Series Releases:

Sat 2021.04.17

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
Cross World Project 36 Scribble Hub
Unforeseen Variables 11 Scribble Hub
These Heels Step Heavenward – A Jade Beauty's Isekai Gone Wild 7 Scribble Hub
The Boy I Called 'Mine' 4 Scribble Hub
The Greatest Empress 21 Scribble Hub
Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping 1235 ISO Translations
Monarch of Heaven's Wrath 291 Scribble Hub
Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping 1234 ISO Translations
The Incubus System 176 Scribble Hub
Psychic Tyrant 46 Scribble Hub
I died and was reincarnated as Warship in a fantasy world 2 100 Scribble Hub
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King 71 Scribble Hub
I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce 113 kerukeruTL
In my defense, I did not choose reincarnation. 5-2 Scribble Hub
Those He Left Behind 2 17 Scribble Hub
Holy Roman Empire 28 Scribble Hub
Called To Another World 90 Scribble Hub
I wanna Hide 16 Scribble Hub
Katalepsis 13 Scribble Hub
Demon Slayer: The Light of the Sun 3 Scribble Hub
Magnus 3 36 Scribble Hub
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King 70 Scribble Hub
Daily Life of a Villain's Mother 194 Shainag Translations
Daily Life of a Villain's Mother 193 Shainag Translations
The Male Lead's Substitute Wife 242 Shainag Translations
Avoid the Protagonist! 296 Shainag Translations
Death March — Fixed 7 5-4 Scribble Hub
The Runesmith 97 Scribble Hub
For February's Rain 37 Scribble Hub
Nakada-san to Ren'ai「Black Label」 40 Scribble Hub
If Destiny Fails 22 Scribble Hub
Innocent Devil's Harem 1-2 Scribble Hub
Fox Girl of the End 33 Scribble Hub
Guilty Crown:True King 31 Scribble Hub
Soul Evolution System 290 Scribble Hub
Requiem to the Stars 26 Whatsawhizzer Web Novels
Innocent Devil's Harem 1-1 Scribble Hub
Emperor's Domination 3598 Wuxiaworld
Emperor's Domination 3599 Wuxiaworld
Xiuluo Wushen 4719 Wuxiaworld
The Zombie Knight 267-3134 The Zombie Knight
Tranxending Vision 1161 Wuxiaworld
Martial Peak 1884 Divine Dao Library
Pieces of Sonder 55 Scribble Hub
[BL] The Emperor and the Tree 26 Scribble Hub
The Infinite Player 3 Scribble Hub
A Demon's Journey 14 Scribble Hub
Princess and the General 172 Spring Rain Translations
Daomu Biji 8 MereBear's Translation
Shapeshifter's hell 2 Scribble Hub