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Posted on Tue 2023.01.24

Feeds are down for a day or so

The main feeder system's servers are currently off as I'm having electrical work done where they're located. Things should be back to normal in a day or two.

Posted on Sat 2021.04.17

Feeds are now back to normal.

The feed system message broker has been replaced and rebuilt.

It should be a lot more robust now as well, as I've segmented the various broker and swarm management components into VMs this time.

Posted on Wed 2021.04.14

Feeds are down due to a hardware failure

Automatic feed updates are down due to what I believe to be a hardware issue in the feed system message broker.

Fortunately, this is fairly straightforward to re-create, but feeds will likely be down until the weekend when I have time to do the required set up.

Posted on Fri 2020.12.25

New Server

Welcome to the new (and hopefully more performant) WLNUpdates.

I've migrated the site to a server with a SSD, in hopes that it'll improve some of the page-load times for people with very large numbers of watched series. Personally, my watched series page has ~2.1K items on it, and it can sometimes be slightly slow to load.

The new site is up and running and synchronized with the old site (which is still up at if you need it, for probably another month or so, though it's in read-only mode). and should point to the new server shortly, as the DNS update propagates.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know on either the forum, or if that doesn't work, the github project:

Posted on Mon 2020.09.07

Server updates

WLNUpdates was down for a while earlier this evening, as I was updating the server OS.

Normal services should be resuming now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.