Series Releases:

Wed 2021.10.27

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
Redo of a Romanceless Author's Life Devoid of Love; Another Chance at Youth 49 Scribble Hub
The Werewolf Cheerleader 2 20 Scribble Hub
Strawberry Devil in a Fantasy World 63 Scribble Hub
Archangel Accelerate 6 Chapter 6: The Director RoyalRoadL
NEXUMON: Together in a Dying World 5-1 Part 1- Chapter 5 RoyalRoadL
Soul Venerable 49 Scribble Hub
The Immortal Calamity 26 Scribble Hub
Marvel: Game Maker System 8 Scribble Hub
Blood Of The Covenant 56 Scribble Hub
Dauntless: Origins 19 Chapter 19 - One-Eye RoyalRoadL
Fand 24 Chapter 24. Kammin Spire RoyalRoadL
Fatal Attraction 13 Scribble Hub
Omnicrafter (A Crafting Adventure LitRPG) 38 Scribble Hub
Velvet Abyss 90 Scribble Hub
Infinite Ladder – War of Gods 148 Scribble Hub
Dominator – From Naruto to Bleach 16 Scribble Hub
Dominator In DxD 80 Scribble Hub
Pumpkaboo in Stardew 8 Ch [8] Amethyst Blessing RoyalRoadL
Infinite Ladder: Marvel (Multiverse Story) 66 Scribble Hub
Irregulars in Tales of Demons and Gods 14 Scribble Hub

Tue 2021.10.26

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Hitman Hitman Garden 17 Chapter 17 : Captain's Copy Echo RoyalRoadL
System Change 123 Scribble Hub
The lone macaw 15 Scribble Hub
Inheritance Book 2: Unborn 1 Will be uploading on book 1 again RoyalRoadL
Dauntless: Origins 18 Chapter 18 - Warmth RoyalRoadL
Black Boar Band 12 Chapter 12 RoyalRoadL
Black Boar Band 12 Scribble Hub
Last Man 42 Chapter 42: Honest Culture RoyalRoadL
Help Me, Miss Planner! 146 Scribble Hub
Wave 26 Chapter 26 - Captured (3) RoyalRoadL
The Dragon Mage Saga: A fantasy post-apocalyptic LitRPG story 8 Scribble Hub
Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs 548 Explore
[Spanish] Odisea [Furry/Yiff] 71 Capitulo 71 RoyalRoadL
God-Kings 5 Arc I - Juliette I RoyalRoadL
The Drifter Era 43 Scribble Hub
The Guardian 47 Chapter 47: Don't regret it. RoyalRoadL
The Menocht Loop — How I Accidentally Became the Strongest Necromancer 43 Scribble Hub
Light Unto Another World 1 Scribble Hub
Beneath a Quiet Bright Moon 1 Scribble Hub
Devouring – Progenitor of Evolution 1 Scribble Hub
I Cultivate For Revenge! 33 Scribble Hub
An Identity Beyond Self 5 Scribble Hub
The Human Effect 6 A Question of Conduct ( Was it an Addiction? ) RoyalRoadL
The Game Overs [Brilliant MC LitRPG] 8-1 Chapter 8 - Gearme, pt. 1 RoyalRoadL
Why Did I Reincarnate as the Villainess? 4 Scribble Hub
The Exiled Villainess Returns 2 64 Scribble Hub
2nd choice reincarnation – into the Onepieceverse 43 Scribble Hub
The Call of the Void 10 10. Peace in the Void RoyalRoadL
The Call of the Void 10 Scribble Hub
Inexorable Chaos 207 Scribble Hub