
Remote Viewing Session X719
Ren Arime and the System's Silhouette
Ren Mortison and the System's Silhouette
Renacido como un pájaro [SPN]
Renata's Dawn
Renatus I
Rending Light
Rendwill~ Mediocre Realm
Renegade Mage
Renegade's Redemption
Renegade's Redemption: Dust
Rent a Boyfriend
Repaying the debt. (How to fuck up an Isekai 101: minotaur edition.) NSFW.
Repeat Zombie Apocalypse
Reports of True Immortals
República Popular de Sorin
Requiem of Souls
Requiem: Nightmare
Requierium – Reincarnated as a Loli With a Stand
Reroute: Villain
Rescue the Male Lead
Researching Life.
Resequencing DNA
Reservoir of Darkness
ReShape Reality「Everyone Levels Up」
Respawn Condition: Trash Mob
Response From A Distant Sky
Rest in a Demon's Embrace
Restart in the new world
Restart: Doing it Again
Restart: Worlds End or Ascension
Restarting Alice's Reincarnation
Restarting Life In a World of Mechanica
Restarting Life of a Broken Person
Restaurant Core
Restaurant of The Devourer
Restitutor Orbis: Harem & Empire
Restoration(Book 1)
Restoration: Covenant
Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)
resurrection with the 40k at Joe's beck and call (Replaced)
resurrection with the 40k at Joe's beck and call (WIP)
Resurrection: I died and came back as a 3000 year old vampire!
Retaking the Kingdom From my Brother (Re:Take)
Reteach Common Sense
Retirement Plans
Retribution Engine
Retribution Engine ARC 1
Retribution Engine ARC 2
Retribution- rise of the ugly bastard
Retry of a Mute
Return Of Abandoned Son
Return of Another End
Return of Crown Prince after 18 years living on the Coast and Gaining Superpower from Ancestor
Return of the 13th Zodiac
Return of The 8th Class Mage
Return Of The Abandoned Son
Return of the Ancient Spirit
Return Of The Demon God Dusk
Return of the Eternal: Truth & Emergence
Return of the Hallow Fiend
Return of the Laidback Hero
Return of the Last First Lord
Return of the Tower Conqueror
Return of the Vampire Queen
Return of The Villain Beast Master
Return to the Enchanted Planet
Return To The Last Days
Return to the Olden Kingdom
Returned to Earth as the Queen of a Magical Kingdom, I Will Try My Best to Survive!
Returned To My World
Returnee – Traversing from post apocalyptical world for the better
Returning 100 Years Later
Returning Hero and the Wonders of the Earth
Returning Schoolgirl
Returning to a New Era
Returning to Earth After Fighting a Millennium War In The Otherworld Vol. 1
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Reunion's Flag Knight
Revenant Of A Second Wind
Revenant of the Twin Moons
Revenant Sin
Revenge Killer
Revenge of the Cannon Fodder
Revenge Of the Fallen Hero
Revenge of the First Female General
Revenge of the Slayers
Revenge of the Young Lord
Revenge To The Devil
Reverence; Zero
Reverend Depravity
Reverend Depravity (discontinued)
Reverend Insanity the Final arc- Fan edition
Reverend Physique
Reverend Transmigration
Reverse Reincarnation
Reverse world
Revolt Of Merlin
Revolt Of The Fallen Hero
Revolution of Wild Magic
Revolutionary against the revolution
Rewrite the fate
Rhythm of Rampage
Rhythm System
Rica Wants Him Dead
Rice Bowl
Rich Sex
Rich Sex(18+)
Rich Sex(18+) Complete
Richard "Quickdraw" McCallister: A Eulogy
Riddle of Lead: Requiem of the Gun Knights
Rift Lament
Rift's Lament-America stepped into another world
Riftela: a Beginning of a Lifetime(Book 1)
Right Time Right Person
Right x Light
Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue
Rika: the little angel that saved me
Rin the Rat: Tale of a Beloved Monster
RIng Hero
RING: Eroica De Deus
Rip Current
Rise as a Demon Lordress
Rise in Hollywood
Rise of A Badass Businesswoman
Rise of a Great Combat Healer
Rise of a Powerful County Lord [BL]
Rise of a Teenage Drug Baron (Regular Updates @ )
Rise of an Empire
Rise Of Android
Rise of Cheolyong of Goguryeo
Rise of Edwin Von William Highland
Rise Of Eros
Rise of Evil
Rise of evil sword god
Rise of Kings: My Vampiric System
Rise Of Knight
Rise Of The Abandoned Young Master
Rise of the Abnormal Shadow
Rise of the Alchemist-King
Rise of the Antanoid
Rise of the Anti-Hero
Rise Of The Battle King
Rise of the Beast King
Rise of the Business [Class]
Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker, a Cultivation LitRPG saga #1
Rise of the Chicken God
Rise of the Cosmic Martial King
Rise of the Cyber God
Rise of the Death God
Rise of the death seeking emperor
Rise of the Demon Lord
Rise of The Dragon Emperor
Rise of the Eldritch Invasion
Rise of the Exile
Rise Of The First Player
Rise of the Goblin Kingdom
Rise of the Godslayer
Rise Of The Greatest Magician
Rise of the Guild Master
Rise Of the Haffu
Rise of the Half-Blood Prince
Rise of the Heal Heal no mi
Rise Of The Heavenly King
Rise of the Human Emperor
Rise of the Last Star
Rise of the Limitless
Rise of the Limitless (Isekai LitRPG Adventure)
Rise of the Magical Girl Vigilante
Rise of the Magical Girl Vigilante Part 1
Rise of the Magus Empire(eyes of truth)
Rise of the Midnight King
Rise of the Myriad Emperor
Rise of The Necromancer Tactician
Rise of the nefarious devil
Rise of the new Dawn
Rise of The NPC
Rise of the Only Human
Rise of the Paragon – A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG
Rise of the Phantom
Rise Of The Potato God
Rise Of The Potato God (LitRPG)
Rise of the Rune Knight
Rise of the Seven Sins: The Gluttonous King Slime
Rise of the shaman
Rise of the Spear Hero
Rise of the Summoned Hero!
Rise Of The Swarm
Rise of The True heir
Rise of The True Heir | Light Novel
Rise of the Twin Princesses
Rise of the Undead king
Rise of the USSR in another world
Rise of the Vampire Queen
Rise of the Vampire Queen (R-18+)
Rise of the Viking warrior
Rise of the Weakest Summoner
Rise of the White Dragon Emperor.
Rise of the White Dragon.
Rise of the Wolf
Rise of the Woman Forged From Wind
Rise of Vampires
Rise of Void Dragons
Rise to Power
Rise To The Absolute Zenith
Rise. Rising. Risen.
Rising A Nation In Another World
Rising Currents
Rising from the Depths
Rising From the War of Fog
Rising Idol
Rising Of A Diamond rewritten
Rising Star
Rising Sun : MHA
Risk (18+)
ROACH- rising pestilence
Road of the Immortal Tao
Road safety failed me!? an Isekai tale of an idiot
Road To Crisis In A Universe's Freeworld Plan 1
Road to Fantasy
Road to Hapiness
Roaming the Unknown Worlds
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Rogue Shinobi [Naruto FanFic]
Role-playing in Phantasm World
Rolf the reincarnated allrounder.
Roll With It
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone [Monster Evolution LitRPG]
Roman eagle 1297
Romance of Monsters
Romance of the Cursed Knight
Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 Stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling
Romeo, Romeo… Why Are You A Woman!?
Ronin: The Dark Huntsman
Ronin: The Dark Huntsman (An Isekai Progression LitRPG)
Ronny McKitty
Rooting for you
Roots (18+)
Roots and Steel
Rory Richardson: if he had lived
Rosary for the Fallen: Dreaming Days
Rosary for the fallen: Twin daughters
Rosary for the fallen: Twins daughters
Rosary of the fallen: Twin Daughters
Rosewood Academy
Rotten Deep Down.
Rotten Magic (Runic Expansion Book 1)
Rotten Purity
Rotten Purity: A MHA Fanfic
Rotten Purity: Spacetime Shenanigans
Rotten Æther
Roving Marionettes
Roxie: The vigilante witch
Royal Four-Ces
Royal Liar [BL]
Royal Path of Cultivation
Royal Princess of Blood
Royal Thief
RPG assassin in Harry Potter
RPG: Blithe
Rubber Human in MHA
Rubik's Man: I'm Rich &amp; You're Dead
Ruby Eyes In Remnant
Ruin and Scorn
Ruin Stone
Ruining lives for fun in another world
Ruinous Hearts
Rule in Dark
Ruler (Solo Leveling)
Ruler of Shadows in One Piece
Rules of the Apocalypse
Rumble Circuit
Rumble Circuit (Awakened in a Fighting Game World and Force to Battle to Survive!)
Rumble Circuit (Awakened in a Fighting Game World and Forced to Battle to Survive!)
Rumble Circuit (Fighting Game Isekai)
Rumble Circuit (Fighting Game Isekai) (Illustrated)
Runaway Goddess: Mischievous Third Miss
Rune in Bleach World (First Work, Please go on easy with me)
Rune Magica: Tales of Helios
Rune monster world
Rune World
Runes of Blood
Rush to Level 0
Russia is Coming to Another World
Russian Isekai Stories
RWBY Volume 1
RWBY Volume 2
RWBY Volume 3
RWBY Volume 4
RWBY Volume 5
RWBY volume 6
RWBY Volume 7
RWBY Volume 8
RWBY With Devils Gacha
RWBY With Dreams Of Gensokyo
RWBY: Gamer Guild
RWBY: Side Story Vol.1
RWBY: Side Story Vol.2
RWBY: Tinker of Fiction
Rygar: Quest to kill a dark lord
Ryn of Avonside
Ryotaro Creator of a million blades.
RyuTar, YinYuan – (Dark Wind, Icy Snow)
Ryuu's Yandere Oneshots
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
S&B: World Hopping System
S-Rank Alchemist of the Tower
S-Rank In Another World, The New Beginning.
S.elf: Digital Battles
S.H.A.D.E. (Rewritten/Updated)
S.O.A.Z (Squad of Anti Zombies)
Sable Coils
Sabotage Sequence
Sacrament: Hunters of the Summoned
Sacred Bands
Sacred Guardians
Sacrifice System
Sad Water Sailors (Horror-adventure)
Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World
Sadly, I Couldn't Forget…
Saeculum Novum (A New Century/LitRPG)
Saer Servitude
Safe Mode Omnipotence
Saga of Cosmic Journey
Saga of Pride
Saga of Ruin – Song of Drowning Spring
Saga of Tama the Immortal
Saga of the Cosmic Heroes
Saga of the Endless Storm
Saga of the Prince's Company
Saga of the Storm Wizard
Saga of Vallauria: Axion
Sage of death
Sage of glass
Sage, Vampire Mistress 🖤
Sagrado (WN)
Saharan Successor
Saharan Successor – The Last Emperor
Saikyou no Shuzoku ga Ningen Datta Ken (WN)
Saint Devil: An Immortal Cultivation Novel
Saint Devil: An Immortal Cultivation Novel.
Saint Paradox/Crusade of The Unfaithful Saint
Saint's Mage
Saintess? Not anymore. I'd Rather be a Destroyer
Saisei Man
Saitama : One Punch
Saiyan Devil System
Saiyan Multiverse
Sakura Haruno: Slutty, Competent Ninja
Sakura Is Reincarnated
Sakura Is Reincarnated (Clean
Sakura Is Reincarnated (Clean)
Sakura Is Reincarnated- Naruto Edition
Sakura: A Naruto AU
Salfia Formation
Salt & Pyrrha: A Changing World Novel
Salt [BL]
Salute( 1 chapter Short)
Salvage (A Steampunk/ Gaslamp Fantasy Romance)
Salvage (A Steampunk/ Gaslamp Fantasy Romance: F/M, M/M)
Salvation of the Sc*m Fifth Prince
Salvation of the Scum Fifth Prince
Salvation of the Scum Fifth Prince [BL]
Salvos (A Demon evolution litrpg)
Salvos (A Demon Girl Evolution LitRPG)
Salvos (A Monster Evolution Story)
Salvos [A LitRPG Adventure]
Samantha Rye and the Magic Girl High
Samhain: The Otherworld Awaits
SAMPLE – World Apocalypse – Calamity Dungeon "Rise of the Black Seraph: Volume I – Carrion Crow"
Samsara's Sword
Sanctuary of the Last Judgment
Sanctuary: Touching My Sky
Sand and Legends
Sandstorm- Human Revolution
Sanguine Paradise
Sanguine Sovereign
Santa's Secret Transfic Anthology Vol. 2
Sapphic Smut Collection
Sappho's Spinning Wheel: A Yuri Garden Anthology
Sarah's Saga
Sardinia! What Is Innocence?
Sasqia, The life of a Self-Aware-Super-Quantum-Computer-AI
Sasquatch God: Nemesis
Satan's Little Helper
Satisfaction Brought Them Back
Saucy Jack
Sauropod Station Necromancer
Savage Limitless
Savannah's Hypnotic Socks
Save Me.
Save Scumming in another world.
Saved by Arceus [Pokémon Reincarnation Fic]
Saving Rene!
Saving Scribblia Take One – Readers Needed – Death Garented (A Quest By Derrax)
Saving Scribblia Take One – Readers Needed – Death Guarenteed (A Quest By Derrax)
Saving The World With A Harem
Savior of the Dark Goddess
Savior of the Soul
Scapegoat Sister Vs Second Prince
Scarecrow in another world
Scarlet Evolution{A LitRPG Story}
Scars of the Soul
Scavenger Logs
Scenario Solve: Quest of Enjoyment
Scene Unlocker
Scenes From a Changing World
SCENT: Reminiscences of a Police Detective in a Superhero World
Scheming to Power
Scholar of a Thousand Paths
School life
School Princess is a Mafia Leader
School War
Schooling Before Covid
Schwarz -‖- Der Wille zur Macht
Schwarz is my destiny
Schwarz ˻̵‖̵˼ Der Wille zur Macht
Scientific Method
Scientific principles in a fantasy world
Scientific Principles Of A Magical World
Scifi Isekai
Scion of the Shadow
Scooby-Doo: Battle with the Valkyries
Scorched – The Winter Winds (litRPG)
Scorned: Octavia
Scourge of All
SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World
SCP Lab Rat (SLR)
SCP Rewind
Scp System
Scrap Quest
Screeching Sparrow Sect
Scribble Hub Discord (PG-13 Peoples!)
Scribbly Short Story Competition
Scroll Records of Fallen Mountain
Sculpting My Way in Another World
Sea Glass Eyes
Seaborne A Lewd Journey To The Top
Seamless Silver
Search for Eternity
Searching for Freedom in Another World
Searching for Normal
Searching Life.
Season Love (Where Winter is Warm Where Summer is Cool)
Seasons Reapings
Second Ascension of Firvian
Second Chance
Second chance love in interstellar world?!
Second Chance To Happiness
Second Chance with a twist
Second Chances
Second Earth
Second Flame of Romance
Second Friend flower
Second Friend flower – Gods vs Human
Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess
Second Life of an Incubus Dragon
Second Life Tree
Second Male Lead to One, Male Lead to Another
Second World Online: Darkness
Secondary Reincarnation: Awakened Gods
Secondary Reincarnation: Awakened Gods – A D&D Inspired Isekai
Secret From the Past (LitRPG)
Secret Hole
Secret Love: Teacher X Student(Himitsu no Ai)
Secret Marriage: My Wife Spoils Me Everyday
Secret Safe
Secrets (Ruin My Life) – Lookism [BL]
Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort
Secrets of How the World Changed
Secrets of the Blue: A Journey of the Beautiful Elisa
Secrets Online
Sect Leader Doesn't Believe in Cultivation!
Sect Master: Gacha System
Seducing My Unrequited Love
Seducing My Unrequited Love (GL)
Seducing the Ladies of my Family
See You in Sunny Dreams
See You Tomorrow
Seed (18+)
Seed of Dreams
Seed of Heaven
Seekers of The End
Seekers of the World
Seeking Solace
Seeking The Performers (Circus Of Miracles) #1
Seeking' Hope
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
Seisen Cerberus II: Lucid Victory
Seiun wo Kakeru
Self Insert as Spider-Man MCU
Self Insert As Superboy In My Hero Academia
Self-insert into a fantasy land! Cause' why not?
Senior Brother: This time, I will protect you
SenjiQ's Sci-Fi Teaser
Senju-Uzumaki Uzu
Senntell a hero's journey
Senses Reposed
Senshi Youth
Sensitive Psychopath [FIRST DRAFT]
Sent Back in Time to Fix my Terrible Life
Sent to another world with the Necronomicon
sentient AI starts as an undead
Sentimental General
Sentinel of the Deep
Sentinels in the Night
September Ends
September Photographs
Sera's Poems: A Tale of Love & Life
Seren the Chaos Eater
Serenity of the Crow
Serial Transmigrator
Series of Singular or Short Stories
Seriously, I'm just collecting stories, I'm no savior
Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
Serithic World
Serpent's Kiss
Servant of Heaven
Servant of the Goddess
Servant of the Stars
Servant Under Heaven
Set me free
Set to Rise: The Day Before the Dawn
Seven Cities: Online
Seven Godly Realms: Ice and Snow
Seven Regrets
Seven Sins System
Seven Star Prison
Seven Years of Hope
Seventh Fates, Volume 1
Seventh Sanctum
Sex and Dungeon
Sex Cult 101
Sex System Academy
Sexcapades of a Burly Monk
Sexual Condition
Sexual Healing
SH Chronicles
Shade and Flow
Shade Touched
Shadow ( An Original OC)
Shadow Fox
Shadow Garden In The World of My Hero Academia
Shadow In Your Mind
Shadow of Angmar
Shadow of the Eclipse: An Adventure in Magic and Tragedy as Experienced by the Twins of the Aletere
Shadow of the Evening Recluse
Shadow of the Gods
Shadow of the Soul King
Shadow of the Soul King (LitRPG)
Shadow Princess
Shadow Rogue
Shadow Storm
Shadow Walker – Otherworldly Thief
Shadow Walker – The Otherworldly Thief
Shadowpoint Mystic Academy
Shadowrun: The Wild Fire Tales
Shadows of Arcana
Shadows of Carnage
Shadows of Tellus; Shadows Behind the Throne
Shadows of the American Comicbook World
Shady Greg, Dungeon Merchant
Shamayin: Conferment of Heroes
Shamayin: Investiture of Heroes
Shame and Desire
Shameless Transmigration: I turned everyone on!
Shanty singer in other world
Shapeshifter's hell
Shards of the Aether
SHARDS: The Master of Miracles
Sharingan In SCOG
Shark tooth bay
Sharon's Whisper
Sharshua Dragonsong and the Ghost
Shatter Glass-An NPC's story
Shatter Glass-The underworld Broker
Shatter the Heavens; Slaughter the Gods
Shattered Destiny
Shattered Glass (Shang Li)
Shattered Helix
Shattered Horizon
Shattered In Pieces
Shattered Moonstone
Shattered Reality
Shattered Soul
Shattered Soul – A Xianxia Story
Shattering Her Love Prophecies
Shattering The Heavens
She Hunts in the Night
She Is The Escape Boss QT
She Killed Billions: Harem and Base Building After the Apocalypse
She Loves Me Too Much!
She Never Dies
She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN)
She was…
She Who Was Raised By Ogres
Shelter Rescue
Shepherding Humanity
Shi no Shinja (Death's Follower)
Shieldsman Tale
Shifter King
Shifter Sister (18+)
Shifting Tale
Shiitagerareta Kyuuseishu no Ore wa Isekai wo Misutete Moto no Sekai de Kimama ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita
Shijin Sensou
Shimo: The Ice Elf
Shinigami no Life
Shinigami — An Assassin's Life
Shining Hell Overlord
Shinji Servitude
Shinobi System
Shinobi: The Rpg
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – ANOTHER FILES
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – SECRET FILES: Kizuna
Shirogane Hime to Kuro no Shisho – The Silver Princess and The Black Bibliothecary
Shite no Isekai no Iron Man
Shitlord of VR
Shitposting in Another World
Shitty Anthology
Shitty World & Heroes
Shizun is Sick [BL]
Shopkeeper Of The Godly System Of All Realms
Short omegaverse stories( BL)
Short stories
Short Stories (of mostly angst and tragedy)
Short stories by ansh
Short Stories COLLECTION: Glimpses and Intrigue
Short Stories from Earth 1011 – A More Wholesome DCU
Short Stories of Self-Proclaimed Angst
Short writing prompt: Horror
Short writing prompt: The Doll
Short/Incomplete Stories.
Shorts Minion's Shorts!
Shota & Succubus X Supernatural World
Shouting the battle cry of freedom in this other world.
Showbiz Mob Character Template G Variation 7
Showbiz Showdown!!
Showbiz Web Novel Mob Character Template G Variation 7
Shrink Story (Title to be determined)
Shut Up And Play the Hits – A KT Tale
Shuttling Between the Two Worlds
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum -‖- [Naruto FanFic]
Si Vis Pacem P