Series Releases:

Wed 2021.08.04

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MAZE - The Endless Quest 279 279 - Honey, I'm home RoyalRoadL
Etudie Perpetuity: Genius Student in Another World 53 Chapter 53 RoyalRoadL
The Price of Wishing 25 The Call RoyalRoadL
Mildred high 5 Scribble Hub
The Necromancer in Magic School 44 Chapter 44 - The Advent of Oliver Vinari RoyalRoadL
Drip-Fed 15 Scribble Hub
Drip-Fed 188 The Long Way 15 – Dark Wrestlings RoyalRoadL
[BL] A Pirate's Creed 12 Scribble Hub
Flight of The Draykes 66-1 Chapter 66 - Remember (Part 1) RoyalRoadL
Star Odyssey 4 Chapter 4: Looking for a quick fix RoyalRoadL
[BL] Second Male Lead to One, Male Lead to Another 202 Scribble Hub
Royal Princess of Blood 81 Scribble Hub
Flight of The Draykes 64 Scribble Hub
Tale of the Demon Hero 35 Chapter XXXV. RoyalRoadL
I was bored so I made a secret organization 4 Scribble Hub
Cultivation Mart 2 Scribble Hub
Marvel Exilir: The rise of Mutant Empire 3 Scribble Hub
Unbound (LitRPG Isekai Fantasy) 244 Scribble Hub
Path to Immortality 93 Scribble Hub
Elysion Online ~The Dragonewt and The Summoner~ 41 Ch. 041: Cooking Contest Battle Start FoxTeller
Azarinth Healer 718 Chapter 718 Bath RoyalRoadL
Kismet's Tale 117 Scribble Hub
The one who eats all 1 3-2 Scribble Hub
Bookworld Online: Marsh Man 278 Scribble Hub
My Reverse Life 8 Scribble Hub
Youjo Senki: Tanya the Evil In My Hero Academia 37 Scribble Hub
Harem app 20 Scribble Hub
Ryotaro Creator of a million blades. 17 Scribble Hub
The Space Legacy 3 10 Scribble Hub
​Rise of Wolfborne Futa Conquerer 5 Scribble Hub
Lord Of The Magus World 34 Scribble Hub
A second life as a fox. 62 Ch 62: A duel. RoyalRoadL
The Hero who returned from Another World Hates His Current Life 19 Scribble Hub
A second life as a fox 62 Scribble Hub
System Only Gives Me Useless Gifts 102 Scribble Hub
Please Stay with Me! 5 Scribble Hub
Reaper of Cantrips 72 Chapter 72: In Gold RoyalRoadL
NeoRealm - Staring back into the Future 186 Chapter 186 - Magic Swords Generally Not Magic RoyalRoadL
NeoRealm – Staring Back Into the Future 186 Scribble Hub
The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss 2375 Ch. 2375: Intense Conflict (2) FoxTeller
PokéSync 1 37 Scribble Hub
Ephemeral Reverie #1 – The Silence Between 15 Scribble Hub
Like a Flower 6 Scribble Hub
Parallel Fate 20 Scribble Hub
Shadow In Your Mind 35 Scribble Hub
It Seems Like I Got Transmigrated Into An Eroge 7 Scribble Hub
Unknown Alien 2 Scribble Hub
Path of the Dragon Mage – Exiled 29 Scribble Hub
Sin-Eater 8 Scribble Hub
Flock of Doves 22 Scribble Hub