About this site

This site is a (alpha) project of Fake-Name. It is open source, you can find the source here.


Why "WLN"? I initially wanted to call the site "lwnupdates.com" ("light-web-novels" flows better then "web-light-novels"), but lwn.net is already a well-established thing, so I flipped the lettering to better disambiguate.

Are you trying to cover english-language/non-Asian web content as well? Yep. In general, I'd like to just cover ALL THE THINGS, though that'll be heavily dependent on getting enough people interested in them to keep things up to date in a proper manner.
I expect to be able to get at least some of the update information by doing some careful parsing of RSS feeds (see the TextScrape and FeedScrape modules of my MangaCMS project). I should be able to pipe the update info that I'm already scraping into the update system in some manner.

Isn't this basically a MangaUpdates.com clone? Yep, pretty much. They're basically my blueprint for the overall design, through the codebase is completely different (I wrote this basically as a "learn MVC" excercise, which precluded using an extant complete system).
Yes, the "updates" in the site-name is basically completely copied from MangaUpdates.
It's probably accurate to say there is nothing particularly original about this site, it's just hopefully a bit more refined.

Why are so many of the novels missing so much data? Right now, the novel names and metadata are currently populated using scraped content from both MangaUpdates and LNDB.info. Unfortunately, these sites encompass a different set of metadata for each, so every entry is missing at least some information. Hopefully once I get accounts and user-editing working, that will be fixed in short order.

Is there a way to monitor certain series for changes? You can currently watch series, though the update tracking system is yet to be implemented, because the release tracking system itself (that would feed the update system) is also not yet implemented.