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An archaeologist by the name of Søren Quinn wakes up elsewhere and has to come to terms with a significant loss of memory and his apparent death and rebirth, provided he can survive the rigors of the Tutorial.

Author's Note. Gateway is a portal/isekai style LitRPG novel. It's my first attempt at writing gamelit/litrpg and well, only my second attempt at writing in general. I have thirty years of experience with various rpg's, wargames, boardgames, and too many mmo's to count and hope to leverage that knowledge and experience to create a work of fiction you may enjoy following. Thanks!

p.s. Just went through and removed the excessive bold formatting of speech/dialogue throughout all the chapters. I am sorry. I thought that was neat; a good idea. I was terribly wrong. Someone should have stopped me, lol.

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Gateway 9 Chapter 9 - The Tutorial (Stage Three) RoyalRoadL
Gateway 8 Chapter 8 - The Tutorial (Introspection) RoyalRoadL
Gateway 7 Chapter 7 - The Tutorial (Stage Two) RoyalRoadL
Gateway 6-4 Chapter 6 - The Tutorial (Part Four) RoyalRoadL
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Gateway 4-3 Chapter 4 - The Tutorial (Part Three) RoyalRoadL
Gateway 3 Chapter 3 - The Endless Void is... Endless RoyalRoadL
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