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01:51 on 23 November

Hey guys can anyone please help me spread information in regards to my original work. Here is the website :

I am pretty new so I have no idea how go about it. I also want to add my character drawings to my website and add links to next chapters and enable proper comments on my blogspot but I have no idea how to do it. I have been focusing too much on the content of my story so I am sorely lacking in spreading and making my blog work properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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21:19 on 29 November

[sorry for the late response]

I'd be happy to add your series to the content feeder system, but it appears that the way you're releasing chapters currently doesn't play well with blogspot's RSS feed system.

If you look at your current RSS feed (here, vieweable version here), the only post in the feed is your Prologue post.

This is probably because of how you're adding chapters to your blog. The RSS feed is for posts, and I /think/ you're adding pages, not posts for the chapters you have so far.

The aggregation system on this site uses RSS "feeds", which are basically a newsreel-style chronological view of posts on a site. This is convenient because almost all blogging platforms already provide a RSS feed feature, and it's actually intended for this sort of purpose in the first place.

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05:19 on 2 March

Maybe the author could update it accordingly?

posted on
20:55 on 21 March

Does anyone know anything about the author Tangstory who wrote the fabulous novel whose title translates as "Till Death Do Us Part" in English? Has she written anything else? Does she have a website?

posted on
02:07 on 22 March

@Sybil2016 - You couldn't create a new thread?

Also, I'm afraid not. Maybe ask the people translating it? You're probably going to have issues with conflicts with the manga series of the same name.