Thread: Request to place notes on the page

posted on
21:34 on 10 June

Hi! Thank you for creating this site. I noticed that some sites or groups no longer work on the novels that were "assigned/tagged" on the page. Is there a way we can put a note that this group has dropped it as per request by author/publisher or any other reasons that they have?

Most recent one is from Woopreads who was working on The Villainess is a Marionette. They announced on the 100th chapter that they will be dropping it as another group will be working on it. I feel like this might help other people stay updated on what's going on. Announcement link:

Thank you!

posted on
01:23 on 19 June

This is a good idea, and I'll put it on my list of updates I want to do to the site.

Unfortunately, I've been feeling burnt out recently so I've not been putting work into any of my software projects. I'm not sure when I'll get time and energy to get to this.