The True God's Return

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After being betrayed, he went through life times of suffering so he could take revenge on the fools who dare call themselves Gods. He will reach the pinnacle once more. For him, failure is no longer an option.

The MC is NOT a "I do stupid things because it's the 'RIGHT' thing to do, and somehow it all works out in the end" type of MC.

Need I say more?

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  • The True God's Return
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The True God's Return 5 Chapter 5: Preparing For Tragedy RoyalRoadL
The True God's Return 4 Chapter 4: The Origin Of The System RoyalRoadL
The True God's Return 3 Chapter 3: The First Step Towards Domination RoyalRoadL
The True God's Return 2 Chapter 2: A Fateful Encounter RoyalRoadL
The True God's Return 1 Chapter 1: Finalization RoyalRoadL
The True God's Return Prologue: The Limit Is Reached. He Is Ready RoyalRoadL