Thread: Tag Request

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07:33 on 27 January

magitek magitech magical-technology

I'm not sure which one of the spellings for the first you should use - I've seen both used. The second is essentially the same thing but could work as a better blanket term.

Also, male versions of things like;

dragon-girl/s cat-girl/s

Those tags don't EXACTLY fit some of the races in my story but they're close enough. lol

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21:41 on 27 January

Uh, you can add a tag yourself. You just add it.

Basically, go to the story, click "edit" on the "Tags" section, and just type the new tag in. Make sure it's on a new line (e.g. hit "enter"). The tag field is divided up into separate lines, and each line is treated as a single tag.

If you add a tag that isn't in the database yet, it's created automatically. If you delete the last instance of a tag in the database, it's removed.

The database is periodically sweep and cleared of any tags that are only used on one series, so if you have a tag that's broad enough to be useful, make sure to add it to a few series so it'll stick for the long term.

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00:40 on 28 January

Oh okay cool, thanks. :3