The Gods are INSANE !

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My life before I died was pretty ordinary. I got up, eventually. I made sure I got 4 square meals a day. Manga, Lite Novels, Anime, finally late night MMO's. Everything a growing teen needs to expand his horizons. I always thought I was destined for greatness. Then it happened... I died and was reincarnated ! Did God ask me what my desire would be in my new life? I being, well... Me. I said "Harem Please !!!" Then in a flash of light I was reborn. I wish.

Do you want to play god ? Ever wanted to scratch that , "He should have done this!" , Itch ? Well, now is your chance. You get to work together with a few of your fellow gods to decide our hero's fate. Enjoy !

This is going to be a story where you the readers get to control how the story flows. Every chapter I put out, I will ask you the gods (readers) to comment on what should happen next. I will read the comments. Then ,I will take your insights, and we will see how our hero's life unfolds.

This will be a fantasy setting, and reincarnation. The world and characters will unfold as you guide this world. Please keep your ideas short , so the god of chaos can spin and twist the tale.

I will update as I can, as I work full time and family constraints. Though I hope at least 3 times a week. Enjoy.

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  • The Gods are INSANE !
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