OEL Book Titles

- Starting with "W"

W : Two Worlds ( Who? And Why? )
W.A.R. Path of the King
W.E. World Evolovers
W.M.D/killing the heroes so I can have my fun
Waffle Express
Wage Your War
Wages of Sin
Waifu colle- I mean Generic Isekai story
Waifu Wars
Waifumon: Anime of the Season
Wail of a Fiery Soul
Wailing and Gnashing
Wait ?! The Three Of Us ?
Wait A Hundred Years
Wait am I going to be reincarnated!?
Wait for me Lou!
Wait I end up in a yandere yuri fantasy novel series this is awesome
Wait I'm going to Hogwarts?!
Wait she loves me
Wait! No one told me I'll be Chief?
Wait, I Got Isekai'd?
Wait, I Got Isekai'd? [Old?]
Wait, I Reincarnated as Ed Sheeran's Cousin AND I Have League of Legends System?
Wait, I Was Reincarnated?
Wait, There's Another Wayne?
Wait, they're all regressed?
Wait, this is not a normal village isn't?
Wait, What?
Wait, where's my system?
Wait. I'm the Dark Lord?
Wait... I'm the bad guy!?
Wait...I am in The Land Of Dawn?!
Wait...I've Become Harry Potter?!
Wait? did you say the Demon Lord was a...?
Wait? did you say the Demon Lord was a…?
Waiting for Death
Waiting for her love (Sophia 1)
Waiting for my hero
Waiting for my love
Waiting For Prince Charming
Waiting for so Long [BL]
Waiting For The Demon Lord
Waiting For True Love
Waiting for ur love
Waiting for you for A Thousand Years
Waiting For You..
Waiting Sweetheart V5
Waiting Time