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Welcome to the new (and hopefully more performant) WLNUpdates.

I've migrated the site to a server with a SSD, in hopes that it'll improve some of the page-load times for people with very large numbers of watched series. Personally, my watched series page has ~2.1K items on it, and it can sometimes be slightly slow to load.

The new site is up and running and synchronized with the old site (which is still up at if you need it, for probably another month or so, though it's in read-only mode). and should point to the new server shortly, as the DNS update propagates.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know on either the forum, or if that doesn't work, the github project:

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View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival Games 106 Chrysanthemum Garden
The Man Who Was Buried Alive by Me 2 Mtldump
The E-Sports Circle's Toxic Assembly Camp 78 Chrysanthemum Garden
Card Room 336 Chrysanthemum Garden
Inferior Magic Swordsman: Using the Skill Board to Become the Strongest 79 Lazy Translations
I Refuse to Try to Max Out Any Stat So I'll Just Start Finding My Own Way Around! A Healer That Doesn't Specialize in Anything, Separates From His Friends, and Goes on His Own Journey 11 Lazy Translations
A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800%EXP 2 Karnevale
The Tragedy of The Villainess 5-1 RainOfSnow
The Man Who Was Buried Alive by Me 3 Mtldump
Corpse Wins After The End Of The World 59 UntamedAlley
Otherworldly Merchant 514 Wuxiaworld
Supernatural Movie Actor App 163 Chrysanthemum Garden
Forces of Temptation 5 Chrysanthemum Garden
I Became a God in a Horror Game 58 Chrysanthemum Garden
A Crowd of Evil Spirit Lines up to Confess to Me 68-3 Foxaholic
Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the Entire World 127-2 Foxaholic
Yama Rising 405 Wuxiaworld
I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space Mercenary 218 Light Novels Translations
The Villain Has Been Coveting Me for a Long Time 27 Dummy Novels
Yuan Zun 1076 Wuxiaworld
The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression 40 Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
Master Devil Don't Kiss Me 2 556 Tranzgeek
Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the Entire World 127 Foxaholic
Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the Entire World 127-2 Foxaholic
A Crowd of Evil Spirit Lines up to Confess to Me 68 Foxaholic
Adventure Record of Reincarnated Aristocrat ~ the Apostle of Gods Who Doesn't Know Self-Esteem~ 2 39 Europaisacoolmoon
Surrender 2 28 Taizidianxia
Eternal Reverence 694 Jinz Translation
A Crowd of Evil Spirit Lines up to Confess to Me 68 Foxaholic
Remarry Lady 4-2 FatChicUsualyKool
Remarry Lady 5-1 FatChicUsualyKool
No Pollution, No Public Harm 37 Chai Translations
The Wealthy Husband 4 Foxaholic
Fanservice Paradox 37 Peach Pits
Parenting in Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love Nest 91 Chrysanthemum Garden
Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul 225 Fantasy-Books
Regressor Takes Everything 41 NovelMultiverse
EX rank supporting role's replay in a prestigious school 71 NovelMultiverse
Ranker's Return 374 Wuxiaworld
Star Odyssey 449 Wuxiaworld
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
Secrets of the Myath 16 Chapter 16
The adventure of the chosen 4 But a simple tournament
Breaking Point Awakening 9 Chapter 9.5 ~ Yoshino Masumi
Entangled 6 Chapter 6
The Academy: Year One 6 Chapter Six: The Trials
Midnight Sun 4 Chapter 4 - Learning
Forgotten Era, Book One: A Bloody Tale 1 12 Chapter 12
Burning Tears 19 Don't believe your own eyes
Mail Fox Tales 4 The 2nd Delivery: Chapter 4
Mana-Script 10 Chapter 10 - Two Weeks
Entangled 5 Chapter 5
The Jinni and The Isekai 16 Chapter Fifteen—Loot
MetaMorph 2 2. the Cold night
The Brute 43
Murim Login 4
Time Stipend – Manipulating time in the apocalypse 9
Just a Cannon Fodder 9 Chapter 9
Level system vs Cultivation methods 62
Second Flame of Romance 27
The Eagle's Flight 174
Dragon Heart 5 Ch. 5 Deepdale
Dragon Heart 5
Royal Princess of Blood 32
Ero Skill Tree 77
Soulbound Breaker 23
Princess and the Slave. 19
Not Alone 18 (Last) Chapter 18: Missing a certain someone.
Drip-Fed 31
2450 – Age of Corporations 3
Universe 2.0 24 Chapter 24 Finding another treasure
Those He Left Behind 1 4
Micchi Versus the New World 75
Hype-phagia 6 CH 6 - Suspicious Young Man
Power Up! 14
Serial Transmigrator 188
Serial Transmigrator 188 Chapter 188
Green Life 92
The Reincarnated Girl Will Live Quietly 4
The Runesmith 83
Reincarnation Station 9
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Content Tags Group
Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 1076 Shock Dragon Prince Yuan WuxiaWorld
LNTMG-(30) Surgery Living Next To The Male God, Uncategorized
Executed Sage 40 undead sage Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me, V2, Chapter 556 Author: Jin Xia Mo, C-Novel, Eng Translation, Master Devil Don't Kiss Me, Master Devil Don't Kiss Me! | 恶魔少爷别吻我 T&Q
Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 645! Chapter Release, Chinese, Legend of the Great Sage, LGS, Webnovel Just a Translator Translations
The Cub’s Father Pretends to be Poor Everyday Uncategorized
Transmigrating into the Villain’s White Rabbit Master Uncategorized
Ch 127: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2) Novel Foxaholic
New release: Transmigrating into a demon spirit… ch 127 part 2 of 2 Novel Foxaholic
GHG Chapter 58 I Became a God in a Horror Game (Unlimited) Chrysanthemum Garden
FOT Ch5 - Three People Become Ghosts Forces of Temptation Chrysanthemum Garden
SBHA Chapter 24 SBHA Dream Without A Dream
Yama Rising - Chapter 405: The Way of the Aristocrat Yama Rising WuxiaWorld
Ch 68: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3) Novel Foxaholic
CAMP Chapter 78 The E-Sports Circle's Toxic Assembly Camp Chrysanthemum Garden
C59 Corpse Wins After The End Of The World UntamedAlley
New release: A crowd of evil spirit.. Chapter 68 (3/3) Novel Foxaholic
APP Ch163 - Tarot Game (13) Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) Chrysanthemum Garden
CR Ch336 - New Discovery Card Room (Rebirth) Chrysanthemum Garden
Otherworldly Merchant - Chapter 514: The Haunted Shrine Otherworldly Merchant WuxiaWorld
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