An Edge With No Blade

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There are two ways to gain superpowers. By drinking one of eight vials filled with powerstuff, or having a really bad day.

Lucy wants friends, and is prepared to make bad decisions to get them.

In Streamrock City the supervillains outnumber the heroes by three to one, and their feeder gangs have widely impacted life there.

The Bad Dogs dominate, and freely run underground fighting rings.

The Junkrats spread their supply far and wide.

Agni's Aatma eye their neighbors patiently, preparing to take more territory.

The remnants of the Hellrider Angels refuse to fade into obscurity.

And the Courtesans have a history in the slave trade.

The Sentinels and Sentries on the hero's side are understaffed. Worse, their strongest heroes are underaged.

And somewhere, an entity writhes, watching and waiting.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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  • An Edge With No Blade
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