Thread: Watched Series Suggestions

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05:10 on 21 June

First, thanks for making this site. It's been needed for a while now and I'm glad someone stepped up to fill the gap.

  • Have you considered adding a button or function to the 'Watched Series' page to open the next chapter in the series rather than having to access the novel page to get the link?
  • In dark mode, the color highlights for up-to-date novels is difficult to differentiate. It may be good to change this to a solid color change rather than a highlight.

These are just some suggestions, not complaints :) Thanks again.

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09:51 on 25 June

Good points. You can probably tell I don't personally use the dark mode at all. I also almost always read the chapter (or two) before a new release, to kind of catch up with where I was, so I never thought about a shortcut to the first unread chapter either.

Anyways, I fiddled with the color saturation a bit, I think it should be easier to discern now. I also added a direct-link to what I hope is the next chapter release for a series straight from the watched series page.

Note that the mechanism I use for trying to figure out chapter ordering can be a little brittle (mostly because some people number chapters incorrectly), so it may not always link to the correct chapter. I can't really work around that, as I don't have a canonical source of truth in terms of chapter ordering, the decision is made based only on what the scraping system can extract from the chapter titles.

posted on
01:00 on 26 June

Fantastic, Thanks! The changes look really good.