From Cultivation to Magic

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Born in a world of cultivation a great man aspires to obtain the power of the heavens and hold the world in his grasp dies an instant death for some unknown reason. To stubborn to fade his soul holds on against all odds and sheds its mortal ties and is soon bound to another body to start life anew in a world of magic and monsters.


This is a base story for me meaning that its going to be more simple less time consuming to write but less story to read. Dont be disheartened I will still put my whole soul into writing it but if I stick through and complete it the story when I rewrite it their will be more essence in the story.

Another thing is this is me practicing since I have always been to blunt writing like this will help me broaden myself and hopefully as time goes on my work will benefit as well. This will also help my in school as practice makes perfect adding a chapter each day is plenty of practice.

Thankyou everyone who reads and comments.

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