Thread: RoyalRoadL Feed

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12:24 on 22 April

I seen the message on the front page about RoyalRoadL with the issues with the AJAX. So I took a quick look to see what data comes out. So checking a random story as a sample.


Chapter Feed:

Is just converting the feed and the unix timestamps an issue? Can't you just use that API with the Story lists to basically use that as Multiple feeds?

Of course I guess the issue could just be the need to write a custom parser just for that website that you probably didn't want to do.

Of course I ask this without checking how you parse and manage existing feeds from other websites.

Thanks for the great website.

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04:25 on 25 April

Yeah, I basically already implemented a complete rendering system for the new (really shitty) site design.

It takes the various sub-pages, fetches the associated JSON objects, and from that then generates a release set and also a HTML page for my internal use.

The point wasn't that I couldn't do it (or wouldn't do it), it was mostly just to vent about the retarded design (>20+ ajax requests to render every single fucking page).

Of course, now that they rolled it all back, it's kind of pointless, but we'll see if they decide to try again. I'm still not sure why ANYONE thought having a page that's composed of > TWENTY separate ajax content requests was a good idea, but apparently their web designer is a complete fruitcake.