Series Releases:

Thu 2022.05.19

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
A Hero Among Monsters 11 Scribble Hub
Sorcerer Merlin 6 Mission Complete! RoyalRoadL
Frameshift 139 Scribble Hub
[BL | Aro] Like a Feather Tickling My Heart 26 Scribble Hub
System Of Order Pursuit RoyalRoadL
System Of Order Limitations RoyalRoadL
Star Gluttony 1 5 Scribble Hub
System Of Order 2 Awakening - 2 RoyalRoadL
System Of Order 1 Awakening - 1 RoyalRoadL
This Slimy Melting Heart 159 Scribble Hub
Wandering through the stars 15 (15)Before the duel RoyalRoadL
Wandering through the stars 14 Chapter 14: Grand Arena RoyalRoadL
Reborn in Honkai Impact as Fervent Tempo 1 Scribble Hub
A Forced Engagement 11 Scribble Hub
Natasha the Halve 124 Scribble Hub
A mistaken marriage match: Destined Marriage Of Shang Jun 152 Nutty is Procrastinating
What is the World Anyways? 4 Chapter 4: Is this a dream? RoyalRoadL
Girls and Monsters 12 Scribble Hub
Girls and Monsters 12 Chapter 12 RoyalRoadL
Yugioh Card Summoner 91 Scribble Hub
Wanting in Paradise Chapter ???: The Meeting RoyalRoadL
Life in Vain: Jobless Reincarnation 98 Scribble Hub
[BL] Romancing the Son of Heaven 35 Scribble Hub
Extra Professor 22 Extra Professor: Chapter 22: Match Scribble Hub
Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata ~Senjou wo Kakeru Kaifuku Youin~ 193 ShiroKun's Translation
Rubik's Man: I'm Rich & You're Dead 3 Scribble Hub
Mechas vs Monsters = Love 4 Scribble Hub
Rodentia Adventures 13 Chapter 13: Indomitble RoyalRoadL
NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY: The Adventures of The Creeping Bam (BOOK ONE: The Job) 1 28 Chapter Twenty-Eight: Shayline RoyalRoadL
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World 1797 LightningFast BS
Youngling 19 Dzik RoyalRoadL
Sleeping Princess 45 Scribble Hub
Youngling 18 New Mentor? RoyalRoadL
Strongest Swordsman In One Piece 68 Scribble Hub
Youngling 17 Ashoka Tano RoyalRoadL
Youngling 16 Guilt RoyalRoadL
Youngling 15 Lightsaber lessons RoyalRoadL
Shadow of the Soul King 119 Scribble Hub
Dao's Wheel 12 Undercurrents 2 RoyalRoadL
That Time I got reincarnated as… The Demon Lord's butler?! Now I should help her annihilate all Humans while hiding the fact I'm helping them 83 Scribble Hub
Broken Emperor 39 Scribble Hub
Reincarnated in an Otome game as the ugly character in the background 87 Scribble Hub
Broken Emperor 39 Chapter 39 RoyalRoadL
The Impurity's Ascension 39 039 Practice RoyalRoadL
Nexus 24 Chapter 24 RoyalRoadL
Jal Jomari: The Search for Lu Kan Moti 30-2 PART TWO - Chapter 30 - A New Identity RoyalRoadL
So this is what would happen when I get to be a Magical Girl 2 Side story 2: Magic lessons Scribble Hub
Nexus (Practice Writing) 24 Scribble Hub
Leveling up the World 466 Scribble Hub
Self Insert As Superboy In My Hero Academia 43 Scribble Hub